#Children's Rights
The education secretary Alan Johnson
United Kingdom

June 21, 2006

I'm absolutely sick and tired of people ridiculously claiming that school uniforms somehow uphold respect and disipline when there is not one shread of evidence that this is the case and plenty to support that it isn't.

Secondly, the equally proposterous notion that they apparently reduce bullying is laudable. Nowadays, perfectly decent fashionable clothes can be bought at a fraction of the cost to that of a standard blazer.

Therefore it's nonsence to suggest that poorer children will get picked on for there supposed "rags" that they apparently where to school.

I can go on for ages about how this decadent system is being dictatorially enforced upon us by our our goverment and its wider institions. In short, I'm taking up this campaign because of the false example and "standards"it is meant to set, but mainly because of its complete irrelevence to our society.

The idea that teenagers and those even younger should dress and act as mini adults is laughably absurd! So come on, please support this campaign.

We want the abolishing of scool uniforms in all fully and partly state funded schools in the UK.

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