Dean of Lassonde, Janusz A. Kozinski

This petition is to be given to the Dean of Lassonde at York University, Janusz A. Kozinski, for the purposes of making the existing green roof on the Bergeron Centre accessible to students. As of now, there are 2 existing green roofs on the Keele campus, both for stormwater management. With such wonderful benefits of a green space to students in education and health, there are many rewards we are missing out on. The presence of green spaces while studying increase attentiveness, memory retention and has been proven to help children with ADD. It also helps to ease stress, anxiety, and depression. Keele campus is heavily urban, therefore providing easy ways for students to commute to and from school, however, is proven to increase mental health disorders. With the green roofs we hope to bring to campus it will also incorporate ways in which they can positively affect the urban environment of campus by increasing comfort, convenience and green space which contribute to sustainable growth. Green roofs also allow for environmental benefits as well, including, providing a habitat for migrating species to meet in divided urban spaces, increasing biodiversity, and decreasing air pollution. The implementation of green spaces, in specific green roofs allow for more job opportunities in fields such as manufacturing, design, and maintenance. It also allows a new medium for research projects and studies. Furthermore, this place is a ground of community for the students as well as the surrounding North York area, combatting discrimination and oppression. This space will be a place of relaxation intended to increase productivity and mental health. There are many possibilities such as an event space and a community garden that can benefit both student, faculty and community members alike.

We, the undersigned, students of York University, call on the Dean of Lassonde, Janusz A. Kozinski, to acknowledge the lack of green spaces upon Keele Campus and the devastating increase that urban areas provide for mental health disorders. There are 2 Green roofs on campus walk, both inaccessible to students. With so many rewarding benefits of, green spaces such as increased attentiveness, decreased air pollution and the possibility to increase a community bond between the University and the surrounding area. We request you to open up the green roof on top of the Bergeron Center to make it accessible to students. With few green spaces upon Keele Campus and so many rewarding benefits, we have the right to be able to enjoy this in a convenient place and reap the benefits from it.

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