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1. Repeal Bill 10

Due to Alberta's government passing Bill 10 in only a few hours on March 10, 2015 (without any public consultation about the wording), Alberta's parents now legally have no say in what clubs and activities are present in their school - no exceptions.

Also, principles of said schools have no authority in this matter either - it all rests in the hands of students. It also prevents parents from being notified about the clubs and activities their children are participating in - alienating them from each other.

This goes against a Supreme Court decision (Loyola vs. Quebec), Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Article 18(4) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

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2. NO to Roosh V and rape in Singapore

Fort Canning, Singapore is currently listed as one of the locations for an 'International Meet Up Day' organised by pro-rape advocate Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V. He is behind a blog called Return of Kings, which is catered towards "heterosexual, masculine men" who believe "men should be masculine and women should be feminine".

According to the blog, some principal tenets include men opting out of monogamy and reproduction if there are no incentives to engage in them. Another is of the belief that a woman's value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty, while that of a man's depends on his resources, intellect, and character.

Valizadeh wrote an article in 2015 calling for rape to be legalized on private property as a means to “defeat rape culture”. He wrote, "I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds. If rape becomes legal under my proposal, a girl will protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone".

The group has been said to be hostile towards men of colour despite the website claiming that the meeting “is for straight men of all races”. The Roosh V following has also been known to be “racist and xenophobic”.

The meet up is to take place this Saturday (February 6) in a private location so as to avoid cancellation. The meet up location has not been moved as of yet and is still at Fort Canning Park underneath the big arch. URL is provided here:

URL for the AsiaOne article about the event:

[Edit] The February 6 meet up has been cancelled. However, as this meet up was part of an even larger global 'International Meet Up Day', the group may try something similar again in the future. It must be made known that it is not just the 'Meet Up' that we are against but rather the ideals that Daryush Valizadeh and his followers represent. This lets it be known that such attitudes will not be welcome here and hence, action must be taken against their group.

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3. Hendersonville Curb-side Recycling

Many Hendersonville residents would like to have recyclable items picked up at their curb.

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4. Save Lightburn

A leaked health board paper has revealed that this important community facility has once again been earmarked for closure due to budget cuts in the NHS.

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5. Protect Gull Lake MB from Gravel pit development

-There is currently an area located in the north west corner of Gull lake less than a mile from the water on Arnold Street (south of #12) where a gravel pit is being prepared to be developed, owned by a private company.

- This area is approx 40feet below the surface of Gull lake.

- Gull Lake water is retained by a sensitive clay bottom. The lake purges out through the underlying sentiment though this NW corner as per Hay report completed in the 1990's.
Gull Lake report

- Digging in this particular area could potentially be very hazardous to the Gull Lake purge rate if not potentially drain the lake completely.

- Gull Lake current purge rate is 6 years. This means that after a period 6 years every drop of water in Gull Lake is brand new (including evaporation). If this clay bottom is disrupted, think how quickly this rate could be affected?

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6. My Care

I want to introduce you all to a thought – simple idea born out of musing over the state of our society and our situation, and how we can improve our state as we delve deeper in the 21st century and leave something to look forward to for the coming generations.

How would you like to have funds available to you that won't cost you a penny? The funds I am talking about will be dedicated for the sole purpose of social welfare and the betterment of our society. These funds will come out of the total amount you pay as income taxes to the government. Imagine, a small amount of your taxes being available to you for making the world a better place. You can either donate the funds to any charity of your choice or even establish your own charitable organization to improve any aspect of your society, which you deem to be in need of development or relief.

My aim is to bring about a social change – a change that brings a paradigm shift in our outlook. It is quite apparent, from the present state that our society is in, that there is a crucial need to give care to our ever apathetic society.
This is an introductory attempt to start creating those necessary changes and with this I am introducing My Care to you! I want you to start reading the book with some idea as to what I wish to communicate to everyone and what you should expect. The book is available on Amazon and the link is on the website-

Petition Guide:

This campaign has always meant to be a global one and it is the wish of the author to ask the residents of each country who would like to support the My Care campaign in their own country to supply the addresses (in case of UK being; The House of Commons) of their own country and send it to my email.

