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1. Canadians Should Have a Canadian Birth Certificate

In many countries birth certificates are issued by the federal government of the country someone was born in. In Canada birth certificates are issued by the provincial/territorial government where someone is born.

There is no border separating Canadian provinces/territories from each other. Someone with a birth certificate from one province/territory can move to another province/territory whenever they want because they are still in the country, while someone with a birth certificate from one country can't just move to another country without applying and being accepted in.

Canada is one country, not 13 separate countries. Why should each province/territory have separate birth certificates if the people with those birth certificates are all from the same country and can move around freely in that country? There are 13 provincial/territorial governments separately doing the same thing.

Birth certificates are proof of what country a person was born in, so they should be issued by the federal government of that country.

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2. The Fair Play Cricket Lovers' Right to Watch Pietersen Play for England

As a collective, we Cricket Lovers put a lot back in to our game. Whether we are watching, playing, coaching, talking about it, buying equipment and so on, we put a lot of ourselves in to the pursuit. Cricket teaches you a lot about yourself, other people and about fair play.

Kevin Pietersen is massively reported on in either glowing or derogatory terms. This petition has got nothing to do with that. It is about allowing people to flourish and about setting the right example. I don’t believe that the ECB are setting a good example, by preventing him from playing. Nor do I think that we supporters of the game of cricket deserve to be denied the chance to watch one of the best cricketing entertainers in the world play at the highest level this summer. As the cricketing public they serve, I think that the ECB owe it to us to get over themselves and select Kevin for cricketing reasons.

If you agree with this, then please sign our online petition. We can have our voices united and make ECB listen.

Please share this and help it gain momentum.

Thank you in advance.

Another Cricket Lover.

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3. Pardon Salman Khan

This petition to seek pardon & full immunity for Salman Khan in the hit and run case on the basis of his support to the Indian Community.

We have many reasons to support him.
> More than 600 Kids sponsored for heart surgeries
> Being Human
> Many More We All Know

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4. Reinstate Dexter Bechstead

Dexter Beckstead started coaching wrestling in 1972 at the Junior High level. With over 40 years of experience and coaching in numerous leagues (Narrows, Metro, KingCo just to name a few), he has become a well known name and highly respected in the wrestling world.

When taking the Eastlake job there were only 11 wrestlers on the squad. In 4 years time he has more than doubled the amount of wrestlers participating (27). Prior to Coach Beckstead, Eastlake would take a few wrestlers to state every couple of years. In Becksteads' tenure he has sent at least one wrestler to state every year!!

Coach Beckstead has a passion for wrestling. This is evident in the amount of free time he provides to the kids. He started a freestyle club at Eastlake, volunteers time in Seattle running little kids clubs, taking kids to freestyle tournaments on his own time, donating funds to the booster club every year, making sure every wrestler has the proper equipment whether they can afford it or not!!
He even went so far to save the district thousands of dollars on transportation by only getting a bus to the away matches and having the kids carpooled home.

Dexter Beckstead is a selfless human being. The kind of person any parent would want to have as a Coach for there child. We cant say enough about how much we appreciate this Man!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and like this page if you agree And would like to see a Wonderful coach get REINSTATED!!

-Parent of Becksteads Wrestlers

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5. Duluthians Believe that Money Is Not Free Speech

This effort is being made to provide Duluth residents an opportunity to voice their opinion about the damaging effects, to our political process, to our democracy, of huge amounts of unaccounted for money being infused into our election process since multinational corporate money was declared to be legally the same as an individual person’s right to free speech and since multinational corporations, even foreign multinational corporations, were declared to be identical, in the eyes of the law, as an individual person.

Since Citizens United, in 2010, the people have become less, and less, in control of our election process as their voices, and their freedom of speech, are being drowned out by Dark Money and Super PAC money.

We must have transparency in our political process.

We must get our country back into the hands of the people!

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6. A Plea for Justice for Assata Shakur

Gustavo Machin, the deputy director for American affairs at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has stated that Assata Shakur, fka Joanne Chesimard, would not be returned to New Jersey now that Cuba and the United States are restoring diplomatic relations.

Said Machin, "I can say it is off the table." Expressing doubt about the fairness and validity of Assata Shakur's criminal trial that took place in New Jersey in 1977, he added “There are very serious doubts about that case....We consider that a politically motivated case against that lady."

