#Fair Pay
University of Oxford
United Kingdom

A Living Wage is the minimum level of pay required to maintain a decent standard of living. Unlike the minimum wage, it takes into account many factors including the actual costs of housing, council tax, transport, food and childcare in that area.

The Living Wage is calculated by a formula from the National Income Standard, which is authorised by the Rowntree Trust.

Oxford City Council pays a Living Wage. The Greater London Authority promotes and pays a Living Wage. Universities, such as UCL and LSE, pay a Living Wage.

It is time Oxford University pays a Living Wage.

This petition demonstrates the wealth of student support for the Living Wage Campaign and will force the university and colleges to recognise that this is an important student and community issue.

How you can get involved:

1. You can come along to weekly meetings and get involved in helping to run the campaign. If you are interested in becoming a regular member please email: livingwage@ousu.org

2. You can be someone who we call on when we need to show the university that our campaign has support across the wider student community. This involves showing up to demonstrations and signing this petition! See ”What’s on in OUSU” in the OxStu for updates.

Currently Oxford University, and its constitutive colleges, do not pay a Living Wage. Some employees are paid as little as £5.93 per hour.

This is not enough. A Living Wage for Oxford has been calculated to be £7.01 per hour (2010).

We, the undersigned, believe that all employees of Oxford University and its Colleges should be paid a Living Wage.

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