The information provided will be used to create a petition similar to that of the UK. This way every participating country can have a petition connected to this link for voting.

The global petition is for the rest of residents living in countries where the implementation of My Care cannot take place at present, but want to show their support for the cause!

Please send your addressee information to:

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7. Keep Jobs at HMRC Porthmadog & North Wales

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced plans to close all tax offices in the UK & replace them with 13 regional centres. Just one centre will remain in Wales-in Cardiff. Staff in North Wales are expected to move to Liverpool.

We call on HMRC & the UK Government to re-consider their plans & keep a regional centre in the North whilst maintaining the Welsh-language call centre in Porthmadog.


Mae HMRC wedi cyhoeddi eu bwriad i gau holl swyddfeydd treth y DU a chreu 13 o ganolfannau rhanbarthol. Dim ond un canolfan fydd yng Nghymru-yng Nghaerdydd. Mae disgwyl i staff y Gogledd symud i Lerpwl i weithio.

Galwn ar HMRC a Llywodraeth y Deyrnas Unedig i ail-ystyried a chadw canolfan rhanbarthol yn y Gogledd a chynnal y gwasanaeth Cymraeg ym Mhorthmadog.

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8. Help Our Veterans First

As a country we are doing amazing things in helping refugees from Syria, the Middle East, and almost any country that seeks aid regarding this matter. However we disregard our Veterans the help they need when they get home. As a country we do not even know how many homeless Veterans there actually are.

We are not helping them but rather putting 10.5 million towards Syrian refugees without looking at the domestic issue of our Veteran affairs first. These men and women gave their lives for country, our freedom, to protect our way of life. Then when they come home, we treat them like their expendable pawns in a chess game.

Human lives cannot be valued, before we look to help other countries, we should look to our own. We should support our Veterans heavily as prized members of our society, understanding without a doubt that they are the heroes of the world.

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9. Let's Talk Teachers & Government

Strike action, also called labor strike, labor strike, on strike, greve (of French: grève), or simply strike, is a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal of employees to work. A strike usually takes place in response to employee grievances. The union representing Ontario's elementary school teachers will meet with the premier on Friday morning, the day after it announced its members will stop supervising all extra-curricular activities in schools starting next week.

We are slowly tearing and ripping the economy apart. One of the reasons is strikes. The point of this petition is not to point fingers. But to show you the student's and parents of students who want the Government as well as the Teachers to give in and work together. I am a student Devin, I am not fully educated on the things that are going on in our union but from what I hear it could have consequences. SCHOOL'S SHOULD BE A COMMUNITY, A FAMILY. WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER. What makes a family? What makes a community? Not only learning but experiencing things together. Plays, Trips, Dances, etc. Now they are getting rid of those.

Research from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the National Research Council (U.S.) shows that participation in extracurricular activities, sports and clubs are key characteristics for evaluating student engagement and students’ sense of belonging at school. This research also shows that both engagement and belonging have a significant impact on students’ overall success.

According to the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association, “extracurricular activities can . . . foster lifelong appreciation and interests, preparing a young person for life in ways that go beyond academic success.”

Students, Parents, ANYBODY. Help the students of schools in the DSBN, and anywhere prove to the teachers and the union that they need to talk.






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10. Save the Meyers' Farm

Frank Meyers, 85, a Canadian farmer, is trying to protect his land from the government, who are attempting to demolish his buildings.

The land was granted to Captain John Meyers by King George III 215 years ago and has been in the family ever since.

The government harassed his descendant until he signed away his inheritance under duress.

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11. If You Lead - Lead With Principle

With inputs from persons on six continents and from several cultures was formed for the purpose of advocating the promotion of principles in leadership.