Although, State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke maintains that extradition is still on the table Assata Shakur's attorney, Lennox Hinds, a professor at Rutgers University, said “I think it is a spin being put out by the U.S. government. I have no reason to give any credence to it,” Hinds said. He said that Cuban authorities recently told him that Assata Shakur’s political asylum would not be revoked.

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7. Save Cambier Park Softball Field

It has come to our attention through a knowledgeable source that the softball field at Cambier Park may be at risk for dismantling.

The City of Naples has hired a consultant, David Barth of Gainesville, to create a master plan for all the city parks. A survey will be delivered at random to several hundred residents living within the City of Naples limits to gather pertinent information on the current uses of and desired wishes for our City parks. Based on results of the survey and recommendations of the consultant, one unfavorable outcome, previously discussed, could be the removal of the softball field at Camber Park.

This proposal should arouse significant community opposition, as there is history and legacy in the field, as proven by the many banners hanging in the outfield.

It would be a terrible decision to demolish the Cambier Park softball field. The continuation of a successful softball tradition in Naples requires an adequate playing facility and the Cambier Park field has been proudly preserved and enhanced for many years by the Naples Girls Softball Little League organization, players and families.

This petition draws notice to all concerned community members who have appreciated our local softball history and to all who wish for the continued success of youth softball, which relies on the accessibility and availability of a dedicated field to these children.

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8. Troy State University-satellite in Montgomery needs Libraries, gyms and cafeterias just like the main campus

In recent times our library has been reduced to a third of its size, and the cafeteria and the gym were closed.

The school in a quest to save money arbitrarily decided students who do not attend school at the main campus do not need fully equipped libraries, cafeterias or gyms.

We, as students at the Troy satellite campus in Montgomery, respectfully request that those services be restored.

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9. Allow Communist Party of Canada Leader Miguel Figueroa in the Federal Debate!

The Communist Party of Canada is Canada's 2nd oldest political party. It has been wrongfully outlawed 3 times in it's almost 100 year history in Canada; and had to WIN a Supreme Court Battle just to remain a party in existence.

Over the years they have fought to bring in things such as : public health care and unemployment insurance. They represent the People, are for the People, and are a party of the People. Let's give them the opportunity to speak for the People!

They have earned the right to speak to Canada.

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10. Induct Keith Whitley into The Country Music Hall of Fame

Jackie Keith Whitley began his journey on the stage at the tender age of 4. By the age of 8 he was performing on the radio. By the time his early teens rolled around he was recording with major artists of the time and touring. He was sought out for his talent in both musical and vocal abilities. He graced our lives with his voice and songs his entire journey till he went on to the greatest stage of them all in 1989.

He made a giant mark on the music industry, mainly his love, Country Music. Many well known artist looked to him as one to follow in the foot steps of as they began their Country Music Journey. Many of them still walk their steps one at a time in the music industry and have made their own significant mark on music history, but their steps started in the desire to follow the ones that Keith Whitley had already imprinted firmly into the progressive roots of Country Music,keeping them entwined with the roots of Country Music's forefathers enabling them to grow into what Country Music is today and shining a promising light on new generations that are still to come into Country Music.

Keith Whitley was not just a singer that left Country Music too soon. He is a true Country artist whose music is still loved and being shared with those just now starting to find their love and passion for music. Like music, he will never die as long as he is remembered. It is time that he is remembered and held up in the place he has earned and deserves. His place in The Country Music Hall of Fame.

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11. No to 8-Classroom "Agile" Furniture Pilot!

The Duveneck PTA Executive Board is voting on an 8-classroom pilot (4th & 5th Gr classrooms) to test new furniture with the goal of providing 1) a more flexible and adaptive learning environment, and 2) ergonomic benefits around posture, comfort and health. The total cost to purchase 200 desks and 200 chairs is as of 3/11/15, $74,000. This is six times more than the cost of our conventional desk and chair.

We feel this is not a prudent use of funds. Here are a number of questions and comments from concerned Duveneck community members re this purchase:

• What benefit does this high price tag deliver to our children’s education?
• Current chairs are functional and in good order. No chair purchase should be made.
• Not convinced that it is necessary to purchase high-end tables to make classroom environments flexible and adaptive for learning. Present classroom tables and desks can easily be moved around. It is not necessary to purchase top of the line tables.
• Need to show fiscal responsibility especially in light of the upcoming Parcel Tax renewal.
• If posture, comfort and health are a concern, could we not incorporate exercises and activities into PE or the classroom? No cost and would benefit all Duveneck students.
• Applying this significant amount of funding to school furniture is an ineffective use of money and the project needs to be reevaluated in its entirety.

