#Consumer Affairs
Jack Valenti, President & CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).
United States of America

August 24, 2001

The fact that a growing number of senior executives are openly gay has led Variety, the entertainment industry's daily paper to conclude that the "gay glass ceiling" is slowly vanishing.

38 new films with gay and lesbian themes are currently in the pipeline and many more will be coming in the near future. No consideration is currently being given to the children viewing these movies.

These movies continue to portray homosexuals as enlightened, healthy role models.

We the undersigned are against promoting homosexuality in the media, such as movies and television shows geared towards children. We would like a new rating such as PH (Prohomosexual content) or GT (Gay themes) to warn parents that do not accept homosexuals as role models for their children.

As you have stated in your testimony before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee (chaired by Senator Joe Lieberman), on July 25, 2001; "It is a fact that all parents are not the same, that all children are not alike, and that only parents know the emotional, maturity and intellectual level of their children. Which is why parental decisions are best left to individual parents."

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