The will of many people is that leaders in government, politics, business, and religion make a commitment to act in accord with simple globally recognized principles of conduct in the administering of their affairs. With a sincere effort to do this, many of the issues facing humanity can be lessened or mitigated.

The petition is simple and the requests are actionable.

Results will be distributed through various media channels as numbers of supporters reach thresholds of accomplishment. Our initial goal is 100,000 signatures.

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12. The sale of Millers Point NSW Housing properties is not valid

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the
Legislative Assembly of New South Wales.


Brings to the attention of the House:

I have been living at MILLERS POINT for many years; I received a Termination Notice under section 85 of the NSW Residential Tenancies Act 2010 saying that the NSW State Government will proceed with the sale of Millers Point NSW Housing properties which in my opinion is an INVALID DECISION.

Because the selling of Millers Point properties is being debated, I lodged an application claim before the NSW Residential Tenancies Tribunal on my own right and on behalf of other community members whose interests have been aggrieved by that government decision. I raise the following legal serious issues that need to be considered by the Honourable NSW MINISTER FOR HOUSING, as follows:

1. Whether a decision made in March 2014 by the NSW Government to sell Millers Point NSW Housing properties is INVALID.
2. Whether Millers Point is a protected Conservation Area.
3. Whether Millers Point is listed as Heritage Conservation Area under a Heritage Act.
4. Whether Community consultation process was conducted for the selling of Millers Point as a Heritage Conservation Area.
5. Whether a Community Consultation Report Outcome is available for revision by the general Public.
6. Whether the Community Social Group of Millers Point is being discriminated because their status as low income workers
7. Whether the 'Rights Doctrine' has been tested in order to make a decision to sell a Heritage Conservation Area.
8. Whether rights to be consulted as 'POLITICAL CITIZENS WITH RIGHTS TO VOTE AS-OF-RIGHT' has been breached under section 41 of the Commonwealth Constitution.
9. Whether “rights to be heard” as a principle stated at Common Law has been denied as a whole in all the above listed claims as issues of seriousness relevance AT LAW.
10. Whether section 109 of the Commonwealth of Australia has been breached by 'Wrongful Actions in TORT by NSW State Government'.
11. Whether the NSW State Government has mislead its Constituents,
13. Whether the NSW Residential Tenancies Tribunal has jurisdiction to rule out all the above listed claims.

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13. Food for children NOT new flags to flash!

The New Zealand Government is set to spend over $30 MILLION dollars on a new flag for N.Z.

Every rational person I have questioned about this issue have said they would rather see this money spent elsewhere!

Just this year, two bills motioning to provide free school lunches to lower decile schools were rejected, though it would only cost $10 to $14 million to feed EVERY child in decile 1 and 2 schools for an entire year!

Please help us to show our Government that the New Zealand tax payers would rather see their money spent on hungry children not a new set of banners to show off at the Olympics!

Make our Government see sense!

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14. Yes to one Obama Gun per Household

Make one free Obama government gun available to low income families for self defense.

Each American should be armed and ready to protect their families in an emergency.

The United States Governmet should offer (1)one gun free per household. It will be a lesser calibur and price gun. Each applicant shall not have any serious violent felonies on their record.

Americans are being stripped of their rights to bear arms.

Sign this petition to make every law abiding family available (1)one free gun to protect their families and homes from terrorists and intruders.

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15. Change the British National Anthem

This is a petition to the UK government to change the British national anthem from God save the queen to land of hope and glory as God save the queen was written as the anthem but most people be live that land of hope and glory installs a more national pride.

If the current government is serious about change for the people then let them show it by removing a out dated song and replacing it with one that makes us all proud to be British.

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16. Canadians Should Have a Canadian Birth Certificate

In many countries birth certificates are issued by the federal government of the country someone was born in. In Canada birth certificates are issued by the provincial/territorial government where someone is born.

There is no border separating Canadian provinces/territories from each other. Someone with a birth certificate from one province/territory can move to another province/territory whenever they want because they are still in the country, while someone with a birth certificate from one country can't just move to another country without applying and being accepted in.

