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List of example petitions

1. Bring 'Blue One' Back Home
2. Call for Sabah Sarawak Rights
3. Save the Goats of Khokana
4. Stop the Name Change of the Norwood Lateral
5. Animal Welfare Act for Nepal
6. Petition Against Consensual Sex For 12 To 15 Year Olds
7. Stop ports package 3
8. Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump
9. Permanent Residency in Australia for Retirement Visa Holders Subclass visa 410
10. Stop animal sacrifice Nepal
11. Light The Empire State Building Purple in April for Sarcoidosis Awareness
12. Save camels from abuse in China and elsewehere
13. Reinstate 50 meters on Sunday at Wilson Pool
14. Troops for Defense Only, Not for fighting Ebola
15. Stop the legal killing of wildlife. STOP TROPHY HUNTING.
16. Stop using camels as begging props in China
17. 金融服務界向不公義的功能界别選舉制度說不!
18. Strongly condemn the acid attacks on women in Iran!
19. Induct Dan Fogelberg Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
20. Stop Thailand Elephant Abuse
21. Justice for David Bryant and baby Daviere
22. Justice for Nikki Allan
23. Hãy chấm dứt lễ hội chém lợn
24. Justice For Saira
25. Stop Cruel Horse Slaughter
26. A Permanent Vigil
27. Free the breed in Ontario: and repeal the pitbull ban
28. Investigate New York City Animal Shelters In Violation of Humane Laws and the Public Trust
29. Ban the brutal festival at Nem Thuong village, Vietnam
30. Get a rental cap in Alberta
31. Oda Nobuna No Yabou Season 2
32. Stop pedophile pornography on facebook: Stop Aux Pédophiles Et A La Pornographie
33. Save Thai Elephants
34. Ban Cigarettes in the USA!
35. Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd - Legalise Medical Cannabis, Australia
36. Protect our Children
37. Bring back French toast crunch cereal!
38. Bring Back
39. Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd - Legalise Medical Cannabis, NSW
41. Ban BEAR FARMS IN KOREA - Save Bears!
42. Stop Horse Slaughter
43. Rosario + Vampire Capu3
44. Gakuen Hetalia English
45. Beards for BYU
46. Darker than Black Season 3
47. Protect the Windrush Valley: Stop Development on Burford Road Witney
48. Induct Stevie Ray Vaughan into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
49. Save our Solar Feed-in Tariffs
50. Stop The United Riverhead Terminal Expansion

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