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1. Declare Punjab (India) a Dry State

Punjab is a holy place and gives massage of peace and happiness to the world. Our Sikh Gurus have taught us the ways to live the life, which is free from 5 bad elements (kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and hankaar). And all these elements are aggravated by liquor. So lets us make our holy Punjab, holy again.

There are millions of people in Punjab, who earn very small daily and spend most of it on buying liquor. Their families go un-privileged. As per the latest Indian statics, Punjab is number 1 state in liquor consumption.

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2. Baisse du coût de notre cotisation à l’OTIMROEPMQ

Que ce soit en tant que citoyen, parent, chef d’entreprise, représentant politique ou technologue, nous devons remettre en question, de temps à autre, notre façon de dépenser et d’investir notre argent. De nos jours, nous devons tous faire des choix financiers difficiles et ne travaillons-nous pas dans un domaine où il y a régulièrement des restrictions budgétaires? Je crois, dans cette même optique, qu’il est grand temps que nos administrateurs de l’OTIMROEPMQ fassent preuve de cette même rigueur financière à laquelle nous sommes tous confrontés; individuellement et collectivement.

Une semaine de salaire pour acquitter notre droit de pratique, c’est trop!

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3. Stop Violence Against Women & Children In Namibia: NA Introduce GBV Public Bill Now

Namibian women and children experience widespread violence (e.g., sexual, physical, psychological, murder, etc.) more than any country in the world. Well over 1,565 were murdered in a period of 5 years in Namibia, according to Namibian police sources. Turning Namibia into a KILLING FIELDS! According to the World Health Organization as of Dec 2013, 33% of women experience physical or sexual violence by a partner, and 38% of all murders committed against women come from their intimate partners. Furthermore, 45% of adolescent girls experience forceful rape.

Fellow friends of Namibia, citizens of Namibia, and concern citizens of the world, please support us by way of signing this petition. We are petitioning the National Assembly (NA) to introduce a Public GBV Bill (Legislation/Act) that will protect women and children against violence. NA is the highest lawmakers' chamber that initiates and approves laws in the country of Namibia.

We are Namibian Agents of Change (NAC), a community of agents of change that petition decision makers and elected officials on issues that significantly impact our lives. Members of NAC introduce, vote on predominant issue, discuss and debate on the voted issue while providing solutions, and finally petition decision makers. Our goal is to hold elected officials and decision makers RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for their actions and decisions, which will result in small-positive changes for all and make Namibia globally competitive.

Thank you in advance for your signing this petition and sharing the word.

P.S. Signers can nominate to be recorded as "anonymous." Your e-mail address will not be displayed on this petition web-site.

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4. Better care of the elderly in NHS care - Save Barnet Hospital!

Please sign this petition for better care of the elderly in NHS care. Save Barnet Hospital More funding!! More Nurses! More Lives Saved!!

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5. Justice for Little Chloe Valentine

Her name was Chloe Valentine, and she was 4 years old!

During January 2012, Chloe Valentine was tortured and killed by the 2 people entrusted to love her, care for her, protect her and provide her a safe & happy home.

Over 4 days, Chloe Valentine, a 4 year old child, was forced to ride a 50 kilogram motorbike over and over and over, while Ashlee Jean Polkinghorne and Benjamin Robert McPartland sat video recording, what was to be, a very terrified, 4 year old Chloe's slow and torturous death. Laughing, as they watched Chloe crash into objects and repetitively being thrown from the motorbike, until such time little Chloe was knocked unconscious (day 4).

Little Chloe was left lying for hours, slowly dying from her horrific injuries. Google searches and Facebook accounts were checked, before '000' was finally called. Chloe Valentine's injuries were so severe that some of her family members were unable to recognize her tiny bruised and swollen body.

For their heinous crimes and treatment of this innocent child, Ashlee Jean Polkinghorne and Benjamin Robert McPartland, received a 4 year and two month non-parole jail term, out of a mere 7 years in total.