Canada is one country, not 13 separate countries. Why should each province/territory have separate birth certificates if the people with those birth certificates are all from the same country and can move around freely in that country? There are 13 provincial/territorial governments separately doing the same thing.

Birth certificates are proof of what country a person was born in, so they should be issued by the federal government of that country.

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17. نطالب الحكومة المصرية بتعديل سياسات تمليك الأراضي بشكل متكافئ وتنافسي

يعيش المصريون على ما يقارب 5% من مساحة الأرض المصرية، قد تكون هذه المعلومة معروفة لدى الجميع، فالحكومة والإعلام والأحزاب والمواطنين، الجميع يكرر هذه الجملة منذ عقود "نحن نعيش في مساحة ضيئلة من الأرض وعلينا أن نخرج للأرض الجديدة".

لكن في الواقع الأرض الجديدة ليست متاحة، فما يفوق من 90% من الأراضي المصرية تملكه الدولة. ودونما سياسات واضحة في شأن الملكية فلن يتكون أي تطور حقيقي إقتصادي أو مجتمعي لحياة المصريين. إن السياسات الحالية سيكون مردودها الوحيد هو زيادة فى الأماكن العشوائية ومجتمعات لا تشعر بالتنمية، وفساد في مسائل الأراضي.

فالإستثمار والمواطنين الإثنين على السواء يعانون من السياسات الحالية فيما يخص مسألة الوصول إلى الأرض، وفيما يلي أمثلة على وضع الوصول للأراضي في مصر:
حالة الوصول لأرض للإستثمار (العقاري – الصناعي – الزراعي): يجب على المستمثر ليحصل على ملكية نهائية أن يأخذ موافقة من 19 وزارة وجهة حكومية (على سبيل المثال .. وزارة البيئة – وزارة الدفاع – وزارة الإستثمار – وزارة الزراعة – وزارة الثقافة – وزارة الإسكان ... وغيرها ) وهو ما يتطلب ما يقارب 15 عامًا، وهو ما يعني بإختصار لا إستثمار ولا وظائف ولا تنمية.

إن المركز المصري لدراسات السياسات العامة يقدم هذه العريضة للمواطنين والمستثمرين لمخابطة الحكومة فيما بعد بتطوير وإصلاح نظام الملكية بما يضمن مجال للتنمية والثروة للمجتمع المصري، نهدف من خلال هذه العريضة للوصول إلى 2000 توقيع لعرضه على الحكومة ومطالبتها بتبني تعديلات تضمن وصول المصريين إلى الأراضي بشفافية ومنافسة عادلة.

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18. Improve Coverage of Cancer Drugs and Treatments in NL Medical Care Plan

~ More than 1 in 3 people in Canada will be diagnosed with cancer.

~ Cancer treatment is a financial burden on patients & their families.

~ Newer cancer drugs taken outside the hospital, which are usually the patient’s responsibility, cost an average of $73,000 per course of therapy.

~ New treatments & drugs are not always added to provincial drug coverage lists quickly enough.

~ Access to effective & affordable treatment, including drugs, devices, & therapies, is critical.

~ Government can help save more lives & improve the quality of life for cancer survivors by including these drugs and treatments in provincial drug plans.

~ This would be a cost-saving move over time, as more patients would be able to access drugs and treatments to improve their health, which would help to keep them out of hospitals and clinics.

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19. Stop International Governments from Censoring Films

Late 2014, Sony Pictures' personal files were hacked and leaked to the public after their release of the upcoming film, The Interview. Facing threats from the hackers threatening to expose further secrets and possible 9/11 like attacks on theaters, Sony decided to pull the release of the film.

The Interview mocks North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Cinemas in the US cancelled screenings of the film.

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20. End Christian Genocide

Our ancestors used to say "we didn't know about it soon enough" when the Jewish holocaust happened. Yet there is a holocaust going on right now, right in front of our eyes. What are we going to tell our children or grandchildren?

