#Human Rights
Canadian Federal Government

It is a well known fact that in the Canadian court system fathers are not treated equally. In a country such as Canada where equal rights are highly valued, this outdated practice has to be stopped. One parent should not suffer nor should one group benifit because of gender. The courts are overburdened and "friend of the court" isn't really a friend to anyone. It takes two parents to bring a child into the world and together 50/50 they should raise them.

Money should not be the issue the child should be. Let's be realistic here and put an end to father+rights=oxymoron. Please if you agree with this spread the word so that we can put an end to this unfair bias.

That the government impose 50/50 legislation that when parents seperate the child spend 50/50 time with each parent, putting an end to an unfair practice of imposing child support on one parent vs the other.

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