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12. End Daylight Saving Time

It has been proven that Daylight Saving Time increases risks for certain health related issues. It has not been proven that the time change saves residents, businesses or the State Government any money.

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13. Abolish the current playground and construct a new child friendly playground at Treegrove @ Woodlands

Our estate , Treegrove @ Woodlands, is a new and very much well maintained estate. Neighbours have been looking out for one another and there has been no major dispute. We live in a harmonious and peaceful environment. However, there is one issue that has yet to be resolved or spoken of again.

Since this is a new estate, majority of the occupants consists of newly married couple and couple with young kids. We believe the playground that is situated in between block 887B and block 887C is dangerous and is not children friendly. The structure of the playground features a spiderweb-like outlook. It does not look like a playground that is suitable for young kids but more suitable for the older kids which defeats the purpose of its existence there.

As mentioned earlier, since this is a new estate, the occupants mostly comprises of young couples and small kids. Even if the older kids were playing, what if they miss their footing while on the spiderweb net and happen to fall on the ground hurting themselves or worse, hurting a much younger kid running below the net?

Some of us have highlighted this issue during the MP house visit done last year 3rd June 2014 to Ms Ellen Lee however till now, there has been no action taken.

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14. Remove Refusers of PARCC from Testing Room

According to the PARCC 2015 testing manual, “non-testing students” and other “unauthorized visitors” are “prohibited from entering the testing environment.”

Although the Dumont School District has discussed security breaches over and over again, they seem to have ignored the written statements of this manual. Appendix C, the “State Policy Addendum,” pages 102-105, details New Jersey's specific policy.

In reference to sections 5.10 and 6.4:
“STC calls LEA Test Coordinator immediately to report student misconduct (i.e. refusing to test, disruptive behavior, unauthorized electronics, cheating.) STC completes testing irregularity/security breach form documenting situation and provides form to LEA Test Coordinator. LEA Test Coordinator contacts Office of Assessment immediately upon receiving call from STC. LEA Test Coordinator must upload completed testing irregularity/security breach form to PearsonAccess within two days.”

Allowing refusers to sit and "read" for the full testing time, is a great distraction and risk to the validity of the PARCC exam. If we are to assume that Test Administrators must follow the PARCC protocol that is outlined in the Test Coordinator Manual, students whose parents submit written refusal notifications should not be permitted in the testing environment. If administrators disregard PARCC protocol and knowingly place non-testing students in the testing room, those administrators must then, complete a testing irregularity/security breach form.

With great probability a student sitting longer than 30 minutes, with or without reading material, will become irritable. A great risk is being taken by the Dumont School system in allowing a refuser into the testing room.

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15. Petition Memohon Menolak Permohonan Pengampunan Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Kami rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin memohon Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong untuk menolak permohonan pengampunan Dato' Sri Anwar Ibrahim. Kami berpendapat Dato' Sri Anwar Ibrahim benar benar bersalah dan harus menerima hukuman setimpal dengan perbuatannya. Perbuatannya bukan hanya mencemar nilai nilai budaya orang Melayu tetapi juga melanggar hukum Agama Islam yang suci ini.

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16. Petition Season 4 galactik football

This is a petition for the season 4 of galactik football.

Questa è una petizione per la 4a stagione di galactik football.

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17. Petition for Iowa State SIDS Rememberence & Awareness Day - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

My son was born on May 4th, 1983 and he died on July 10th, 1983. He died of SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I was a young Mother and Wife and this was my only child. That was 32 years ago, and I never had another child. I missed all the years and memories of him growing up. I still remember and love him always. For all of those who have experienced such a great loss or know someone who has, then I know they can relate.

Back in 1983, my ex-husband and I met with Governor Terry Branstad. He presented me with a certificate and declared that day to be SIDS Day, but somehow it never actually got put on the books.

Let’s create not only a day of Remembrance but also a day of Awareness for this terrible disease. Many young Mothers and Fathers don’t know about this disease and the tips to help to prevent it. The medical profession has made advances in the area of SIDs. They understand it much more than they did at one time and while there is no cure, there are tips on how to help prevent this terrible disease from taking other precious, young lives.

