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Petition Template : Select an effective template. GoPetition recommends the following templates for your campaign. These petition samples have passed our baseline quality test and may help you to format your petition. As petition examples, these samples provide a variety of formatting options. The format of these suggested templates may vary considerably so we suggest that you peruse several of the samples given below. Some listed petitions are in multiple languages and styles so there are a variety of options to choose from. The list here is not exhaustive but offers some excellent ideas for your cause.

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List of template petitions

1. Send a UNITED MESSAGE for MH17, pull the 2018 World Cup from Russia
2. Secure the MH17 crash site
3. Make school zones smoke free zones
4. Free The OTHER Facebook 8: Eight More Young Iranians Sentenced To Harsh Prison Terms for Facebook Activism!
5. Review UK Justice after Man cuts off his puppy's ear after fight with girlfriend
6. ID Theft Protection on FB
7. Xolji l-Kunsill Lokali ta' Haz-Zabbar. F'isem id-Demokrazija sejjah elezzjonijiet godda.
8. Stop Killing Our Kids
9. Free Iranian Journalist Serajeddin Mirdamadi
10. Save West Virginia Pets
11. Pass the "Leave No Trace" Ordinance
12. Electric Violin Music Isn't Noise
13. Support Economic Growth and Development in Freeport, TX
14. Free Iranian Journalist Sajedeh Arabsorkhi
15. Drain Dredging South Tyneisde
16. Protect the native animals of Glenbog State Forest
17. Free Iranian Childrens Rights Activist Saeed Shirzad, Held Incommunicado 35+ Days After Arrest
18. Free Iranian Christians Seyed Alireza Ali Haghnejad, Mohammad Roghangir and Soroush Rezayi
19. Save our Holy Crosses on graves at Carpender's Park Cemetery
20. Keep "A Place To Call Home"
21. 中大人告梁美芬書,反對成立「志願軍」。
22. Please televise AFL Free To Air Live Channel 7
23. Crossing Patrol at Afon Y Felin School
24. Reinstate the Thornton-Leven Rail Link
25. Add Lights at Somerville Skatepark
26. Bring Shane Filan's "You And Me" Asia Tour to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
27. Support The Solomons
28. Keep CKLB alive!
29. Skate Street extension for Umina Skatepark
30. Against charging for prescription baby formula
31. Save the Corner Cafe
32. No to Wrexham super prison
33. Safer Road-Safer Lives: Petition to improve road markings at Owenahincha Cross, Rosscarbery
34. Concerning the health and life of political refugee (Mr. Shahsiah) and other Iranian refugees in Turkey
35. Levitstown National School - Reappoint our school's third teacher
36. Support Children with Disabilities to get After-School care of their choice
37. Road safety for Church Road outside the Longtoft Primary School in Stainforth
38. Kaya Scodelario for Alaska Young
39. Free Three Iranians Arrested For Appearing In A World Cup Music Video
40. Αγαπάμε Ελλάδα - Στηρίζουμε Εθνική - ΟΧΙ στον Κατσουράνη!
41. Free Mississippi from the Union
42. Let us off the lead
43. Petition Against Frivolous Lawsuits
44. Keep Aloha Spirit, Keep Our Teachers
45. Keep Ysgol Llaingoch Open
46. Increase funding urgently for Central Coast Homeless support services
47. Save the Masonic Home
48. Rescind 18-Month Prison Sentence for Iranian Professor Sadegh Zibakalam for Facebook Comment
49. Stop parcel surcharges - Dim taliadau ychwanegol ar barseli
50. Support the Green Tray Project

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