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Though the use of children as soldiers is condemned by the international community, the atrocious practice are still continued in many countries.

Children involved in armed conflict, are beaten, raped, and killed. What's more troubling is that they are forced to carry out the same violent actions towards other people, even other children. Child soldiers live under severe conditions. They are not given the care that every child should get. Boys are not the only victim of this serious issue. Girls are also recruited as soldiers and are more at risk of rape, sexual harassment or abuse. Like the boys, they are also force to participate in combat.

We have an obligation to millions of children to make sure that they don't spend their childhood in a violent world where they must kill or be killed.

Please join us in our efforts to abolish the use of child soldiers.

To the Ambassadors of Colombia, Cuba, and Indonesia:

Your Excellency,

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned that, according to recent reports, parties to armed conflict in at least 22 countries may be recruiting or using children as soldiers, or are at serious risk of doing so. The United Nations Security Council, of which your state is a member, has taken decisive action to end this practice. However, to date, your government has not yet ratified the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict, an essential step toward stopping child recruitment.

We urge your government to ratify the Optional Protocol, without reservations and to setting 18 as the minimum age for all forms of military recruitment, as an essential step toward ending the use of children as soldiers.


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