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GoPetition has advanced editing software that allows you to add updates, news items, and other material to your petition at any time. You may also link to your website from your petition. We also allow you to display a picture with your petition. A free message board is provided with every petition.

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Collective Written and Social Action

Collective action can also be organised and facilitated through letter writing and various social networks such as facebook. We recommend that important campaigns launch a facebook fanpage and co-ordinate their GoPetition campaign via their fanpage site (& Twitter).

GoPetition also hosts a successful fanpage and all our members are welcome to join and promote their campaign(s) through our broad facebook network. The GoPetition facebook page also offers the opportunity for our members and campaigners to keep up to date with important campaigns and stories of interest.

GoPetition has progressively integrated into the Internet's social graph. Our aim is to allow petition campaigners to seamlessly run their campaigns across various social networks. A great example of this process can be seen at the campaign site to Save the UK Film Council.

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