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Green Party of Hawaii
Attn: Julie Jacobson Co-Chair PO Box 900,
Kurtistown, HI 96760

Green Party of Hawaii
Attn: Mark Van Doren Co-Chair PO Box 943
Kurtistown, HI 96760

Green Party of the United States
PO Box 75075,
Washington, DC 20013

*Persons who select to Sing for Presidential Campaign in addition to the Governor Campaign: Those signatures will also be sent to:
Federal Election Commission
999 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20463

Please Review Brandon's Full Platform for his Governor and Presidential Race on his website: www.POTUS202BElieve.com under the "More" Tab on the homescreen Please select: PLATFORM POTUS or PLATFORM GOVERNOR

Brandon Evans stands with the State of Hawaii and Supports the following:
-Reforestation Act and Nationwide Paperless Initiative
-Ocean Cleanup Act and Global Assistance
-Infrastructure Rejuvenation Plan
-Black Market Ending Gun Buy Back Plan and Demilitarization of Police
-All Green Nation Power Conversion Plan and Green Technology Incentives
-No Secrets Act - Declassification of U.S. Secrets & Right to Know & Privacy Act
-Middle Class Nation Plan: Ending Poverty, Homelessness, Starvation in U.S.
-Legalization of Marijuana - with coverage under insurance and taxation
-Full Pardon of Marijuana based offence charged persons in DOC and records.
-Student Debt Bailout Cancellation, Education System and School Rejuvenation.
-Free Public Higher Education and Universal Healthcare for all.
-Dignified Wage for all; workers, & those unable to work due to age/illness.
-Constitution - I purpose a full re-writing of the constitution for & by the people
-Political and Voting System Overhaul; pay cuts, term limits, polling, & voting.
-UnJust Programs shut down and essential programs fund increasing.
-World Love Campaign - a humanitarian presence globally rather than war.

In order to gain the nomination for the Presidential race with federal funding and guaranteed ballot access in all 50 states Brandon needs exactly 88ok pledges.
In order to gain the nomination for the Governor race Brandon needs 5% of the vote to pledge to vote for him. =35k Signatures.

Please sign and share today. Than make a donation and show your pride with your choice of multiple promotional items on his website in the "Shop" which you can find under the "more" tab on the homepage.

Thank You For Your Support.
Brandon Evans

PLEASE NOTE: This Petition MUST BE SIGNED BY LEGAL United States Citizens 18 years or older ONLY. If you Support Brandon Evans's Hawaii Governor Campaign and are a Resident of the State of Hawaii; Please State So in the Optional Comment Box on this Petition if you choose to do so you do not have to sign the other petition. Limit 1 signature per registered voter/citizen/resident.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a concerned citizen, resident, and voter. I pledge to vote for Brandon Evans for the Green Party nomination, and in the Primary & General Elections. I ask that you grant Brandon Evans the Party nomination, and give him any available funding, open access to the debates; and full Ballot Access.

Thank You.

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