Cambell Newman

The Offender Levy is an extra payment you are required to pay if you plea guilty in court. This cash grab was introduced in August, 2012. The government has supposedly introduced the levy to help pay for the cost of law enforcement and administration.

You are not able to appeal the imposition of the levy however the levy will be removed if all convictions relating to the sentencing event are overturned on appeal.

This levy can be increased 'at will' by the Queensland government.

The Offender Levy, is another revenue raising venture the QLD Govt. has decided to enforce onto citizens who may try to defend themselves in court.

It is another example of 'bullying' the people who can least afford it. It takes away our democratic rights, by forcing us into submission to 'pay up or shut up'.

How many other so-called levies will the greedy Newman Govt. decide to introduce to create extra cash?

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