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6. Campaign to Save Gardens of Time

Playdom is the originator of one of the most popular hidden object games of all time - Gardens of Time. In 2010, Playdom was purchased by Disney Interactive. Playdom is Disney Interactive’s “ social games division producing games for Facebook, iOS, Android, and other emerging social and mobile platforms."

The March 2014 downsizing by Disney Interactive has placed Gardens of Time at a virtual standstill, discontinued the popular pay for ‘Inner Circle’ and has left in particular a great deal of speculation and concern by thousand upon thousands of gamers on Playdom , Facebook and other venues that Gardens of Time will be canceled.

From the beginning of Gardens of Times introduction, the game quickly became an almost viral hit on Facebook and on Playdom and while the “over 50” crowd is the games bread and butter, the human interest in the game’s popularity is why the old, the young, and the in-between love and play the game. The diversity of players is as vast as the world is different and subsequently transcends any language barrier.

This petition is to “Save Gardens of Time” and represents players of Gardens of Time not just on Facebook, but on and any Disney operated venue across the globe which offers the game. Each signer of this petition may make their own individual statement

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7. Protest the Parole of Danny Sledge's murderer

On March 12, 1999, Eric Wayne Boyd, along with his brother Nathan Lee Boyd, brutally murdered Joseph Daniel "Danny" Sledge at The Galley restaurant in Florence, AL. On April 20, 2001, Eric was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole for Felony Murder.

As of March 15, 2014, Eric has been incarcerated for 15 years for his role in this heinous crime (2 years in local custody and 13 years in state prison). Danny was stabbed multiple times, beaten, and robbed by Eric and his brother Nathan for a reported $600 and a weekend of drugs and partying. 15 years is hardly a punishment for the crime committed against Danny and his family and friends.

The parole date has been set for April 30, 2014.

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8. Transparence dans la gestion de nos recettes minières

Il apparaît du plus récent rapport sur les flux de paiement et des recettes minières guinéennes que seulement 13% des recettes minières sont transférées vers les préfectures, les CRD et les collectivités locales en Guinée. Les 87% de nos recettes minières sont destinées à un fonds dit "fonds d'investissement minier" dont la structure institutionnelle et le mode fonctionnement sont totalement opaques. Nul ne sait donc où sont et comment sont utilisés 87% de nos recettes minières. Ceci est un scandale.

L'opacité dans la gestion de nos recettes minières est un scandale pour nous, et ce fut une déception pour les experts de l'Association pour le Développement International (ADI) et du FMI qui affirment, dans la plus récente note consultative sur la Guinée, qu'ils sont DÉÇUS de la lenteur du gouvernement Guinéen à répondre aux exigences du Processus de Kimberley et de l'Initiative pour la Transparence dans les Industries Extractives (ITIE).

La Transparence et la bonne gestion de nos recettes minières est une condition indispensable pour mettre un terme à la corruption, garantir la bonne gouvernance, et assurer une contribution positive de l'exploitation de nos ressources minières dans le développement de la Guinée.

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9. Drake Benefit Concert for Autism

Drake’s apology for autism joke is sadly incomplete. On the upside, they turned what could have been just another media shamewalk into a true example of learning from a mistake, and accepting responsibility with grace. Did they? It takes a man to apologize for making a mistake. However, there's a difference between apology and making amends. It is not like this statement was just said out loud. It was recorded on an album that went though many people who heard these offensive lyrics, yet no took pause to raise up and say no, bad idea.

Facebook shows Drake to have 32 million followers, a net worth of 35 million dollars. These lyrics not only hurt people who must live through and with Autism, but it also influences more negative stigma these people (especially children) don't deserve. Drake, you influence millions of people, it is your responsibility to influence them correctly.

Take responsibility for your actions and use your influence to benefit the community you damaged with your hurtful and thoughtless lyrics on a song that could have been avoided.

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10. Create a Class for Jazz Band

The Mighty Lobo Band of Cisco, Texas does not have the privelidge of having an actual class period (within school hours) for a Jazz Band class. We are forced to practice after school hours, which is on our own time, for upcoming contests.

