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Greenville City Council Members, City Manager, Economic Development Man
United States of America

Give away land along East Court Street, including part of the sidewalk by abandonment, which in fact violates CBD design guidelines.


• Destroys forever the historic design and symmetry of the streetscape along this area that has been in existence since 1884.

• Compromises and breaks the historic sidewalk alignment of buildings on East Court and violates CBD design guidelines.

• Allows the building to project out on the street beyond the old Record (now Devereaux) building and the Poinsett Hotel.

• Compromises the symmetrical sight lines offset that the Liberty building and the original Palmetto building had with the old Court House and The Poinsett Hotel.

• Narrows the sidewalk at the point that it enters McBee Plaza.

• Establishes a dangerous precedent for the City to permanently give up part of a very busy sidewalk , currently in frequent use by the public, for private use for a few citizens to build larger condominiums.

• Never allow any improvement on McBee Plaza to within 5 feet of the Developer’s encroachment in the future for either the enjoyment or safety of the Public.

• Permanently impact adjoining landowners from seeking the best and highest use of his property by supporting their encroachment and their limits on any construction within 5 feet of the Developer’s private parking garage.

• Setting a dangerous precedent to give subsurface city land for private underground parking without establishing any criteria for benefits to the public good.

Please stand up for the citizens of Greenville. Walk along East Court Street to look at the impact of this building!

This decision that will affect the citizens of Greenville forever.

Please do not take public land to give to private developers!

Please protect East Court Street and McBee Plaza.

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