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Save Our Soldiers (S.O.S)

Petition published by na on Jul 21, 2005
Closed on Aug 18, 2005
great fun thanks, but needed more publicity to be effective.

thanks again

Petition Background (Preamble):

Save Our Soldiers (S.O.S) is a primary response designed to give moral support to British soldiers serving across the globe who are currently under investigation from the British Government.

Father's, son's, brother's, uncle's all of whom have families, all of whom need Government support, politically, financially, and morally.

By signing this petition you support the British troops and give them hope that the British people are with them in their hour of need. Thankyou.


By signing this petition you support the British troops and demand that the British Government susbtantially increases the level of funding, support and political will with immediate effect.

And stops the needless discrimination and prosecution of British Soldiers for orders given to them by their political masters.

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