There is simply not enough time able to be spent in this manner. Moreover, not all students of the current makeshift jazz band are able to stay at the school in order to practice for the events at all, forcing us to choose possibly two days out of the week for practice. We need an elective class within school hours in which jazz band students can practice altogether.

If we can get a class period during school hours, we can attend contests more confidently, and have a greater chance of placing high against other jazz bands in the region, thus reflecting greatly upon Cisco High School.

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11. Don't Deport Justin Beiber

Justin Bieber has done many good things here in America. He has supported multiple Charities and foundations which include but are not limited to Alzheimer’s Association, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, City of Hope, Cure Duchenne, Food Bank For New York City, Give Back Hollywood Foundation, Grammy Foundation, It Gets Better Project, Jumpstart, KaBoom, Musicians on Call, Pencils of Promise, Red Cross, Usher’s New Look Foundation.

You can find more information on this at Justin Bieber may not be perfect, but who is? He worth having in America.

Justin Bieber is a good individual who deserves a second chance. Justin Bieber took time on Valentines day to visit a 6 year old child with a rare form of cancer. He flew her and her family to New York and spent two hours with them. You can read more about this at

Justin often visits children from the make a wish foundation, where they help children with terminal illnesses. He visited a school that supports homeless children in Las Vegas and donated $100,000 to them for school supplies and food. He also donated an additional $100,000 for toys for the kids not only did he donate to the school but he performed an acoustic of “Under the Mistletoe”.

You can read about this and so much more on He has done so much to help people not only here in America, but also in other countries too. He is an great asset to the United States of America.

If I were to write about all of the inspiration, and love and compassion he has shown towards his fans then this request would be endless. He has been a blessing to many people lives and his music has touch many many lives for the good.

I believe he deserves a second chance.

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12. Get Back Sarah's Scars Facebook Photos

Sarah's Scars is a sfx make up business whose page got shut down by facebook, and facebook changed the page to a like page and sent a broken link which was meant to contain all photographs.

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For many years, holiday companies have been ripping off families wanting to have a holiday, by hiking prices up during school holidays by as much as 40%. This petition has been set up to run along aside the e-petition for this subject to be debated in parliament.

The situation is now untenable, as schools are now fining parents if their child is taken out of school and prosecutions are happening. Soon there will be no such thing as a family holiday as many simply can not afford the prices.

Family holidays should be protected. I want people to vote with their feet and not book a holiday until we get the holiday companies to listen.

This petition will be copied and given to all the big holiday companies in the hope that we show them, we mean business.

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14. Une jeune Camerounaise violee.. l'impunite semble la regle lorsque les victimes sont des femmes. Reagissez en signant votre opposition.

Les membres de l'association Avife/Reseau Wassila appellent toutes les Algeriennes et tous les Algeriens a exprimer leur indignation en signant cette petition relative au sort fait a une jeune femme Camerounaise.

Cette jeune femme se retrouve confrontee a une situation que nous-Etat et Societe-aurions denoncee avec vigueur si elle avait concerne une jeune emigree algerienne, africaine ou asiatique dans un pays europeens.

Le fait que ce type de violence soit possible dans notre pays est intolerable! Cette jeune femme est une victime qui n'est pas reconnect comme telle, elle subit une atteinte supplementaire du fait d'une institution algerienne, l'expulsion,alors que la relaxe de son agresseur designe une collusion d'interet que nous ne pouvons admettre.

En l'affaire l'appareil d'Etat se met au service d'une aggression sexuelle mettant en crise toute legitimite morale du Droit algerien .

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15. Town of Kingston NH Petition: Support the Seacoast Mental Health Center

Funding from the Town of Kingston would help subsidize medically necessary services to residents not supported by private insurance, public insurance, state or grant funds. Diagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), these individuals can and do recover with the appropriate services provided by Seacoast Mental Health Center.

In FY 2013, we provided 1,614 hours of service to 176 residents from the Town of Kingston.

