GoPetition receives many petitions seeking redress for consumer complaints. What should individuals and campaigners recognize if they wish to lodge a consumer complaint? If you are not happy with a product or service, you should note that many retailers do care. It is important to most companies that individuals do complain.

The power of well written and documented consumer-based petitions

Given that companies do care about their commercial repuatution, there are a number of components to a successful consumer complaint. What you say, how you say it, and where you take the complaint, are all critical. If it was your business, would you prefer customers tell you when they are not happy rather than tell the rest of the world? Statistics show that on an average, individuals will tell nine others when they receive an unsatisfactory service/product. Each of those nine people will, in turn, tell nine more people; thus, the number escalates. Hence the power of petitions at GoPetition.

It is important that your petition address the complaint to those with the power to make the necessary changes and/or the authority to deal with the problem. In other words, do not take your frustration out on personnel unrelated to the decision making core of the business. In addition, your complaint should be clearly written as many companies will not deal with complaints or take them seriously, unless the complaint is logical and persuasive, backed by evidence.

Be prepared for some initial disappointment as not all companies have sufficient management training (even if they, themselves, thoroughly believe they do) to know that constructive customer criticism is doing their company a favor by bringing valid feedback to their attention. As a result, many complaints are ignored completely, and a good number receive nothing more than a defensive response, while others take forever to be resolved in a satisfactory manner. However, a well crafted petition will, at the very least, expedite the type of response that relevant businesses are prepared to make.

GoPetition seeks to properly inform consumers how to write a petition of complaint and, hopefully, get the results deserved. Of key importance is sticking to the facts while not over-exaggerating. You should also write your petition when you are cool, calm and collected, not in a moment of heated frenzy, anger and frustration. Examples of a variety of consumer based petitions can be seen here.

Ultimately, a successful petition campaign at GoPetition can place serious pressure on a company or business to address your complaint. Businesses, at their own peril, ignore legitimate petitions, particularly those from GoPetition as our global reach has significant implications for any brand.