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A landlord or property management company should not be allowed to deny renting to you for lack of credit history. So long as they have good rental history it shouldn't be an issue for them to rent a place.

I know several people who are low income and in the lower-side of the middle class that get discriminated against because they don't use credit. As long as they aren't late with rent or have evictions on their records.

Lack of credit shouldn't enter into the picture. Also if the renter has references from previous landlords that should be taken into consideration before lack of credit. Also if a late payment or collection notice on utilities is more than 3 years old it shouldn't be used to not rent to a prospective tenant.

We the undersigned call on the Housing and Urban Development to add lack of or no credit history to the protected class list.

As landlords are denying renting based on lack of credit. Low income people can't get credit in most case as they don't dare take on extra payments while living on fixed income.

We need to stop Landlords and Property Management Companies from discriminating against people for lack of credit.

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