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Henderson County
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I was once a volunteer for Malakoff Library in Malakoff, Texas because they needed some help providing help to their customers. These are employers who are elderly and need to be at home with their grandchildren planning family time or something. They barely know what the internet is.

They have customers coming from differnt angles asking them how to do this and how to do that, and they usually ask me to help them because I know how to browse the internet and get things done. These elderly ladies really don't know what they are doing.

They have new computers and don't even know how to set them up the right way when children come and and a porn site pops up, they thinks it be the children looking at these sites. Then they bug you to death if you decide to switch computers to sign in on the sign in sheet.

They really don't do anything about this library because I'm up here almost everyday on the computer and I just watch and observe the innocent get treated unfairly. It is very important that we get some new and intelligent employees that know how to run this library without any embarrassment.

Please sign this petition so that we Malakoff residents can have a library that works properly.

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