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Assignment requirements in undergraduate courses offered at the University of Windsor are allowed to be vague. This ambiguity can allow for grades to entirely reflect the instructor’s subjective views rather than having them categorized and explained in a structured manner. Without a structured system the instructor: has unprecedented control over marks, is not required to communicate the reason for a grade to the student, and can give a grade with no adherence to the course or subject being studied. Because of this issue, the University of Windsor has been offering courses that do not follow systematic instruction, and in doing so it has failed to comply with how education is defined.

This petition is to advocate that it be mandatory for all assignments in undergraduate courses that are worth more than 4.9% of the total course grade to have categorized grading rubrics, each category holding a maximum grade value of 25%. In doing this assignments: will clearly specify requirements along with their corresponding grade value, will have a set precedent on the instructor’s subjective views in relation to marks, and will communicate the reason for grades in a structured manner between the instructor and student.
This petition is also an effort to hold the University of Windsor legally responsible for offering a fraudulent service.
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