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16. UK Government to rid British Land of non-British citizens!

I believe Britain is being over-run with people from different countries. I'm not preaching racist hate, and I'm not in any way saying non British are bad people but i believe we need to make britian, BRITIAN again.

Bring back UK peoples jobs! Bring back English rights and make britain british once again!

Please listen to our thoughts and act as appropriate or the british public will be forced to take action and stand to be counted to stop the influx of crime, and the government caring more for other countries and not ours! Act now!!

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17. Cops are not above traffic laws

Cops are not above the law, but it seems most think they are. I'm talking simply on traffic violations. Not stopping fully at a stop sign. Running red light with their lights are on and never going to a call. Even the simple turn signal.

We feel that officers need to set the standard for citizens on following the laws. Ultimately I would like to start a program that catches officers on duty not following traffic laws. And issue them a ticket.

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18. The United States government should endorse biological warfare

The United States government should endorse in the production, development, and stockpiling of biological weapons because of its role as the next great step in warfare and its detachment from the battlefield.

Not only for offensive purposes, but for defensive purposes as well, preferably in Fort Detrick, Maryland at USAMRIID.

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19. Review of the ABC

The ABC is a taxpayer funded organisation and as such must provide value to the community that supports it. Going by its output in recent times, I don't believe the ABC is meeting its obligations to the taxpayer. To determine a corrective path, a review into the following needs to be conducted:

1) The Australian Broadcasting Corporations Act 1983 to determine whether it's adequate in today’s advancing technology and to strengthen the ABC's charter to remove any ambiguity;

2) The ABC’s expanding media and online presence and whether this is making it impossible for independent media to compete;

3) Whether the ABC is suitably servicing the contract to run the Australia Network given recent events when it chose to promote the Guardian spying allegations story involving Indonesia. Considering The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade described the service as "enhancing the government's ability to pursue its broader foreign and trade policy objectives". With the objective of the network being: ‘To project a positive and contemporary image of Australia and promote a clear understanding of government policies’.

4) Whether the ABC board including the Chairman is abiding by the charter: Point 8, Duties of the board, with particular attention to a, b, c, d, which clearly states the duties being :

(1) It is the duty of the Board:

(a) to ensure that the functions of the Corporation are performed efficiently and with the maximum benefit to the people of Australia;

(b) to maintain the independence and integrity of the Corporation;

(c) to ensure that the gathering and presentation by the Corporation of news and information is accurate and impartial according to the recognized standards of objective journalism; and

(d) to ensure that the Corporation does not contravene, or fail to comply with:

(i) any of the provisions of this Act or any other Act that are applicable to the Corporation; or

5) Whether the Managing director of the ABC, Mark Scott, conducted himself appropriately when he decided to promote the Guardian’s spy allegations. Especially since it has emerged that the ABC refused requests from intelligence agencies to redact the material in the interests of national security’.

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20. Say No to changes to Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

The new U.S.-Afghanistan security agreement adds restrictions on already bureaucratic rules of engagement for American troops by making Afghan dwellings virtual safe havens for the enemy, combat veterans say.

The rules of engagement place the burden on U.S. air and ground troops to confirm with certainty that a Taliban fighter is armed before they can fire — even if they are 100 percent sure the target is the enemy.

In some cases, aerial gunships have been denied permission to fire even though they reported that targets on the move were armed.

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21. Stop Unsolicited SMS Messages by Nigerian GSM Companies

The mobile telephone industry in Nigeria has grown significantly over the past decade. Unfortunately, the growth in subscribers has not yielded an equivalent growth in network quality. Instead, GSM companies have turned their networks into media advert channels sold to other organizations.

The incessant barrage of unsolicited SMS messages received by users, besides being a constant nuisance, it also takes its toll on network resources otherwise utilized by paying subscribers. The GSM networks currently do not offer any way to unsubscribe from all these "free" messages, hidden under the guise of providing information.

