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The history of the Hellenic people stretches back many thousands of years, part of this long tapestry of history is the story of Macedonia, and its many heroes. The name Macedonia is and has always remained representative of Greece's northern provinces.

Others have been so mesmerised by this history that they have attempted to appropriate it for themselves, one such example being the people of FYROM, which was known as Vardaska before 1944.

This petition calls upon Governments to recognise Greece's unique connection to Macedonia, its history and its symbols, and not to allow this to be taken away from it by a northern artificially created state which was a product of political conditionining in Tito's Yugoslavia.

A. Dimitri Casey Academically trained Historian

We ask that the Australian Government and its Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, not to recognise FYROM as "Democracy of Macedonia" and we ask that the centuries long connection of Greece and its people to the Macedonian name and legacy be respected in any decision taken in respect of that name.

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