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Petition Template : Select an effective template. GoPetition recommends the following templates for your campaign. These petition samples have passed our baseline quality test and may help you to format your petition. As petition examples, these samples provide a variety of formatting options. The format of these suggested templates may vary considerably so we suggest that you peruse several of the samples given below. Some listed petitions are in multiple languages and styles so there are a variety of options to choose from. The list here is not exhaustive but offers some excellent ideas for your cause.

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List of template petitions

1. Require High School Softball Facemasks
2. Govt. should Come Clean on Water Charges before Local Elections - May 23rd
3. Vote Yes For The Marvin Gaye USPS Stamp
4. Baisse du coût de notre cotisation à l’OTIMROEPMQ
5. Red Oak Needs Better Recycling
6. Drop "Propaganda" Charges Against Iranian-Kurdish Human Rights Lawyer Masoud Shamsnejad
7. Reverse Prison Sentence of Iranian Kurdish Author Alireza Sepahi Laeen
8. Save our Safari Taxis
9. Save live music at Great Northern Trading Post
10. Emma's Voice
11. Save Hamilton Elementary School
12. Stop the Desecration of Torah, Return the Beis Medrash
13. Local government workers need a decent pay rise
14. English FA and Football League to Apologize to LTFC
15. Save the Murwillumbah Children's Ward
16. Request to APHA to Induct QT POCO STREKE into the Hall Of Fame in 2015
17. Review Coast of Bays Pavement Issues
18. Save Mud And Stinky
19. Electoral Reforms in India
20. 上水彩園夜巿小販發出的求救聯署聲明
21. Civilian ownership of firearm suppressors
22. End workplace bullying
23. Lee Pace for Sexiest Man Alive in People Magazine
24. Sidewalks and Drainage for Lake Stickney Dr.
25. Include weightlifting in the SEA games 2015
26. Fibre optic broadband for Upchurch
27. Support Chelsea Aquatic Center
28. Free Hasan Huseynli!
29. Achubwch y Torgoch / Save the Arctic char - Llyn Padarn
30. Stop the removal of the Barmah Forest Heritage Brumbies
31. Extend the Australian Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse Beyond 2015
32. Save Upminster Mini Golf Course
33. Shut Down the Scams - Bring integrity to Facebook
34. Save motorcycle riding at emu creek extreme retreat!
35. Channel 5 Bridlington Documentary
36. Let children Stand up for Jesus!
37. Stop Female Genital Mutilation in the United Kingdom!
38. Ban Injection Wells for One Year in Oklahoma
39. Make animal violence part of Facebook community standards
40. Change the cancer system, culture and the cancer industry
41. Protect Portchester Precinct Car Park
42. Support Lidl Portchester
43. Name That Park
44. Two Ahwazi Arabs, Ali Chebieshat and Syed Khalad Mousawi are facing imminent execution
45. Mensaje a la nación venezolana
46. Head Lice Policy Change for CCSD
47. Petition for the provision of Public Toilets in Island Gardens
48. STOP QLD High Electricity Prices
49. Get rid of slot machines in Australia
50. Make Facebook Accountable

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