#Neighborhood Living
Town Hall/City of Charlotte, NC
United States of America

Charlotte has allowed a construction company to buy the golf course and passed zoning on building low income government supported housing.

Our neighborhood has already been subjected to increased crime rates and lowered property value.

If these low income government supported houses/apartments are allowed to be constructed in our predominately working class privately owned suburban neighborhood, then our property value will plummet. We will become what Charlotte calls a challenged neighborhood. The values will go down and crime will definately increase. Drugs will infiltrate our neighborhood, dealers will line the streets and crime will increase to high proportions.

We do not want anymore trouble. This project has to be terminated. The golf course is the supposed construction site. Those houses used to be worth at least 120,000 plus. After the government housing arrives those houses will be lucky to sell at all.

The city steadily increases our taxes, but wants to take away what we worked hard to achieve and will make our investments worth less than what we paid.

Please help by signing this petition to stop the construction of government housing in our neighborhood.

We, the undersigned, are against the construction of low income government supported housing in Pawtuckett on what used to be the golf course. We must not allow this construction to begin.

We do not want the construction of government housing in our neighborhood.

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