The Overlake School
United States of America

The Overlake School in Redmond has recently strictly enforced a dress code that has been getting girls and boys in trouble. The administors of the dress code have said the the "peek-a-boo pop tart" look, or the showing of the bellybutton, has gone out of style. However they are wrong! Numerous parents have complained of this scandilous attire because it is 'out of season'. So we ask them, what do they do when it is IN season. It is unjust, their argument has no backbone and we need to prove it to them.

Girls and guys should be able to wear whatever they want as long as it does not violate certain religous beliefs.

Short skirts and low cut tops are exactly what can make a young man's day. However, these young males are not the only benefacoties. With this new dress code in force, girls are unable to wear half of their wardrobe at home! All of that money wasted because of some stupid dress code! With the abolishment of the dress code, the students of The Overlake School will be much happier and may enjoy goin to school.

I feel that it is necessary to get rid of The Overlake's School dress code for it is unfair to the students of this Private institution. The students should be able to wear what they want, whenever they want to! Overlake's dress code must end now!

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