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1. Save Community Television

Community Television is a vital learning ground for many people starting out in the industry. A place to 'learn the ropes' and have their creative ideas tried and tested. It is a vital place for small production groups to be able to broadcast their 'self-made' shows in a TV Station environment.

Many people we see on our Commercial Channels today got their start on Community Television, when no-one else would give them a foot in the door.

It is also vital to many elderly residents who may not have access to the internet or even any knowledge of how to use the internet and rely on their faithful Community Television to broadcast shows they enjoy, including many classic old movies that never make any appearance on the Commercial Channels. Community Television is exactly that - 'COMMUNITY Television', Television for the Community created by the Community and it should be supported and celebrated.

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2. Access for International Journalists to West Papua

Indonesia does not give international journalists access to West Papua to record the grave injustices done towards the West Papuans.

Up until now Australia has also actively ignored the West Papuan injustice. For decades it has unwittingly done deals with human right abusers and provided weapons that have killed West Papuans and sustained their torment. The West Papuan genocide is now at 500,000.

Recently the Honourable Julie Bishop was most outspoken against Russia on the 298 deaths from airplane crash MH17, a tragedy that happened some 12,000 km away from Australia. We encourage the Honourable Julie Bishop to do good again by unplugging the ears and opening the eyes of the Australian Government and stand up to Indonesia which is only 200 km away from Australia.

Please support this petition and the letter we’re sending:

Dear Ms Bishop,

West Papua was previously a Dutch colony but was handed over to Indonesia in the 1960s without the consultation of the indigenous people and entirely against their will. The West Papuan people were denied their fundamental rights to self-determination and independence ever since and are struggling for their rights to this day against an increasingly brutal Indonesian military who have killed an estimated 500,000 indigenous Papuans. In an attempt to cover up the human rights atrocities, genocide and occupation; the Indonesian government still bans foreign journalists from reporting in West Papua and with the threat of violence restricts even local journalists from documenting the independence struggle.

The people of West Papua desperately need international journalist access and media freedom in their country so that the outside world will be able to take notice of the human rights violations happening there. This will allow the international community to act to prevent such violence against the West Papuans in the future and allow them their human rights including their long overdue right to self-determination.

Thankfully, on 30th July 2014, the New Zealand Parliament passed an historic motion, moving that “the House call upon the new President of Indonesia to commit to genuine media freedom in West Papua including the right of local and international journalists to report on the political situation there without risk of imprisonment or harassment by the Indonesian state.” The motion was passed with no opposition and was a major landmark on the road to journalists’ access to West Papua.

Recently the Indonesian military began an operation in the Lanny Jaya region of West Papua in an attempt to exterminate pro-independence sentiment. Indonesian soldiers are currently burning villages, killing livestock and forcing thousands of villagers to flee into hiding in the jungle where they are suffering in poverty. On 6th August, two French journalists, Thomas Dandois and Valentine Bourrat who had been trying to document this emergency situation for French/German TV Channel Arte, were arrested by the Indonesian police. They were being threatened with a 5 year jail sentence and a 40,000 US dollar fine simply because they were journalists operating in West Papua.

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3. Solve The Illegal Immigration Crisis

I believe it is high time American citizens clarify where we stand on illegal immigration to our leaders. Our country is not a charity for the third world, and I refuse to allow my government to continue spending my money on illegal immigrants, unless it is used to enforce our immigration laws.

Currently, 20% of the American workforce is unemployed or underemployed, yet the government is doing nothing about stemming the flow of foreign labor into this country.

There are over 13 million illegal immigrants as well as 12 million legal immigrants here already. That means there are over 25 million foreigners here at the expense of American citizens. If they are here working, then they are taking jobs from American workers, and if they are not working, then they are riding on the backs of American workers.

Either way you slice it, American citizens are suffering.

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4. Stop the Pullman School District Land Sale - Pullman, WA

The Pullman School Board (PSB) is considering to sell a portion of the Pullman High School property. The potential buyer and the only bidder is Pullman developer Steve Mader. Coincidentally his bid came in $100 more than the Schools appraisal. The price per square foot is $1.05, yes that's right just over One Dollar per square foot.

The property sits on the very top of Military Hill. If the sale goes through as proposed the developer would then be able to clear the 20 mature evergreen trees, plat and subdivide the near acre piece of land and create 4 build-able home lots that could be sold for around $75,000 each.