We can not say that we did not know about it. Are we going to say that we did nothing to try and stop it? If this were something that was happening in our city, to our children or family, how long would it take for us to get up and say something. It is happening..... right now!

Are we going to sit back and close our eyes to innocent people being killed in front of our eyes? You have to be the one to stand up!

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21. Builde better Natural Disaster Response Agencies

Many natural disasters are occurring in areas unexpectedly.

Since the nineteen eighties the cost related to natural disasters has increased from fifty billion to two hundred billion in the last decade.

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22. Free Prescriptions For Full-Time Students

£20,000 a year to study is an extortionate amount of money. Imagine being a full-time student suffering from deep depression or severe tonsillitis, and not being able to afford to pay for a prescription. I have. I simply couldn't afford to get better.

This is happening to alot of young adults. Your education suffers. It affects performance, along with physical and mental ability. This could be YOUR children. If I find it difficult at 31 years old, anyone can.

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23. Reduce income inequality in Toronto to allow better living standards

We are a group of Centennial College students and we have an assignment that is focusing on advocating a cause of our choice. And we are petitioning our City of Toronto to create awarenesss regarding the difference between high end living and lower class living.

Through this research, our group noticed specific grocery stores that have been placed in certain areas which aren't affordable for lower income families. It is unfortunate that the City of Toronto has also placed government housing condos in a high end area in downtown Toronto while also having expensive grocery stores around that area.

Our group is advocating to help citizens live a comfortable and appropriate lifestyle.

Please help us bring awareness to our issue also address or concerns to the public.


Thank you for helping us bring awareness.

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24. Against Wolf Slaughter in B.C.

Today in my local paper, I read something that disgusted me.

184 wolves are going to be shot from aircraft in order to try and
improve the population of caribou in B.C Canada -- When in fact the wolves
are not the problem. The problem is habitat loss.

Please help save these animals and prevent future slaughters by signing, and
sharing this journal to increase awareness to show your disapproval.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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25. Allow NAFTA Oil Sands Investigation

The Alberta Oil sands are an important part of Canada, both for industrial and political reasons. They supply essential oil to our country, though may have an unfortunate price.

It is believed that tailings ponds, left behind after mining in an area, are seeping their toxic contents into nearby streams, as well as the grand Athabasca river, breaking our own Federal Fisheries Act. NAFTA(North American Free Trade Agreement) would like to conduct a formal investigation, none of which have been done, to see if this is true.

The Harper government has so far refused to let this investigation take place.

Why would they decline the investigation if there was nothing to hide?

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26. Reinstate Upper Stoney Creek's Camping Sites!



The QPWS Principle Ranger and Senior Project Officer associated with the Upper Stoney project agreed to meet with me so that I could lay out my concerns, at which point I took the opportunity to present them with every single one of your comments - all 10 pages worth! They calmly listened to our concerns and seemed to agree with some of what I was saying but did not give any indication of changing their original plans for the site. I asked that they give the community an open forum to give opinions on the project and they gave an answer that they were open to such an occurence but would have to check with higher management. A few days later I received a phone call to say that they agreed that both sides of the road should be permanently reopened to camping (albeit this won't happen immediately). I have since received this promise in writing from the Principle Ranger:

"The Upper Stony camping area will provide permanent camping facilities on both sides of the main access road. These camping areas will contain the standard QPWS fire rings."

I would like to personally thank all signatories, your support got this over the line - well done!


The available camping sites at Upper Stoney Creek have been slashed by 50% by the "upgrades" currently being performed. Sites 10-18 are shown as unavailable on the booking website indefinitely until they can be removed from the system. These sites were the largest sites at Stoney, where those campers with caravans or groups of friends could spread out without the worry of being encroached upon by the occupants of neighbouring sites. This means the closure of camping to the entire right hand side (see pic) plus those sites surrounding the current location of the toilet block on the left hand side, which will result in overcrowding of the remaining much smaller sites and ultimately means that people will miss out on camp sites.