For all those affected, we will not know the love of this child and will always experience that loss in our lives. We should honor all those who have lost their precious babies to this terrible disease and create awareness for others. Awareness, Knowledge and Remembrance should be recognized on this special day.

Please sign the petition for a Declaration of Proclamation Coordination for an Official SIDS day to be set for July 10th of each year, in the state of Iowa.

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18. Put the American people back to work with the support of Amtrak

The purpose of this petition is to help improve the way of life for the American people. The reason is that far too many people are without employment across the U.S. especially in the southeast region of the U.S. Many are affected by this because of lack of job training, education, trouble with law enforcement causing background check problems and job qualifications.

Most times the situation with getting and keeping a job is the fact that management and polices of that management are not regulated to reflect the employee’s needs, as an employee your needs include, health insurance, a living wage, a responsible 401 K plan to secure your future and a sustainable workers union. Most if not all of these are what some companies do without or with limited resources that they can offer in some ways give you less than what you deserve.

There are some statistics that back up what point I’m trying to make here for instance the median unemployment rate in the southeast region of the U.S. is at 6.5 this information is a part of the Bureau of Labor and Statistics U.S. Department of Labor (Chart 1 page 21 News Release in 01/27/15). The light rail system if accepted will extend form Virgina, Chatanooga,Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis,TN,Little Rock Ar, Dallas, Fort worth, Laredo and Irving,Tx.

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19. No Bail For Son's Suspected Killers

As parents, we are struggling to come to terms with the brutal and premeditated murder of our son, Kurtlee Pillay.

Our pressing concern is the imminent bail hearing of the suspects Blaine Raman, Dinesh Nana and Bilal Tayob. We pray that you will hear our plea and deny bail to all three suspects unconditionally.

Please find case history on links below.

The degree of torture and brutality meted out to our son, Kurtlee, before his death can be described as nothing short of savage, callous and inhuman. The revelations in the post mortem report makes living another day unbearable for us.

The nature and circumstances of the offences have induced a sense of outrage and fear in the community as well.

We pray that you will consider our plea and assist in ensuring that bail is denied to all three suspects.

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20. Boycott NFL Advertisers if Marshawn Lynch is fined during Superbowl XLIX

The NFL has aggressively fined Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch for not speaking with the media and grabbing his crotch after touchdowns. They continue to threaten him with further fines.

Lynch has been warned that failure to comply with Media Day sessions will result in a $500,000 fine. The Seahawks have been warned that celebratory crotch grabs will result in further fines for Lynch as well as penalty yards during the Superbowl.

As fans of the Seahawks and football itself, we find the league is unfairly targeting Lynch and have had enough. If the League fines Lynch for anything related to the Superbowl, we the fans will boycott all Superbowl advertisers until the next Superbowl, approximately 1 year.

With sponsors such as Anheuser-Busch, Coke, Doritos, Pepsi, and T-Mobile, we feel that the NFL will receive our message if we unite in opposition to their predatory tactics.

A full list of sponsors can be found here:

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21. Support Pivot Charter

Pivot Charter was doing much better online. Students left public schools because they never got the help they needed in a public school and those kids came to Pivot because they do better online but now half of the students classes are in a real classroom and kids are having a hard time catching up.

Online, they don't have to worry about catching up if they miss a day of school because they can do it online, AT HOME even when they're sick. They can also get ahead and start doing next semesters work or next school years work.

If we can get 100 signatures this school will succeed!

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22. Release "The Interview"

A recent cyber attack that points to North Korea as the culprit is attempting to coerce America and more specifically, Sony Pictures from releasing a picture satirizing the President of North Korea.

North Korea threatened retaliation if this film was to be released and they have made good on their threat. America has just had its freedoms restricted by a despot without firing a shot.

Capitulation would be a terrible precedent and will embolden the use of cyber and other threats that weaken our democracy.

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23. Please federally fund or allocate part of existing FACSHIA funding for gps trackers for children with autism and other disabilities

Please sign this petition to urge the federal government to fund gps trackers and tracking services for children affected by autism & other needful disabilities or allocate some of the FACSHIA funding that is already provided to children with autism for supply of government approved reliable GPS trackers and adult monitoring software to parents/carers.