The School Board will vote on Wednesday August 13th at 6:30 in the media room at the high school in Pullman, Washington.

Please attend this meeting if you can. We will meet at the proposed surplus land near the trees at 6:00 pm August 13th prior to the meeting so that we can walk into the meeting together.

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5. Save the Seaford Cabin Park

The Seaford Cabin Park has existed on its present site for 60 years and provides affordable low cost housing, in a secure environment, for disadvantaged families. Part of the cabin park is on crown land, leased from the Frankston Council.

The Council have now decided not to continue the lease and construct a car park. This will result in some 50 cabins and 80 residents no longer having a home.

The Frankston and Seaford area are in crisis mode for low cost housing. Very few opportunities exist for people like us, who have limited financial means, to find alternative housing like the Seaford Cabin Park. If we are removed from here the chances are many of us will become homeless.

We are seeking your support to sign our petition to the Frankston Council to allow us to continue living in our homes.

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6. Support Arizona Local Business Day

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of May 2014, Arizona has a higher unemployment rate (7.3 percent) than the national average (6.7 percent).

While the nation continues to reel from the economic recession, Arizonans suffer from joblessness, and in turn, poverty. Many Arizonans, such as my own step-mother, live with very low budgets because they struggle to find a consistent job. But Arizona is not hopeless.

Thousands of jobs stem from local business. My own step-father, owner of local store East Valley Sports, for example, has had to cut back from hiring for summer swim season, because of the consistent economic state.

While the economy is improving, it is taking too long. We, as the affected people, should not stand by and wait for times to change for the better.

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7. Stop Poisoning Food in Bangladesh

Bangladeshis are suffering from heart attacks 10 years earlier than typical sufferers in the west, says the preliminary findings of a Cambridge study.

“The average age of Bangladeshis who suffer heart attacks is 52, with approximately forty percent of the cases involving people below the age of 50,” said Rajiv Chowdhury, principal investigator of the study.

Toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, copper and lead in fish and rice may be increasing the risk of heart attacks, the study suggests.

Along with the English university, Dhaka-based health research institution ICDDR,B and the Bangladesh National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases are conducting the ongoing study.

Rajiv Chowdhury, senior scientist at Cambridge University, presented the findings at a seminar titled “Bangladesh at Risk of Acute Vascular Events” in ICDDR,B auditorium in the capital yesterday.

The study, which began in 2011, will continue for another couple of years. So far 4,000 cases of heart attacks have been analysed under the study.

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8. Recommission Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

Recommissioning Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is a one quick solution for today's Energy Crisis in the Philippines.

It is a one way to stop using Coal Power Plants, Trash Incinerator Power Plants, and Oil Power Plants to combat the High Temperature in the Philippines and Global Warming.

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9. Stop Gas Hike, and pay hikes for rich, and Government Employees

Gas has risen to 40%, and the Government is getting a pay increase of 2.2 %, while the poor get a 1% pay increase to the minimum wage and the the cost of gas to heat your home goes up 40%.

It's about time the poor stand up and demand a decent life for themselves and their Children!

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10. Divert Foreign Aid to UK Flood Victims

Britain is sending millions of pounds to foreign countries in aid.

Should this now be diverted to help the victims of the floods that have left parts of the UK under water for weeks?

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11. Abolish Corporal Punishment in the Private Home


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12. Support Amendment 1 to Tennessee's Constitution

The Tennessee Supreme Court has made Tennessee an abortion destination. A decision in 2000 deemed access to abortions more sacred to Tennessee's Constitution than to the U.S. Constitution.

The result is that the 132 people elected to our state legislature take a back seat to Tennessee's 5 justices in terms of abortion regulation. We can change that by approving Amendment 1 in November.

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13. Support Formation of Selangor Hindu Endowment Board

A pro-tem committee for the Selangor Hindu Endowment Board (SHEB) has been formed and they now requesting the state government to “incorporate” it under a state enactment similar to the Penang Hindu Endowment Board (PHEB).

The committee had submitted proposal to YAB Dato' Menteri Besar Selangor, all Selangor State Exco Member, all State Legislative Members (ADUN) and all State Member of Parliaments including a copy to Prime Minister's office, head of major political parties in Selangor dated October 2, 2013.

Beside religion affairs SHEB will also look into education, economy, socio-cultural issues, research and development of the majority Malaysian Hindus in the state. Almost 85% of Hindus in Selangor mostly Indians is in a sad conditions.