According to the Qld Parks and Wildlife Service Project Officer David Sansom, vehicles accessing that area were causing erosion (the sites in question were in the best condition out of the whole area) but now they plan on utilising that area for day visitors -without providing BBQ facilities or tables! So IF the area is utilised as planned, this will mean more erosion than ever possibly happened with campers, and if it does not get used, then they have closed down the best camp sites for no reason!

Our area is lacking in so many ways for activities, so why limit one of the truly beautiful attractions we have remaining when there was no damage occuring by the use of these sites?

David also advised that there was NO community consultation, allowing locals NO voice before such drastic changes were undertaken by QPWS.

Please sign and share to show your support to reinstating (as a minimum) the right hand side of the camp grounds to their former usability.

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27. Get the Victorian School Start Bonus Back

The Victorian government used to provide every school student with a School Start Bonus in Prep $300 and Year 7 $600.

In 2012 the Napthine government discontinued this payment for families. It costs alot of money to set up for Primary and Secondary school and all families deserve to be given this payment to help with these costs.

At the moment the only people who can qualify for a payment are Concession card holders who can get $300 for Year 7. I believe that everyone deserves this payment because just because you don't have a Concession card doesn't mean you have alot of money and those people need financial assistance too.

Please sign this petition to get the School Start Bonus back for our kids.

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28. Petition Against Consensual Sex For 12 To 15 Year Olds

As it stands the Sexual Offences Act considers consensual sex below the age of 16 to be an offence. The Amendment to the Sexual Offences Act seeks to reduce this age to 12.We consider this amendment to be absurd for the following reasons:

1. Psychologically under 16’s are not mature enough to make sexual decisions or understand the consequences thereof.

2. It exposes under 16’s to the risks of HIV/Aids and other STDs, prostitutions, statutory rape, abortion and child pornography.

3. It places an unfair burden on parents by taking away their rights to restrain their children from sexual activity. Children will be free to make their own decisions regarding sex.

4. School communities will become platforms for sexual activity for learners. Education staff will be unable to contend with sexually unruly and chaotic learners.

5. It will lead to an increase in teenage pregnancies. School drop-out will increase and unemployment and other socio-economic problems in the country will soar.

6. It violates the Child Protection Act because it will be “exposing or subjecting a child to behaviour that may harm the child psychologically or emotionally”.

7. It will encourage the growth of child pornography as an industry and other crimes in South Africa. International black-market demands will be made on SA since sex with under 16’s is illegal in other nations.

8. It will permit under 16’s to undertake abortions without the presence of parents or adult guardians.

Other nations, including the United States, do not promulgate consensual sex for under 16’s. If this amendment is successful it will make South Africa the most liberal nations in the world with regard to the age of sexual consent!

The authority to decide the destiny of minor children should lie with their parents/ guardians. As responsible citizens of South Africa we must prevent laws that expose our children to harm. The rights of our children are cannot be violated. The rights of children must be secured at all costs.

As parents, guardians and responsible citizens I sign this petition and thereby express my disapproval of the amendment to give under 16’s consent to engage in sexual activity.

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29. Round The Clock Child Care

In recent studies it has been shown that although there are many childcare providers only a few offer non-standard hour childcare. Now the growing demand of a service-based economy have eaten-away the traditional am-pm, Monday-Friday working week.

Large proportions of the labor force now have to be available beyond the old work pattern. New work patterns such as round the clock work, shift work, and extended hours are now found everywhere,in shops in hospitals, care homes, post offices, warehouses and factories, just to name a few.

In addition to changing working patterns, increasing parental employment and changes in cultural and social attitudes highlight the issues of work-life balance, bringing increasing demand for non-standard hours childcare provisions to the fore.

at the heart of this new workforce:61% of working families contain parents employed outside regular 9-5 hours (DFEE2000),managing shifts,and working during early mornings,evenings, nights, and weekends.A study by the Daycare Trust (2000) also suggests 34% of working families contain a parent who worked long hours, and 22% of working families contain a parent who worked shifts. So the need for non-standard hour childcare is great.