In loving memory of little Sammy Trott who disappeared from his home in landsdale December 9, 2014 at 10.30am and found in a nearby lake.

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24. Approve the New York DREAM Act

Around 146,000 students in New York who have attended New York public schools, some who have been attending New York schools since primary school, are ruled out for financial aid and scholarships for college. This prevents them from achieving higher education in order to pursue professional careers.

What is the one difference between these students and students who are granted aid and scholarships? They are undocumented students. Although they are qualified for college through exemplary hard work and dedication, their residency status obstructs their chances to pursue higher education.

The DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act for New York can help eliminate this problem by extending tuition benefits to these students.

Currently, the State of New York has 30 votes out of the 32 votes needed from the New York State Senate in order to pass the states DREAM Act. This petition is targeting Senator Rich Funke of Rochester who is currently against passing this legislation.

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25. Save Larson Station Restaurant, West Vancouver BC

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

It is with great sadness that Alice & I write this letter to you.

On Monday November 24th, 2014, just after 7am we were alerted by our alarm company to an intrusion at Larson Station. As it was early morning, we did not suspect an actual intrusion and assumed it to be a false alarm.

Upon investigation, we were shocked to discover that the District of West Vancouver forcibly occupied our business premises and proceeded to change the locks. Our privacy was invaded, our private office opened and our personal belongings were exposed and office cabinets and documentation rummaged through. We were denied access and made to leave the premises.

We were dismayed to discover that the only reason for our pre-planned forcible eviction was failure to meet the operating hours required by the District. Over the years, we have written to the District to express that although the venue needs to remain open year round, we could not afford to do so without financial assistance. Despite promises to the contrary our negotiations were suspended by the District in January 2014, and replaced by a barrage of threatening letters and notices. Our repeated requests for a meeting to re-negotiate our entire contract were ignored.

If the District did not want us there surely a settlement could have been reached. There was a buy-out clause in the agreement, why oust us on a clause the District knew full well we could not meet?

Today, 9 days after the annexation of our business, our business assets as well as some personal assets remain sequestered for no justifiable reason. The District took control of our assets, telephone line, alarm system, credit card machines and documentation. Effectively taking control of our business and Clients.

We worked hard to build this business and our reputation and we do not accept that another operator comes in on our backs and picks up all our future bookings without fair compensation. This action has placed our Clients in a difficult situation as most have made plans for events long in advance and booked expecting us to cater and manage their event. They are now at the mercy of others. This month alone we lost four large events, which someone else may now be unfairly paid for.

If we had operated the hours the District required we would have been bankrupt long ago, last week we were ruthlessly forced out of business. To us the end result is the same. The District must surely have been aware of the consequences of their actions to our Staff, Clients and to our family.

This enforced action has caused irreparable harm and also resulting in our staff to be unemployed a few weeks before Christmas. Any assistance to raise funds for the benefit of our staff would be greatly appreciated.

In addition, we desperately need all the help we can get and appeal to our valued clients and friends to assist in requesting a meeting with Council, so that our side can be fairly represented. We were never once given the opportunity to present our side to Council. If you are in agreement with the attached petition letter, please forward it to Mayor and all Council members and if possible please copy us.

Please forward this email along as required. We are available to meet with anyone who would like further information and details.

The past week has been a very dark week. Last Monday was our “Pearl Harbour”…shame on you District of West Vancouver…shame on you!

Kind Regards,

Enzo & Alice Taffara
604 834 7765

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26. Sound barrier for Highway US 80 West

The traffic on Jr. Allen has been gradually increasing for the last 5 years, which could be directly related to the increased development in the Midland area and the increase in tractor-trailers using this route. The Traffic noise is a nuisance for residents situated along this Highway, particularly the ones located on Mayo Dr. Columbus, GA. 31909.

The residents would like a sound barrier put in place to reduce the noise coming from this very busy highway. The trees planted between the homes and the highway serves little purpose to reduce the noise because they are not dense enough to reduce the noise.

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27. Kopa for "Lion Guard"

As of June 2014, Disney has announced that they will be making a new Lion King film to be aired on November 2015 called "The Lion Guard".

This new series was expected by many Lion King fans to include the long-neglected son of Simba, Kopa, who stars in the 1994 series of Disney books, "The Lion King: Six New Adventures". However, Disney has again neglected to include this character, and has instead inserted a new character called Kion to take the leading role.