The committee want the Selangor government to incorporate SHEB under a state enactment so that we can work with the state government to find a long term holistic solutions faced by the community.

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14. Cannabis Cancer Trial Now Australia

This petition is dedicated to the single aim of demanding that the Aus government immediately begin a national trial of pure Cannabis oil for cancer patients.

There is a literal mountain of verified scientific evidence from the last 40 years of studies to suggest that ingesting a gram of pure cannabis oil a day for a minimum of 60 days will kill/start to regress most cancers and tumours and that over 90% of cancer patients will achieve significant, long term relief and in many cases complete remission of their cancers and tumours.

We say it is inhumane to deny these people the cure/relief when it exists for use right now, and that the only reason for it being held back is the vested interests of Big Pharmaceutical companies and their political enablers (our politicians).

Before signing we suggest you read Jack Herer's book online on his website 'the emporor wears no clothes', and you will clearly see that up until 100 or so years ago, and the advent of the Rockefellers, DuPont and William Randolph Hearst, Cannabis/Hemp was the most important plant in the history of the human species.

With your understanding, compassion and courage, it will be again.

Much love and hope for our suffering needy citizens. Help them.

Daryl Aberhart
January 2014

Join our FB community at and on twitter at

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15. Go home Harper

The present Harper government has stepped on mAny toes, not protecting the people and environment and not doing what the public demands.

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16. Reactivate

Isohunt is a free website that has been providing free movies and games to people through torrents for over a decade.

Imagine being able to download the newest movies on your computer for free and enjoying their entertainment as many times as you would like, but having that taken away by 'a US federal court' has all of a sudden which decided that torrents take too much money away from the already wealthy corporations so not only have they shut down, but charged the creator with a 110 million dollar fine to compensate to the bloated businesses who already have more money than they could count to in a lifetime.

This is just another way how ordinary people have to submit to more state control and get the shaft of the US federal courts telling them they cant enjoy anything without paying big corporations 'what belongs to them'

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17. UK Government to rid British Land of non-British citizens!

I believe Britain is being over-run with people from different countries. I'm not preaching racist hate, and I'm not in any way saying non British are bad people but i believe we need to make britian, BRITIAN again.

Bring back UK peoples jobs! Bring back English rights and make britain british once again!

Please listen to our thoughts and act as appropriate or the british public will be forced to take action and stand to be counted to stop the influx of crime, and the government caring more for other countries and not ours! Act now!!

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18. Endorse the city of Lorain Ohio to embrace St. Michael the Archangel and St. Joan of Arc as Co-Patron Saints

Many cities in the United States and throughout the world, communities, individuals, families and even nations, have through the centuries embraced, proclaimed, and adopted “patron saints” for some particular purpose, such as St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, patron of converts and immigrants; St. Christopher, patron of travelers; St. Paul, patron of writers; St. Michael the Archangel, patron of all police and military, etc.

Patronage is often evoked for the sake of protection from evil forces such as those experienced during times of war, at Pearl Harbor, on “911”, (September 11, 2001), as well as during countless recent events throughout the world and our nation: the result of terrorist bombings, the insane slaughter of innocent children in our schools, and even the innocents of Boston runners, movie goers, and public gatherings of every sort suffering at the hands of evil. Obviously, during “times of peace” for our nation, there are countless acts of violence imposed upon the innocent.
Churches have often placed themselves under the “patronage” of the Holy Savior, the Blessed Mother, or some saint such as St. Anthony, St. Agnes, St. Peter, etc. Even two of the three ships that first sailed to the “New World/the Americas” in 1492, the Nina, and the Santa Marie were under the “patronage” of the Blessed Mother and the Holy Child, Jesus. When the Spanish ships landed in the Bahamas, Columbus named the island, San Salvador, “Holy Savior”. So this idea for “protective patronage” is not at all new!

I am proposing/suggesting that the City of Lorain adopt, by way of legislation, the patron saints of St. Michael the Archangel and St. Joan of Arc as co-patrons, to protect and watch over our local community, our residents and the entire population of our city. Furthermore, I propose that we adopt the following motto for Lorain: “May the Angels and Saints Protect Us.”

