Published on Mar 22, 2017

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GoPetition not affected by "Heartbleed" Threat

Published on Apr 17, 2014

This month, the disclosure of a widespread security issue (CVE-2014-0160 “heartbleed”) demonstrated that many online services may have been vulnerable to malicious activity. We've been investigating how this issue may have affected GoPetition customers. We have no evidence of any attack, and have confirmed that our systems are not vulnerable…

GoPetition declared Best Practice example for the adoption of Web 2.0 by Government

Published on May 26, 2012

In 2010, leading Internet consultancy firm e8 Consulting recommended GoPetition to the Australian Federal Government as a Web 2.0 best practice example. Since that time, GoPetition has been working hard to maintain and develop best practice standards. The Government 2.0 Taskforce engaged e8 Consulting to undertake projects involving analysing the sentiment, barriers…

The power of well written and documented consumer-based petitions

Published on May 25, 2012

GoPetition receives many petitions seeking redress for consumer complaints. What should individuals and campaigners recognize if they wish to lodge a consumer complaint? If you are not happy with a product or service, you should note that many retailers do care. It is important to most companies that individuals do…

GoPetition launches Official Blog and YouTube Channel

Published on May 04, 2010

GoPetition is proud to announce the launch of its Official Blog and YouTube Channel. The Official GoPetiton Blog will provide tips on petition writing, petition promotion and discuss many of the issues that arise from running a successful e-campaign. There are a number of competing interests in the the online…

Fast Servers Greet GoPetition Members

Published on Nov 25, 2008

Today GoPetition launched a new premium server platfom that delivers webpages up to 100% faster for most users. The upgrades have been months in the planning as GoPetition positions itself as the leading premium service and content provider in the online petitioning space. GoPetition will continue to announce service upgrades…

GoPetition Introduces Premium Services

Published on Aug 01, 2008

GoPetition is pleased to announce the introduction of Premium Services. Developed in light of member feedback, subscribers will experience a wide range of flexible tools that will enhance campaign management and performance. Key features are listed below and will be expanded in Q3 and Q4. GoPetition will continue to announce…

New Features and Site Upgrades Q1, 2008

Published on Apr 18, 2008

GoPetition has been busy in Q1, 2008 rolling out many new features. These include site upgrades to enhance campaign promotion and a more user-friendly array of tools. We have also upgraded our spam blocking protocols and filters which have reduced bot spam to almost zero. In addition, through IP tracking…

GoPetition adds human recognition to reduce spam

Published on May 22, 2007

Today we implemented new human recognition code to stop spamming of the signature lists and forums. We had been manually removing a lot of computer posted material, advertising, etc. This new code system enables us to distinguish between human and computer submissions to the site. Already we've seen a massive…

Youtube and photobucket integration into GoPetition.com

Published on May 19, 2007

Recently GoPetition.com has added the ability to embed photo and video content into petitions. These options allow for greatly improved flexibility for the look and feel of your petition. With these changes we have also added various formatting options to the site, which help users to optimise the petition text.…