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Petition Template : Select an effective template. GoPetition recommends the following templates for your campaign. These petition samples have passed our baseline quality test and may help you to format your petition. As petition examples, these samples provide a variety of formatting options. The format of these suggested templates may vary considerably so we suggest that you peruse several of the samples given below. Some listed petitions are in multiple languages and styles so there are a variety of options to choose from. The list here is not exhaustive but offers some excellent ideas for your cause.

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List of template petitions

1. No Refugee Resettlement without Local OK
2. Free Biram and End Slavery in Mauritania
3. Let's get Benjamin Orr's unreleased songs released on an album posthumously
4. Boycott ESPN's Coverage of the Little League World Series
5. Tell Congress to stop denying Chirstian refugees in the Middle East from comming here
6. French citizenship for three American heroes!
7. Stop Child Grooming of our children over 16
8. Support Immigration Reform we can all live with
9. Stop additional water from entering the Qu'Appelle River chain
10. Save Wrexham hospital maternity services / Cadwch gwasanaethau mamolaeth ysbyty Wrecsam
11. Orville H. Gibson (1856-1918), United States Commemorative Forever Postage Stamp
12. Get Sir Tom Jones back on "The Voice"
13. Release the Mustang in India
14. OHSRA to allow bull riders
15. Retention, Growth, and Parental Participation at BMMA
16. Rape is rape!
17. Fuera Bautista Rojas de Medio Ambiente
18. Lift the ban of having pet cats in a HDB flat
19. Magellan on Venus
20. Prosecute Rogue Officers in Kenya
21. Improve Pioneer Valley Emergency Services
22. Induct Boogie Down Productions into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum
23. Save Cecil's Lion friend Jericho
24. PRISM for Hall of Fame
25. Save our homes! Save Kim Teng Park from urbanisation!
26. LA Times should reinstate Ted Rall cartoonist
27. Remove Facebook Event Invite Cap
28. Starbucks Should Stop Matching Financial Donations to Planned Parenthood
29. Justice for Cecil the Lion
30. Decorate Dr APJ Abdul Kalam with the title: "Teacher of the Nation"
31. USA Military to Immediately Award Purple Hearts to Chattanooga Victims
32. Abolish Windows 10!
33. Support Responsible Antiquity Collecting
34. Free Pakistani political analyst Zaid Hamid
35. Australian Made MUST include Australian Owned
36. Support Lidl Calcot
37. Induct The Mavericks/Band into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame & Country Music Hall Of Fame and the APMA Awards
38. Allow active military personnel and recruiters to bear arms while on duty
39. Handgun Carry Permit for Military Personel in Tennessee
40. Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately
41. Support Kinship Carers
42. The Need and Love to have Food Trucks in Midland
43. Ask the Crown Prosecution Service in Northern Ireland to drop case against Pastor Jim McConnell
44. Congress Must Investigate Planned Parenthood for Selling Aborted Baby Parts
45. Abolish Parental Alienation In Australia
46. Keep Awelon and Dolwen Open / Cadwch Awelon a Dolwen ar agor
47. Our address is CLARE
48. We Want Harsher Sentencing for Rapists in Fiji
49. Create a joint Senate and House of Representatives Petitions Commission
50. Remove offensive "BET" channel now!

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