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Parliamentary Inquiry into White Collar Crimes

This petition was published by Association of McKenzie Friends on Apr 16, 2011

Based on the evidence published on the web so far, we, the undersigned, request a Parliamentary Inquiry into White Collar Crimes. In its coalition programme, the Government announced that it would take white collar crime as seriously as any other.

However, victims are still far from any hope of ever getting redress or restitution from financial exploitation and legal oppression, let alone any compensation for the loss of earnings, homes, fraudulent bankruptcies and false arrests, due to the non-investigation of crimes by police and the abuse of process in courts.

We therefore ask the Government to take responsibility as Compensator of Last Resort and to put right what predecessors have done wrong for decades, if not centuries.

Following John Hemming MP's advice, we are submitting sample cases of evidence addressing Parliament as our Court of Appeal.

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