For Lion King fans, this makes a very irksome situation, because it will leave Kopa in a permanently half-canonized position - alive in the books, but unseen in the films (with the possible exception of Fluffy). This has led to much grief over the years within Lion King fandom, as the only plausible explanation for Kopa's apparent dissapearance from the films would be his death.

Being omitted from Lion King 2 was bad enough; if Kopa's neglected again, he will remain suspended forever in a literary limbo, suffering an eternity of torment and death within the fan-fic universe.

This film is our last best chance to save Kopa by canonizing him into film, thus resolving many of the loose threads running through the timeline of the Lion King series.

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28. Petition Against Consensual Sex For 12 To 15 Year Olds

As it stands the Sexual Offences Act considers consensual sex below the age of 16 to be an offence. The Amendment to the Sexual Offences Act seeks to reduce this age to 12.We consider this amendment to be absurd for the following reasons:

1. Psychologically under 16’s are not mature enough to make sexual decisions or understand the consequences thereof.

2. It exposes under 16’s to the risks of HIV/Aids and other STDs, prostitutions, statutory rape, abortion and child pornography.

3. It places an unfair burden on parents by taking away their rights to restrain their children from sexual activity. Children will be free to make their own decisions regarding sex.

4. School communities will become platforms for sexual activity for learners. Education staff will be unable to contend with sexually unruly and chaotic learners.

5. It will lead to an increase in teenage pregnancies. School drop-out will increase and unemployment and other socio-economic problems in the country will soar.

6. It violates the Child Protection Act because it will be “exposing or subjecting a child to behaviour that may harm the child psychologically or emotionally”.

7. It will encourage the growth of child pornography as an industry and other crimes in South Africa. International black-market demands will be made on SA since sex with under 16’s is illegal in other nations.

8. It will permit under 16’s to undertake abortions without the presence of parents or adult guardians.

Other nations, including the United States, do not promulgate consensual sex for under 16’s. If this amendment is successful it will make South Africa the most liberal nations in the world with regard to the age of sexual consent!

The authority to decide the destiny of minor children should lie with their parents/ guardians. As responsible citizens of South Africa we must prevent laws that expose our children to harm. The rights of our children are cannot be violated. The rights of children must be secured at all costs.

As parents, guardians and responsible citizens I sign this petition and thereby express my disapproval of the amendment to give under 16’s consent to engage in sexual activity.

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29. MAA players' complaints: We want fair treatment

Marvel Avengers Alliance players! Most of you are sick of how Playdom are treating players. Here are some issues we want to address:

1. Nerfing gold sale items. It is not fair to nerf some item that was on gold sale. We spend some real money to realize later that item does not have properties it has when we bought it. It either should be return back to original state or players to be compensate for loses.

2. U-ISO drops from allies maps when Special Operation are over. Is this problem that hard to solve? What we are gonna do with those U-ISO? We can collect them, nor sale them. And, in same time, we lose precious resources - energy, silver etc. You can simply replace it with other item - lost pages of vishanti or anything else usable in the game.

3. Other game problems - missions not working properly, game freeze etc. Players should be compensated somehow for these problems. We propose large or full energy bonuses that all players can use.

We love this game and we are only looking for some attention from Playdom. We are not just golden goose to take money from. We are just looking for fair treatment.

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30. Stop the bartering of dogs, cats, or other domestic animals

There have been numerous craigslist ads in Kentucky of people wanting to barter dogs. One breeder placed 2 ads on Craigslist wanting to trade bulldogs for either a dirt bike or scooter. On that same breeders website is a sentence that reads our dogs are family. I wondered when people started bartering family members for material things.

Someone may not have the money to get the pet so they will be tempted to trade to get it. In some cases they may not be financially equipped for the acquired animals' welfare. I called the Humane Society and asked if it is legal and was told yes. I was told pets are considered property and people can legally trade their property.

I assume pets were once labeled property to insure a form of protection. I feel that pets need more protection from being used as a form of currency. They do not deserve to be bartered into possible abusive situations. We must stop any domestic animal litters from being used for a line of credit. This will decrease a few puppy mills and the number of abandoned pets.

I hope with your signature that we can try to have state officials take notice. I also hope online classifieds websites will stop allowing any form of animal bartering offers.

Thank you.

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