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I come as the voice on behalf of my God who gave me life and HIS God given right that was bestowed on me and my 1st Amendment as a citizen born into the United States of America.

The same God that our current President, Donald Trump acknowledges on his Republican Party Platform in 2016 also adopted with amendments for his 2020 campaign.

It is my birth right and that of all Gods people here in America and abroad on which God’s land we stand, to respect honor and defend HIM and HIS land on which we literally stand from all threats foreign and domestic.

1. There is a known evil that Mr. President has stated exists along with many others who have campaigned using the name of God and Jesus. As the people of God and this country we have a right to know what and where that evil threat is. It has been said that evil will prevail if President Elect and the Democratic Party prevail which acknowledges this evil exists within our own U.S.A.

2. God’s name has been used by both parties campaigns which is an acknowledgment by the Government that God is exists. God has also been acknowledged and held in high praise knowing the Power he gives and can take away. There is no Higher Power than God Almighty and it is an injustice to all and extreme disrespect to use HIS name in vein or to try to sway the people in which both parties participated in. However Gods name and the story of Jesus is not acknowledged understood or accepted I do not believe from the White House who thinks it has the right to decide when and where to use God’s name as well as to tell us when and where we can do the same. I believe this is the beginning of the deception amongst all people and nations far and wide. It has been used against us and improperly taught and distorted either intentionally or lack of intelligence and importance. This is a very present threat to ALL that needs to be addressed.

3. I believe that many have already suffered and died from this evil and that is vaguely being spoke about for many generations while being lost in translation, misunderstood and misused.

4. I believe that Gods people not only in America but worldwide are a target of this force of evil that has been acknowledged and it must be brought to life or all will pay for the blood shed in this lifelong entanglement of deceit.

5. I do not believe that this evil is fully understood and each persons individual and communal responsibility is not recognized by all or by the government.

6. I believe the American people finance the government and many agendas that we were not consulted on or even have knowledge of. These agendas carried out by the government without our acknowledgment but through our citizenship and payments helped carry out which therefore made our hands unclean for something we had no idea about. This is just one example of this acknowledged evil.

7. I believe the government makes all kinds of deals, arrangements and decisions for the American people using our hard earned dollars instead of using it for the greater good of the American people whom it was designed to serve and protect. Another example of this evil.

8. I believe the American people have done their best with the information and education that we were given and held up our end of financial obligation that has been mismanaged and fraudulent used and depleted by the government while blaming it on the rising cost of the people. Another example of this evil.

9. I believe the government has information that is withheld from the people who finance their agendas that is a threat to the American people. By way of communications and relationship that are entangled with other countries and their officials , past presidents, religion, personal preference, personal opinion/wealth/growth etc. and I believe we have been extorted by our government. Another example of this evil.

10. I believe this evil exists within our own soil and it dates back possibly generations and not dealing with it and fully exposing it then each and everyone of us will be at fault and continue into financial and moral decline and deficit forged by the very Government placed and sworn in under oath in the name of God to defend and protect.

11. I believe this evil has become such a strong force it seems impossible to control but must and can be dealt with immediately with those who have pure intentions in their heart by which only God knows and he will make known regardless if we do not.

12. Other examples where this acknowledged evil may exist:

Healthcare - forcing us to pay outrages amounts for health care and leaving some without and trying to penalize for not having it. Money in which we paid for benefits never used or were dropped from because of conditions, reached maximum payout etc.
This was not designed for anything but being sick which has been improperly educated on as well as used to create fear and anxiety which breaks down immunity. The professionals in health care both traditional but lead by those in holistic and alternative medicine have already proven wellness care is more affordable and can prevent sick care and provide better treatment for sick and long term wellness which encompasses whole body not just the symptoms which improperly treated can and will cause further issues inflammation and prolonged sickness leading to higher demand and more prescriptions.

Pharmaceuticals - This is a money making industry that has improperly medicated people for decades causing more and more issues that is then treated with more prescriptions. The cost to the people is to high as well as the side affects. This leads to many problems that couldn’t all be addressed here but starts with our children and vaccinations, overall health and well-being, mental health, so called chronic disease and disorders. Denying our rights to wellness through manipulation.

