#Human Rights
Governors Office/ Atty General's Office
United States of America

Why do police and detectives get away with brute force, threats and entrapment? Allegations and incidents that are not true, false arrests and bogus charges. There really isn't much to say as far as history goes this is prevalent and is really hitting home here in Wisconsin.

This has been the case all over the world but in a "civilized " Country like America it is something to be questioned.

We live in a city over run by "Rouge" policing. Shoot first asks questions last. False arrests and no evidence all in the name of JUSTICE? This needs to be abolished. Give people back their civil rights. Give us back our HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

People have a right to freedom of speech we also have a right by God to tell the truth. Truth and Justice go hand in hand. Don't they? Or is that not Law in Madison to be honest and fair. Oh maybe that is how they control us so that we remain ranked in the top ten as one of the safest places to live in the US. They are stealing our zeal. Good honest people are why we should have earned that ranking. We are being controlled like frightened animals by means of severe punishments and excessive patrolling and intimidation tactics. We need to end this. We want to keep Madison Wisconsin home of the BADGERS peaceful not police-filled.

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