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Credit scores are bullshit. For such a heavily weighted measure of individuals finances the system has too many flaws. A file of someone with the same name as you might get mixed up with your file. This shouldn't be possible period. Then they're are mistakes that financial institutions make on your behalf that are not your fault yet you get penalised. If your a new migrant you automatically have a bad credit score. But if you apply for lots and lots of lines of credit guess what you'll increase you're score! Yay!
Bullshit! Abolish credit scores they are not a true evaluation of peoples financial capacities! Everyone has just gone along with the credit score trap because there is no choice! There is no freedom of choice in a free world? We need to stand together, in numbers to have this system removed. Why is the credit score only for North Americans? If hundreds of other countries don't need it to measure its citizens financial positions why the hell does North America? They're are too many financially sound people who are punished for one mistake or external error who don't deserve the credit score the "system" gave them. Abolish it!

Please sign this petition to bring this to the governments attention. They're is power in numbers and this ancient system needs to go. There are millions of important issues to speak on, this is just affecting so many people and punishing them forcing them into situations that they shouldn't have to be in. Abolish credit ratings. Full stop.

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