Rt Hon Charles Clarke

The white supremacist intellectual John Campbell, in his 1851 refutation, Negro-Mania: Being An Examination of the Falsely Assumed Equality of the Various Races of Man, rather hysterically agreed. "I take it for granted that no dark race of man has ever been equal to the white race." Indeed, insisted Campbell, "never at any given time from the most infinitely remote antiquity until now, has there ever appeared a race of negroes, that is men with woolly heads, flat noses, thick and protruding lips, who has ever emerged from a state of savageism or barbarism, to even demi civilization."

Real scholarship could not uphold that fiction and a few courageous European scholars broke ranks with the conspiracy of fabrication and acknowledged the historical realities. Constantin de Volney, a French scholar who visited Egypt between 1783-1785, remarked that the "ancient Egyptians were true Negroes of the same type as all native-born Africans. ... Just think that this race of black men, today our slave and the object of our scorn, is the very same race to which we owe our arts, sciences and even the use of speech!"

If we have lost touch with what our forefathers discovered and knew, this has been due to the system of education to which we were introduced. This system of education prepared us for a subservient role to Europe and things European. It was directed at estranging us from our own cultures in order the more effectively to serve a new and alien interest.
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