I am against the causing offence to other religions.

In this case the Danish media is causing problems for the common citizens of that country by having Danish products and services boycotted by People of Islamic faith.

We do not need to breed more hatred against the West; we have had too much violence in the last decade.

We want to live in a harmonious society and peace. The Danish media must accept responsibility in which they have caused offence and had initially caused the problem in inciting certain individuals who have passion and love for their faith.

The Danish media is to blame.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Denmark to take action against the Media which is producing blasphemous cartoons against the Islamic faith.

We are against introducing hatred against different faiths. We are against the excuse that people have the right to express themselves.

There is no right to condemn or ridicule a religion in any form or shape.

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