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Petition Template : Select an effective template. GoPetition recommends the following templates for your campaign. These petition samples have passed our baseline quality test and may help you to format your petition. As petition examples, these samples provide a variety of formatting options. The format of these suggested templates may vary considerably so we suggest that you peruse several of the samples given below. Some listed petitions are in multiple languages and styles so there are a variety of options to choose from. The list here is not exhaustive but offers some excellent ideas for your cause.

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List of template petitions

1. Ealing Says 'No' to Wheelie Bins
2. Uphold State Laws above Federal Judicial Courts' Decisions on same-sex marriage
3. Do not deprive our children with special needs of their full time nursery education
4. Declaration of Reformation
5. Ιστορία Τέχνης και Αισθητική Παιδεία στο Νέο Λύκειο - 2
6. Sickle Cell Disease Is Not A Joke
7. Demand and end to Institutionalized slavery
8. Norfolk City Council: Build a new park on the Meadowbrook School site
9. Save East Runton Funfair
10. No R4 Zoning for Moorebank
12. Increase Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary (CTP) Programs for Intellectually Disabled Students in the United States
13. Free Iranian Ahwazi Arab Poet Ahmad Hazbawi
14. Nominate Edhi for Nobel Peace Prize
15. Denounce anti-semitism in the UN: 7.5 million Chinese settlers in Tibet. 21 anti-Israel resolutions in 2013, ZERO anti-China resolutions
16. Cefnogi Llanffest / Supporting Llanffest
17. Be a voice for our children and find a cure for DIPG cancer
18. Induct Gene Watson Into The Country Music Hall Of Fame
19. The Recording Academy Posthumous Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for Tito Rodriguez
20. Morgan County Cellphone Tower Petition
21. Support West Coast Inshore Fishermen
22. Free Iranian Children's Rights Activist Omid Alishenas, Sentenced To 10 Years
23. Stop the HESI exit exam at Rhode Island College!
24. Keep skateboarding alive in Bournemouth!
25. Save dogs and Support the #StopYulin2015 international campaign
26. Tomana Must Go
27. Free Iranian Student Hesam-Aldin Farzizadeh, Sentenced To Death For Apostasy
28. Display Posters to Remind Dog Owners to Not Leave Their Dogs in Hot Cars
29. Require Commercials to be Rated and Abide by the Same Rating as Programs
30. National K9 Veterans' Day
31. Support Farm Direct Community markets in SA
32. Increase sustainability at Auckland Zoo
33. Magna Carta Pledge to Safeguard Nature
34. Rename Elkhardt-Thompson as James C. Vaughan Sr. Middle School
35. Rescind 6-Year Prison Sentence of Iranian Women's Right Activist Minoo Mortazi Langroudi
36. Add Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) to Louisiana's New Born Screening Panel
37. Drop ALL Charges Against Iranian Human Rights Attorney Mohammad Moghimi
38. Stand up for Jesus!
39. Addysg Gymraeg yn Wrecsam / Welsh-medium education in Wrexham
40. Free Khodamorad Azizi, 83-year-old Iranian Man Arrested For Environmental Activism
41. Save Carmanah Valley
42. Food for children NOT new flags to flash!
43. Rehome homeless man with dog
44. STOP standing on, sitting on, or otherwise harming leatherback sea turtles!
45. Say NO to an Asphalt Plant Near Parkway School
46. Save a Nut Stall at Marylebone Station
47. Stabilize our electricity supply
48. Stop Fentanyl killing Canadians
49. Άμεση διαγραφή του Πάτσα Αποστόλου από το Φαρμακευτικό Σύλλογο Θεσσαλονίκης
50. Stop Durham-Orange Light Rail Train

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