You may already know, the city of Santa Fe in New Mexico embraced the patron saint, La Conquistador over 400 years ago, and if you visit the first Cathedral in the nation in Santa Fe, you will see the most revered image of the Blessed Mother bearing this title. You may also be familiar with nations in Europe such as Ireland, which have the patron saints of St. Patrick and St. Brigit, or in England, St. King George, or in France, the co-patrons, St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Joan of Arc. I might easily continue to Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. but I think it unnecessary.
Even our United States has embraced the “Immaculate Conception” as our patron saint. The Basilica in Washington D.C. is more than impressive. It is rich in history, much as is the Protestant Cathedral in Washington, where the bodies of so many of our former presidents reside!

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19. Reinstate the Queensland Legislative Council now

In 1922, the Queensland politicians of the day decided to disband the Legislative Council. The Upper House. The House of Review. It was not a decision of The People of Queensland, nor was it their will.

It was a political expedient to remove barriers to dictatorial control of the State of Queensland for the benefit of political parties and those who controlled them, i.e. companies, now more expressively known as corporations.

The passage of draconian laws recently by the Legislative Assembly, where one coalition of parties holds a huge percentage of the seats in that house, demonstrates that we need the Legislative Council as a House of Review to prevent further introduction of laws that remove the rights of The People.

The current "government" of Queensland is out of the control of The People and needs to be reined in and that can only be properly be done by a Legislative Council.

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20. Anarchy for the USA: Abolish government for a better life

For years, America has been slowly deteriorating. What started out as a beacon of freedom, has become a prison. We do not have freedom OR equality. This needs to change.

I am sick and tired of the government selling my future in the name of greed. They are getting the country deeper and deeper in debt, and do not fear consequences. This is because when they grow old and die, they will not have to deal with it.

The youth are supposed to be the future of this nation, but they HAVE no future!

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21. Get Money Out of Politics

As an individual in a democracy it is YOUR duty to let YOUR government hear YOUR voice.

SIGN THIS PETITION to keep corporate influence out of our governing bodies. By signing this petition you are expressing your true democratic values, that every politician is elected by the people, for the people.

No longer can we allow financial campaign contributions to indenture our politicians to serve those whom helped place them in office.

We want elected officials who will vote with conscience and for the good of all Men, Woman, and our Society in mind. We do not want elected officials focusing on helping the few that got them there, but rather the masses that they were elected to serve.

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22. Amend Moose license application regulations in New Brunswick

Mr. Northrup, it is time to make changes to the regulations regarding the application process to obtain a moose license.

We believe that if you do not fall under the Grandfather law that you should need to input your Possession & Acquisition license number when applying NOT your medicare number.

This would not only increase the legitimate hunters chance in the lottery pool but decrease the amount of un-experienced hunters in the woods.

To recover the loss of revenue from the applications that would no longer be submitted, we would agree to a hike in the cost of application.

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23. Recount the WA Senate Ballot

With the AEC refusing to re-count the WA Senate ballot, after a margin of just 14 votes, it is vital that a recount is conducted to ensure that no human error was made in the count.

The House of Reps has an automatic recount if the margin is less than 100, so why does the Senate not get the same treatment?

Independent analysis "shows 21 separate instances of discrepancies at booths in Western Australia divisions where the number of upper and lower house ballot papers varies by over 10 votes. The total number of discrepancies one way or another is 351 votes." (Crook, Andrew. 'WA Senate drama: ballot-box anomalies boost Ludlam’s fight' article Friday, 4 October 2013).

It is unacceptable that with such a large potential margin for human error that Western Australian voters appear to have had their intentions so grossly misrepresented, and misappropriated by the so called 'micro party alliance' preference deal brokers and their major party clients.

We ask that Senator Ludlams appeal to have a recount be approved, and independant assessment of the AEC's processing of past precedents in the Lower House recounts be a guide in a duly diligent inquiry.

Call on the AEC to commence a recount of the WA Senate ballot!

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24. The American people are fed up with our government

I think it's time we stood up to our government and let them know that if things don't change we will be forced to replace them and don't think we won't.

We are tired of the lack of leadership.

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25. Hold Congress Accountable

Did you know that under current law, all members of Congress will get their full pay while thousands of workers will be forced out of their jobs? In one of the most shameful examples of congressional misconduct, the Congress has made sure that its members get their full pay and benefits while the nation suffers, even during a full government ‘shutdown.’

