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GoPetition recommends that you view the following featured petitions to use as examples for your campaign. The example petitions listed here are well written and have passed a baseline quality test. These petitions can be used as templates to help format your campaign. Some petitions here are in multiple languages and styles. The list here is not exhaustive but offers some excellent ideas for your cause.

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List of example petitions

1. Stop the Name Change of the Norwood Lateral
2. Petition Against Consensual Sex For 12 To 15 Year Olds
3. Call for Sabah Sarawak Rights
4. Save camels from abuse in China and elsewehere
5. Bring 'Blue One' Back Home
6. Justice for David Bryant and baby Daviere
7. Troops for Defense Only, Not for fighting Ebola
8. Permanent Residency in Australia for Retirement Visa Holders Subclass visa 410
9. Light The Empire State Building Purple in April for Sarcoidosis Awareness
10. Stop the legal killing of wildlife. STOP TROPHY HUNTING.
11. Stop animal sacrifice Nepal
12. Strongly condemn the acid attacks on women in Iran!
13. Stop using camels as begging props in China
14. Hãy chấm dứt lễ hội chém lợn
15. Stop Cruel Horse Slaughter
16. Get a rental cap in Alberta
17. Ban the brutal festival at Nem Thuong village, Vietnam
18. Stop Horse Slaughter
19. Happy SasuNaru Naruto Shippuden ending
20. Petition for a Volunteer Service Medal for our Veterans (GGVSM)
21. Protect our Children
22. Equestrian Australia STOP allowing the breeders prefix/suffix to be dropped/changed
23. A Permanent Vigil
24. Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump
25. PETICIJA za azil u Slavonskom Brodu (Hrvatska) -- Petition for animal shelter in Slavonski Brod (Croatia)
26. Induct Dan Fogelberg Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
27. Say No to Walmart in McCandless
28. Stop the stillbirth scandal - Join Grazia and Sands Campaign to improve screening for pregnant women
29. Harsher Penalties for Animal Abuse and Abandonment/Neglect
30. Investigate New York City Animal Shelters In Violation of Humane Laws and the Public Trust
31. Preserve the green belt space at De La Cruz Park in Cherokee Point
32. Complete ban on trophy hunting in South Africa & full census carried out
33. Stop ports package 3
34. Save Lives Through Presumed Organ Donation
35. Animal Cruelty Must Stop Now!
36. Flag Flying Policy
37. Bully Breeds not allowed in PetSmarts Playgroups
38. Get a 6th season for Teen Titans
39. Saving French at USM
40. Justice for Nikki Allan
41. Florida Parents Demand a "Florida Pause Law" to Stop Common Core State Standards by 2014-15 school year
42. Darker than Black Season 3
43. Rosario + Vampire Capu3
44. Against Breed Specific Legislation in the U.S.
45. April's Law UK
46. Invest in a caring society. A living wage for mothers and other carers.
47. Zero No Tsukaima season 5
48. GI Bill Fairness to Veterans Retiring Before August 1, 2009
49. Ban BEAR FARMS IN KOREA - Save Bears!
50. Sekirei season 3

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