This is an infringement on the basic consumer rights of any subscriber. The NCC and the CPC should protect mobile network subscribers from this abuse and exploitation by prohibiting these companies from sending unsolicited SMS messages or at the very least providing a way to unsubscribe from these messages.

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22. We want the murals at Taman Molek area to remain

Jangan hapuskan seni mural di Taman Molek.
We want the murals at Taman Molek area to remain.

BAHASA MALAYSIA --------------------------------------------

Baru2 ini, artis jalanan antarabangsa yang tersohor En. Ernest Zacharevic (Zachas) , telah mendedahkan tentang beberapa seni mural yg terdapat di Taman Molek , Johor. Melalui media sosial berita ini telah menarik perhatian dan ramai telah berusaha mencari dan mengabadikannya melalui foto2.

Akhirnya, seni dan jenaka yg bermesej telah hadir d Johor Bahru dan ia bagaikan memberi nafas baru kepada bandaraya ini.

Malangnya, tidak semua orang menhargai nilai seni ini. Datok Bandar, Ismail Karim dan juga EXCO Kerajaan Negeri , En.Tee Siew Keong telah memberi kenyataan bahawa ianya mencemar keindahan bandaraya Johor Bahru.

Salah satu mural yang dianggap mengganggu gugat ialah lukisan yg digambarkan dengan bentuk LEGO, seorang lelaki bersenjata yang cuba merompak seorang wanita yang membawa sebuah beg tangan berjenama Chanel.

Ramai dapat melihat kebenaran disebalik jenaka yang digambarkan dan ia adalah yg paling digemari diantara empat mural yang terdapat di situ.

Datok Bandar menyatakan bahawa pehak berkuasa MBJB akan menghapuskan mural2 tersebut dengan alasan ianya dilukiskan pada tempat yang sangat tidak sesuai.

ENGLISH ---------------------------------------------------

Recently, internationally-recognised street artist Ernest Zacharevic (Zachas) unveiled a series of murals in the Taman Molek/Johor Jaya area of Johor Bahru. Words spread through the social media of these murals and people began seeking them out and posing for photos with them.

But not everyone is excited. The city mayor, Ismail Karim and state EXCO Tee Siew Keong claimed that these murals, in particular one, tarnishes the image of the city.

The offensive mural is the one that shows a Lego figure as an armed robber lying in wait to rob from another Lego figure of a woman carrying a Chanel handbag.

The mayor said that MBJB will be removing all the murals as they are painted at "inappropriate places."

中文 -------------------------------------------------------------

我们要保留新山百合花园的壁画不久之前,国际知名的街头艺术家Ernest Zacharevic 在新山百合花园 (Taman Molek) 和柔佛再也花园 (Johor Jaya) 创作了几件壁画。随着社交媒体的广泛报导及传阅之下, 很快的; 就引起人们的关注及响应。他们三不五时的来此流影拍照。

但是, 并不是每个人都会对此壁画感到兴奋的.尤其是当今柔佛州新山市长Ismail Karim 及州行政议员 郑修强, 他们认为其中一幅壁画诋毁了新山市的形象。 

这幅引起新山人共鸣的壁画 ,显示着“ 一个在街上提着香奈儿皮包的乐高女孩,在前方墙角被一个手持着刀的乐高匪徒埋伏着的情境。"

因此, 新山市市长将会以“有碍市容”为由,清除此壁画。

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23. Keep hydrocodone as a schedule III opioid

We, the signers of this petition, who live with chronic pain ourselves or are affected by a loved ones with chronic pain issues, are asking that the FDA reconsider its decision to upgrade Hydrocodone to a class II schedule drug.

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24. Rob Ford Reality TV Show

Rob Ford is endlessly entertaining. Unfortunately, the authorities and concerned citizens are threatening to shut down the party.

This petition asks that Mr. Ford to immediately begin wearing a GoPro mini cam everywhere he goes. We must capture this final year for posterity!

Ideally the captured footage would be streamed, uncut 24/7 on the city's otherwise boring and useless website.

