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# Name Member Since Promoted Petition (if any)
1 Keith Pitt, Federal Member for Hinkler, Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Australia Nov 24, 2016 Don’t let ex-HMAS Tobruk get sunk in the south!
2 Nicole S. Bishop (Attorney) Mar 13, 2016 Appoint Nicole S. Bishop Kendall County Criminal District Attorney
3 Damien Tudehope MP Aug 14, 2016 Ask the NSW Government to widen Epping bridge
4 Liz Saville Roberts AS/MP Jun 21, 2016 HSBC: Achubwch Ein Banc | Save Our Bank - Blaenau Ffestiniog, Tywyn & Barmouth
5 Cllr. James Charity Jun 29, 2016 Call on Galway County Council to improve Road Safety Measures in rat-runs to Galway City around Annaghdown/Corrandulla, Claregalway, Cregmore, Killoughter and Carnmore
6 Liz Saville Roberts AS/MP Nov 15, 2015 Keep Jobs at HMRC Porthmadog & North Wales
7 Cllr Clarence Barrett Mar 04, 2007 Make Dartford Crossing Resident Discount Scheme Fair
8 Paul Martin MSP Jan 13, 2009 Save Lightburn
9 Cllr Paul O'Shea Jan 27, 2014 Provide Epipen in Public Places
10 Joe Coso Apr 26, 2016 Stop Republican Establishment Mastadons from stealing Candidacy from Trump!
11 Barbara Naughton Jul 07, 2016 Review legislation in relation to surgeries conducted abroad
12 Chris Heaton-Harris MP May 09, 2014 English Votes for English Laws (Daventry Constituency Petition)
13 Regina Imburgia Sep 10, 2015 An Open Public Hearing on Fluoridation is Desperately Needed
14 A.C. ICE, RockStar PR (ICE) International Concerts and Events Jun 06, 2008 STEVE MILLER for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
15 Christine Calderon Nov 09, 2015 Justice for my son, Christian J. Santiago
17 Lemuria Rainbow Jun 15, 2015 Review the law in Netherlands and Europe concerning social care and human rights
18 Philip Maise Apr 30, 2015 Draw the line: Vote No to destruction of the Great Pyramids and the Prophet's tomb
19 Doris Jones Apr 25, 2014 Call for Sabah Sarawak Rights
20 Kylie Fitzwater Oct 10, 2013 Say no to Western Australia fuelling the Nuclear Industry. No Uranium Mines.
21 Academics for European University Feb 20, 2008 Letter of Support for European University at St Petersburg
22 Chuka Umunna (MP) House of Commons Jul 08, 2009 Save Streatham's School Building Projects
23 Wayne David MP Apr 05, 2012 Save the Rhymney Valley Police Stations
24 John Ruddick Aug 01, 2014 Democratic Reform of The NSW Liberal Party
25 Jake Berry MP Nov 10, 2011 Protect our Historic Hospital
26 Gavin Brown MSP Scottish Parliament Jul 02, 2010 Say no to drop-off charges at Edinburgh Airport
27 Cathy Jamieson MP Mar 05, 2011 Stop the Bedroom Tax (Kilmarnock and Loudoun)
28 Tina Brennen Jul 28, 2013 Summerland for Commemorative Gardens
29 Jackson Carlaw MSP Scottish Parliament Feb 01, 2011 Stop the Waste Incinerator in Newton Mearns
30 Councillor Stephen Hunt, Neath Port T. Oct 13, 2013 Allow Applications for Large Waste Black Bins
31 Nigel Adams MP Jul 08, 2014 Selby Bypass Road Surface Petition
32 Alan Sibbons MP Feb 13, 2014 Federal Government reinstate $15 million for the FMC Neonatal ICU
33 Stephen Jones MP Nov 26, 2012 Save the Stack
34 Teresa Pearce MP May 17, 2011 'No' to lap dancing clubs in Bexley
35 Councilmember Steve Glazer Sep 24, 2013 Ban BART Strikes
36 Cllr Alex Bigham Sep 20, 2010 Save the Stockwell Post Office!
37 Jeff Greenberg Dec 02, 2012 National Land Records Audit
38 Mark 'Bakchos' Mullins Aug 30, 2011 Call for a Royal Commission into the Australian Federal Police
39 Tony Pratschke Jun 07, 2015 White Rose of Athens
40 Priti Patel MP Feb 07, 2011 No to Prisoner Votes
41 Jonathan Bartley (Green Party) Oct 11, 2011 Resurface Kingscourt, Norfolk House, Brancaster, Moorcroft and Blakemore Roads
42 Councillor Andrew Baxter Apr 12, 2013 Fair Fares for the Corran Ferry
43 Darlene Mitchell Sep 05, 2013 S.W. Frank's Alfonzo Series ~ Campaign to HBO
44 Matteo Manfredi Apr 07, 2014 End workplace bullying
45 Nancy Sullivan, Anthropologist Mar 13, 2013 No mining the Karawari caves
46 Sarah Owen MPC Feb 13, 2012 Save Hastings' Post Office
47 4bc fairfax radio Jan 12, 2010 NRL Live Broadcast on News Talk 4BC
48 Victorian National Parks Association May 31, 2013 Save Westernport Bay
49 John Eren M.P. (Victoria) May 09, 2011 Save Serendip Sanctuary from 380+ high density houses
50 Saint Lucia National Trust Apr 05, 2013 Protect the Pitons