This petition is being put together by a person who is a) sympathetic to many traditional Republican causes and has voted Republican more often than not and b) is not a supporter of the current health-care reform act, informally known as Obama-care, BUT is fed-up with the current Republican lack of leadership in Washington. The leadership has lost its way and has let a minority of hard-line extremists set the policy for the national party either through fear or incompetence.

The dysfunction in DC politics has become dangerous to the well-being of this country. The primary goal of our politicians appears to be to start campaigning for the next election or safeguarding their perks from their first day in office rather than paying any attention to their responsibilities as leaders of this great nation.

The current no-compromise attitude of a majority of House Republicans is brinkmanship of the worst kind, and one with total disregard for the long-term well-being of this nation. Successful democracies, almost by definition, govern via consensus and compromise.

Having failed to present a strong enough case to the public to convince the majority, the hard-line Republican holdouts have resorted to blackmailing the nation to accede to the wishes of an uncompromising minority.

These actions have serious consequences. Not only does the whole nation suffer (Goldman Sachs estimates that it will shave nearly 1% off GDP just as the economy is starting to recover from a deep recession), people’s livelihoods are now being directly jeopardized as they are laid off or ‘furloughed.’

It is easy to take such an uncompromising position when nothing personal is really at stake. What this petition does is make those responsible bear some burden of the pain they have elected to pass on to the rest of the nation.

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26. Congress: Stop playing with the American people

I have been employed over twenty years and I have seen liars in Congress and elsewhere. But it is something about this Congress that is deeply troubling. Your taxes as a worker fund many things, don't let know one fool you.

Even though youwork hard a lot of thosein Congress today think that only the rich matter. They truly do not care about Military families, many just a political ploy to them as with children, women and everyone one else that can not help with their end game, which is serving the rich and almighty...not God Almighty whom many use as a ploy to get in many good graces.

If the wolf lloks like you and praise like you, How do you know it is a wolf. I will tell you how, by it's policies, idealogies and hostage taking and than trying to shift the blame. The Congress has the purse strings, that includes taxpayers money not just in their district. It is a disagrace what Republicans, not all but the extremist are doing to Americ and her Economy.

The Affordable care act is a law not a bill. If you all want to repeal it; let us add in car insurance, homeowners insurance and so on and on the list can go!

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Stop Them From Being In The Senate Forever, They Should Only Have Four Years Of Service. Because The President Only Can Stay In Office 4 Years If He Isn't Elected To Another Term.

They Are Holding up Progress The World Is Changing Around Them And They Aren't Willing To Compromise On Any Issue.

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28. Justice for Kyisha Griffiths Cottom

Kyisha passed away aged 8, she was in the care of DoCS when she died of a drug overdose. Kyisha had only just learnt to put her pull-ups on & was the size of a 3 yr old she was a special needs child, yet her mother was told that Kyisha had got up through the night found a bottle of sedatives & consumed the whole bottle got back in to bed & was found at 9am deceased in her bed. Kyisha was always up before the sun came up so how did they not check on her earlier.

There are so many unanswered questions how could Kyisha open a bottle of sedatives & consume a whole bottle & just go back to bed like nothing happened. Kyisha was so defenceless, someone to be held accountable for her death. They chucked her around to 15 different families & they kept sending her back to the home for unwanted kids, nobody wanted her she was all alone in this world & she died alone.

There has never been Coroner's Inquiry no body has been held accountable please help Kyisha and her Mother and Family get Justice.

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29. Save the animals. We want justice in this country. Not only for us but for animals too.

“Kindness and compassion towards all living things is a mark of a civilized society. Conversely, cruelty, whether it is directed against human beings or against animals, is not the exclusive province of any one culture or community of people. ” - César Chávez

One day, I happened to see a video of how the government servants in Malaysia tortured stray dogs, which according to them, they were just removing the stray dogs from the streets. The dogs were bleeding but the people did not care. I am an animal lover and my heart ached when I watched it..

I know there are people outside there who loves animals as much as I do and hate how these dogs are treated, as much as I do but may not have done something to stop this. I don't know what's the chance of me to win this, but I know that if I don't try, I'll never know.

P.S. this is the video I watched

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30. Pay government politicians the minimum wage

The government works for the American people. Why do they make 10 times + what we make. It's our tax money that we work very hard for. These people have complete control.

If we pay politicians the minimum wage, this will rid the wicked only in it for the money, and hopefully open the job to someone who really wants to make a positive difference. Please consider this.

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