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25. Bring Rosairo + Vampire back in Netflix

I, would like to bring Rosario + Vampire back to Netflix. Many watchers love this anime show. I am very outraged that it was brought down.

I would like to bring it back or at least get an explanation of why it was brought down. I would like to know if there is anoher site to watch it or something.

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26. Objection to Dutton Lane project

Fairfield City Council (FCC) has failed Cabramatta people and shoppers in its Dutton Lane at Ground Car Park Redevelopment Project as it will worsen the longstanding parking problem in Cabramatta.

FCC will spend 16.3 million dollars to convert 157 existing car spaces in Dutton Lane into a three storey large shopping centre, TO OWN 3000 m2 of retail shops on ground floor, 500 m2 office space on the first floor , provides 275 car parking spaces on first floor and top floor. A new lift, a new public open space, a new toilet facility, and FCC claim of traffic improvement. (For further information of the project, please visit Fairfield City Council web site

In fact:

• Cabramatta has been in severe shortage of car parking over 15 years. At present there is still in short of 300- 400 car spaces. Shoppers have been complaining of traffic congestion in the commercial district, it takes them 1-2 hours to find a car space on weekends in last 15 years.

• 275 total car spaces in the new building will replace existing 157 spaces = only 118 new spaces added.
However, there will be new business owners, 127 new employees in the new building according to Council's study, and other new staffs in other new completed development ( they have paid contribution (section 94) for FCC to provide their additional parking spaces requirement ) . They will use up an estimation of 190 car spaces.



Many shoppers complained that they have multiple occasions of traffic infringement and got fines just because of difficulty in finding parking spaces.

Many shoppers stopped on street for few seconds to drop off their elderly parents / wife with children before proceeding to difficult journey finding a car space, they got fined for double parking!

Patients just left hospital and presented to their family doctors, their family dropped them off in front of their doctor's clinic and got fined for double parking is a not uncommon scenario.

FCC has collected 4.7 million dollars in traffic fines in year 2012-2013.

Fairfield City Council, a local government in South Western Sydney, and multicultural area. Cabramatta is one of the major towns where Asian residents, particularly Vietnamese are the majority. Its business district has been the major shopping centre, an important meeting point, not only for local residents, but for whole Vietnamese and Asian population over south western Sydney region. It also attracts western visitors all over Sydney owing to its unique Asian cultural characteristic, Asian food and competitive price. Severe shortage of car parking spaces has been a recognized major problem for the town for 15 years

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27. Speak up for animals who need a voice

I am a young person who thinks animals need a voice to not be treated unfairly in any way shape or form.

All animals have thoughts and feelings just like us and should be respected and free from this cruelty that is happening all over the world to all sorts of animals.

Help support me to find a voice and free these animals from this cruelty.

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28. Induct Big Jay McNeely into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

Big Jay McNeely is the PIONEER of the honking, screeching saxaphone sound identified with the rock'n'roll sound of the 1950s.

He is one of the very few original rock'n'roll pioneers NOT recognised in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame.

Put your name to the petition and let's get him into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame!

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29. Maluma concert for Australia

Maluma is a great young Colombian singer and has become quite successful at his career.

Latino people living now in Australia would like to get a taste of their own music back to their life.

His music is great and it not only just appeals to Latinos but to other cultures as it is engaging music.

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30. Lacey High School Ice Hockey Team

We ask that a "High School Ice Hockey Program" be established at Lacey High School this up and coming season of 2013-2014. A "Lacey High School Ice Hockey Program" would benefit boys and girls, Lacey High School and our community.

Hockey demands dedication, commitment, diligence, perseverance and unity! In doing so, this will also prevent Lacey High School from losing students to all the surrounding High Schools offering "Ice Hockey"!

A feasible proposal was presented last school year to the Athletic Director, which included the costs, what is needed and what can be done to raise money to fund the "Program".

We ask that the proposal would be reconsidered so that a "High School Ice Hockey Program" can be implemented immediately!

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