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1. Keep ACE OPEN Tallahassee

We represent the students of The Adults with Disabilities Program at ACE in Tallahasee, FL. The component of ACE earmarked for adults with disabilities and seniors is funded by the vocational-rehabilitation portion of the budget — the part slashed June 9 during budget negotiations between the House and Senate education subcommittees.

ACE provided participants with a wide variety of educational, personal and recreational opportunities. The faculty and staff in the Adults with Disabilities Program offer assistance developing and honing the skills necessary to become contributing members of society.

The multidisciplinary group of caring professionals at ACE also helped improve employability skills by providing specific skills training and daily on the job training needed for employment.

Our program included classes and training in many areas including, but not limited to:

Academic Skills
Cooking Skills
Daily Living Skills
Economic Independence Skills
Leisure activities
Physical fitness
Communication skills
Horticulture Skills
Job Skills
Social Skills
Technology Skills

We request that the funding be reinstated at once to comply with the beginning of the 2015 school year on August 17th.

2. Stop Artist Deportation

For the full story on the background to the campaign, see

3. Acers Want To Buy Demos!

We are Acers, Ace Of Base fans, and we want the chance to buy the demos from their previous albums while we wait for their newest album.

Some of us have gone through desperate attempts to try to hear these songs, and as a fan community we'd be much better off if the band would allow us the opportunity to buy them on their official website.

4. Pour le maintien d'une liberté de débat à l'Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

La communauté estudiantine se mobilise face aux mesures de contrôle et de filtrage récemment mises en place par les Autorités sur les activités organisées sur le campus et craint pour la liberté d'expression au sein de l'ULB.

C'est pourquoi :

le Cercle du Libre Examen de l'Université libre de Bruxelles et parmi les associations reconnues par l'ULB

pour les cercles socio culturels :
le Cercle des étudiants arabo-européen,
le Cercle international des Etudiants étrangers
la Turquoise (Cercle des Etudiants turcs de l'ULB)

pour les cercles politiques :
le Cercle des Etudiants socialistes
le Cercle des Etudiants libéraux
le groupe Ecolo-ULB

L'interfactultaire Association des Cercles Etudiants - ACE

pour les Etudiants Administrateurs :
la Ligue des Etudiants et administrateurs - LEA
le Bureau des Etudiants administrateurs - BEA


pour les Bureaux Etudiants (BE) :
le BE de la faculté de Psychologie
le BE de la faculté de Philosophie
le BE de la faculté de Sciences politiques
le BE de la faculté de Droit
le BE de la faculté de Médecine
le BE de la faculté des Sciences

vous invitent à signer la pétition suivante afin que soit maintenue la liberté de débattre à l'ULB.