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We are Acers, Ace Of Base fans, and we want the chance to buy the demos from their previous albums while we wait for their newest album.

Some of us have gone through desperate attempts to try to hear these songs, and as a fan community we'd be much better off if the band would allow us the opportunity to buy them on their official website.

We, the undersigned Ace Of Base fans (Acers), would like Ace Of Base's unreleased demos from their previous albums to be released for sale on their official website.

We would prefer that the demos remain untouched (i.e. not taking Linn Berggren's vocals out). For years we have heard of titles relayed by fans given the opportunity to visit the band's studio. Some others have heard pieces of these songs via leaks, giving us a craving that won't stop. We don't want these treasures to collect dust in a vault, we want to be able to cherish them as much as we do the released albums.

This is not a demand, but merely an official request. We implore you. Ace Of Base's music is like air for many of us. The chance to buy these gems would help us reflect and move on, an opportunity to put a lid on the past and come full circle, ready for the new lineup of the band.

An example of songs we most desperately want to be able to purchase:
Come To Me, Cuba Cuba, Love In The Barrio, Girl In The Line, End Of This World, Killer On The Rampage, Thinking Of You, Giving It Up, Green Grass, Moogoperator, Exit Floors, Kings And Queens, Go Go Go, Would You Believe, including alternate versions of released songs such as Hey Darling, Da Capo, Beautiful Morning, Hallo Hallo, Hear Me Calling, etc.

Whatever you put online for sale, we will buy. To your ears these demos may sound "unfinished", to our ears they sound like perfection. We hope you can give us the opportunity to own them.

No matter what, we are your Acers forever.

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