Adversity- which is a wide area and tactic. From childhood neglect to abuse and sex trafficking to our military and veterans lost lives, PTSD, payment and coverage . Womens rights, discrimination, religion, gender and racism. All of these things came from within and we have all been taxed in every way by it. Manipulated and regarded as less than or rejects. Blamed on our parents and poor home treatment and passed on to our teachers in eduction having to deal with behaviors.

Education - Our poor teachers have suffered greatly being on the front line with our children teaching only what they were instructed and being the go between parents and government afraid to cross any lines in fear of punishment from both directions. Our children have gotten lost in the many battles not just here in education. School needs reform and updated resources to equip them for life and how to be successful individually and together in a sustainable life learning skills environment.

Religion - The amount of improper behavior and evil that stems from this is where I believe it may have all started and twisted and manipulated to keep us confused and held down causing the most damage and separation. Do define and respect God to all and the story of Jesus and what it all means would eliminate most problems.

Authorities - We are all created equal no man higher than the other and no man greater than God. This needs to be treated as such instead of making authorities an untouchable area like they are celebrities which is to make an idol which evil exists. People do not feel like they will be heard or protected no matter who the higher authority is.

Human Rights - we all have the same this should not be an issue but we created it ourselves.

Law- Perversion of it and unjustly and unequal matters in which it is handled and whom is involved. We are all created equal and should be held to the same law but based off of race, gender or who will cover it up or can pay there way out.

Transparency - Always from the top to the bottom no one left out

Mind/Soul Trafficking

Every action improperly taught or misused on purpose to control and punish people and extort or blame anything that has breathe.

I could go on and on but I believe I have touched on enough for everyone to see that the Government has withheld information for years from us all and is about to cause a collapse which lives could be lost if not all or we have experience an event that we did not prepare for and we gave over all our rights to the government and at their mercy to rebuild for them.

This is not about right or wrong or placing blame it is the exact opposite actually or things will not change. It is about understanding and proper guidance to clean up what has been and will continue to be destroyed.

I believe the Native Indians understand and protected themselves and what land they could get because the acknowledge and respect their lives and they know from where, what and whom that exists and would not sacrifice themselves or set themselves apart.

The animals have more freedom as we are the once fenced in. It’s not about us but about our place and the choices we make and how that affects the entire world and forces seen and unseen. It is a matter of respect for ourselves our family and the future for our children which should be the concern of our focus and reason to stop all of this nonsense.

It is about acknowledging God and the power and regard in HIS name and the story of Jesus not for religion but the very air we breathe and understanding and respecting it for all that it is and making it right in HIS name sake so it can’t be used against us in any form. This is not about religion it is about Natural Law & Order that was taken for granted and stolen in which I am personally ashamed of and humbled by and will do my best to co-create with God the life he meant for all his children to live no matter if it is bacteria, plant, tree, animal, person, bus driver, President it crust of the earth we were created equal and have different skins not colors and we all have a unique gift to find if we will pay attention and not listen to the world but to the one Creator of it. Amen

I am asking the people born in America to petition the President and our Government on behalf of our God given right as created equals and our 1st amendment right to bring forth the light and truth on all threats to the people that our very lives could be at stake for the improper handling, teaching or misuse to extort the American people known or unknown.

To demand full inclusion and communication through ongoing relationship to be established and agreed upon by the people and a set of carefully constructed individuals voted on by the people to uphold the government to the natural law and order of Gods land and livelihood of all.

This development will present itself through means of intentions of the heart of people who have experienced injustice that will be co-chairs in a new establishment set forth in The name of God which we exist and inherit the very right. This will be acknowledged and accepted by the government but not have outside influence or preference for or by the government. We will work together for the greater good and undo the injustice at hand foreign and domestic. The chair members will not be long term positions and those members must be willing to engage with communities and individuals to with the sole intent to protect the God given rights of us all.

There is no human reasoning, popular opinion or preference and no influence accepted for personal or financial gain.

I ask that you please think on this personally and globally in the name of God and how you think of HIM and the life force that is received and needs to be honored daily to sustain. Our world and everything in on around it that breathes could be at stake if we do not learn to bend.

Please sign this petition if it is on your heart so we can start making change as quickly as possible. Please note that this is very serious and I only ask for those of you who truly understand what is at stake to reach out to form a committee so all will be accounted for!

Thank You!

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