Oversight for National Job Corps Facilities!
United States of America

How can we not see the possibility of our youth rights being violated at these Job Corps Facilities.

It is our responsibility to put pressure on our federal government to force them to move these facilities out of rural areas or revamp their current policies of oversight. It is crucial that we do this, it's not enough to say what we've done, we must profess what we are doing! We cannot allow this to become another TYC, its simply not acceptable we seen problems leading up to the scandal and Job Corps bears a painful resemblence.

With youth living on a facility in a rural area were their away from the comfort of family life, in which state and local governments have no jurisdicition. Therefore little oversight takes place.

We must act, sign the petition below so that we may prevent another national tragedy!

Just recently Americans was shocked about leaked information concerning students welfare at various Texas Youth Commission Facilities.

The issues concerning TYC has become so big that it initiated various lawsuits, criminal charges and a complete organizational shake-up. No one can determine how long this had occurring, but we do know little was being done to stop. In any case we now understand how this was able to occur and how it could be prevented.

Most if not all TYC facilities are in rural areas where no one seemed to care. Therefore little oversight took place, this has proven to not only be Texas tragedy but an American one as well.

When we fail to protect America's youth, we have failed to protect our future.

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