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"The ultimate victory will not be the one with the most powerful weapons. It will be the one with the most powerful spiritual vision."--Rabbi Simon Jacobson

History has shown that the true strength of the Jewish people lies in its relationship with G-D and with each other. As Rabbi Nosson Scherman has noted, "It is axiomatic in Jewish thought that the ultimate physical survival of Israel depends on its spiritual standing."

In light of this reality, we ask you to sign this petition seeking Divine protection in the quest for peace in Israel and the world.

If we can obtain at least 1,000 signatures, we can offer this petition at a special prayer service to be announced on this site.

We are asking for Divine protection and blessing.

Dear G-D:

In signing this petition, I request that you protect the Jewish people and the world from terrorism and other forms of violence.

I ask for clarity and strength in performing acts of kindness, contributing to charity, learning about my heritage, and striving to treat others with compassion and respect.

Please help me to remember the words of author Yaffa Ganz: "United in love, we can withstand and conquer the forces of evil."

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