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The time has come for you to act now and make a forceful statement of your support to the historic transformation in U.S. - India relations. We are witnessing a shifting of paradigms, and you can play a critical role at this juncture when the entire world is watching the outcome of the civil nuclear agreement between the U.S. and India.

You can act and make a difference. A difference that will be remembered by generations to come. Or you can choose to do nothing.

President Bush's visit to India has brought the story of India to the fore of global attention like never before, and opponents of enlightened U.S. - Indian interests are out in force and trying to change the opinions of individual Congressmen and Senators. We cannot afford to let them scuttle the visionary path of U.S. - India relations. Those who oppose the civil nuclear deal oppose the rise and development of India.

We urge you to act. We urge you to act by signing the following petition to U.S. Congress.

The Issue

The U.S. and India have resolved to progress on civil nuclear power cooperation between the two countries on March 2, 2006, during President Bush's visit to India. This agreement requires certain laws to be changed and amended in the U.S. Congress, for which the Bush administration will soon approach the Congress. The Congress has to give its approval to the deal. By signing this petition you will convey to the Congress that you strongly support this deal.

USINPAC has been working in support of civil nuclear cooperation since its beginning stages, including meeting with key Members of Congress in both the House and Senate, and also senior officials from India, in support of this cooperation. By signing this petition you will add significantly to U.S. - India relations.

This is to register my strong support for the civilian nuclear cooperation agreement between the U.S and India. I urge my representative in the U.S. Congress, and all other Members of the U.S. Congress, to support this deal.

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