What exactly are our politicians doing for the community? No, this does not include holding up a can of peas smiling ear to ear for the news team photographer on how they donated lots of can goods!

Many families would rather work for their food than collect food-stamps contrary to popular opinion. When needs aren't realized,that is a failure on our leaders part for not asking the right questions. When needs are brought to our leaders attentions, that not only must be addressed,but goes ignored,that is OPPRESSION of the people by our leaders!

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30. Drill Baby, Drill

A minority of extreme environmentalists have initiated a petition to prevent the bringing of energy jobs to the coastal area of South Carolina. Their voices threaten the will of the 77% majority of the people of this state.

South Carolina has the ability to enter a boom economic period with the advent of new off shore drilling, with the environment being maintained and improved.

Energy production can and does work hand in hand with a clean environment.

Don't let the doom and gloom naysayers stifle your voice, economic well being and future prosperity. What they don't tell you, it's not just about cheaper gas and energy independence. It's also about the everyday products dependent upon petrochemicals. Everything from your daily vitamins, medicines, clothing, kitchenware, furniture, appliances, electronics and so much more! There is barely an item you encounter in your daily life that was not produced with a petrochemical. Yes, even your smart phone and iPad.

Sign the petition to bring energy jobs to South Carolina.

It is understood that:

The United States of America must achieve energy self sufficiency and reduction in reliance on foreign oil.

Less expensive off shore energy production excess can provide export profits and attract major industries to our shore.

Until green energies prove to be productive, reliable, affordable and efficient, we must rely upon the alternatives, such a offshore energy production, clean coal, nuclear and hydroponic sources.

South Carolina offshore drilling will produce thousands of new jobs and millions in additional tax revenue benefits. **(Until offshore surveys are completed and studied no concrete figures can be presented.)

The Gulf of Mexico platforms are highly prized by offshore fishing and diving tourist trips. They form an artificial reef teeming with life and generate for Louisiana alone, over 5,500 full time jobs and around $324 million annually. The reefs produce fish densities anywhere from 10 to 100 times than that of the sea floor, per Bob Shipp, professor at the Marine Sciences Department, University of South Alabama.

3000 of the current 3700 off shore US oil platforms are in the Gulf of Mexico, with 1/3 of the commercial fisheries in North America, situated in Louisiana. These platforms produce 80% of US oil and 72% of US natural gas.

Dr. Charles Wilson of LSU's Department of Oceanography & Coastal Science, states, "The fish Biomass around an off shore oil platform is 10 times greater per unit area than that for natural coral reefs." he adds, "Then to 30,000 adult fish live around an oil production platform in an area half the size of a football field."

In a study by Dr. Shipp, found that the northwestern part of the Gulf of Mexico was basically empty of stocks of red snapper for the 1st hundred years of the fishery. With the appearance of thousands of platforms, the western Gulf has become a major source of red snapper.

With SC off shore energy production, the state will experience and increase in not only energy production jobs, but also in the ancillary increase in tourism jobs, increasing fishing and diving tourism, job creation in housing and other supportive industries, as well as increased state and local tax revenues.

The oil rigs will not be seen from coastal communities, like the City of Beaufort, nor from the beaches of Hunting Island. They will be beyond the sight lines of beaches, approximately 75 to 100 miles off shore, in comparatively shallow water as opposed to the Deepwater-Horizon Well, which sits at 5,000 ft. The shallow depth will make the well easier to inspect, maintain and secure from potential accidents.

Island Packet, 8/25/2014, "Since 2010, two well-containment companies have developed technology that could quickly cap and contain a well blowout to prevent another Deepwater Horizon-scale disaster", said Erik Milito, a spokesman for the oil lobbyist American Petroleum Institute.

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