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1. Stop Crime in Geraldton NOW

We, the citizens of Geraldton, W.A., are afraid for our families, our homes, and our businesses. While we have contacted our state and local government on many occasions, we feel we are being ignored.

Our local politicians seem to pass the blame, yet one thing continues to grow... crime.

Crime in Geraldton has been rampant and increasing steadily. Drugs are out of control, children are being trained by adults to commit crimes, vandalism of schools is happening on weekends only to be found by staff on Monday mornings.

Car thefts, arson, breaking and entering, shoplifting, public displays of indecency, public drunkenness, bullying, and truancy by children who are "working" at night to aid parents with their next "fix" are all centre to the problems here.

We need help now to regain control of our city and eliminate drug trafficking via our port city.

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2. Police should be allowed to tazer anyone going for a gun

After all the recents events going on in the United States I am Petitioning All Police Supporters that think our MEN IN BLUE lives should not be put in Danger for the simple fact that they are afraid to defend themselves because they feel they need to be shot at before they can defend themselves lawfully.

I am petitioning that police SHOULD be able to Tazer anyone that they feel the threat is going for a weapon/gun. I just think police should have a method in line that allows them to know what they can do in EVERY case when they feel someone is going for a weapon.

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3. RedHanded Campaign

The Redhanded Campaign has put into a publication official documentation that proves law enforcement officials are breaking the law before Grand juries and that prosecutors are aiding & abetting the criminal conduct and that members of the judiciary are covering it up.

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4. Durham Against Militarized Police Brutality

Police in Durham NC engaged in brutality and repression on Friday December 5. We need to see change. They need to know we are not going to take this anymore. We want Chief Lopez to do his job. We want to be able to peacefully assemble.


Dec 5 - 2014 Protest: DURHAM POLICE VIOLENCE & illegal arrests

photo of cop on top of protester

photo w/ huerta banner

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5. WE NEED A 24/7 POLICE PRESENCE in Singleton NSW

Crime in Singleton has risen quite considerably and police presence has been poor. Car theft, break ins, assaults seem to be on the rise. Some incidents reported no police presence at all.

We petition to have a 24/7 manned police station in Singleton, NSW.

The Community involvement in this petition is to assist with more police presence and help in the safety of our community.

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6. Stop the State Sanctioned Murders and Torture of Black People

Mr. President, the state sanctioned murders of Black people are the highest in the nation and emerges out of a national climate where systemic racism eats away the heart of our union and democracy.

1000 Black people murdered by police since 2007. As shocking as it is, this is a low figure. Many deaths remain unrecorded and fall under categories such as suspicious deaths as does the death of seventeen year old Black football star Lennon Lacy who was found hanging from a tree in a trailer park in Bladenboro, North Carolina. He was dating a White woman.

In the case of police, these murders are not m isolated incidents where they kill a few individuals. Rather, the overwhelming evidence shows that the police profiles the entire Black community even children.

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7. Boost Police Presence in Glenorchy

I would like to see a police booth manned 24hrs a day near Glenorchy bus mall.....
Even when police station was within sight and earshot of this well known troubled area, it still seemed there was constant trouble!

Violence, foul language, robberies even all in brawls all occur here quite frequently.
Now the police station has moved further out of Glenorchy City I would like to see a booth of some description installed in this area.

I feel it must be in extremely close proximity to the troubled bus mall and I would propose maybe the council giving up a corner of it's carpark closest to the bus mall for such a booth or maybe even attach to The Pensioners Union building there in some way?

There is an urgent need for this please sign this petition.

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8. Nothing To Hide Petition

This petition is for the creation of a local law for the Lauderdale County Police Department and Florence City Police Department to be required to wear body cameras when on duty and during any interaction with the public or civilians.

Every officer should record interactions that take place from any stop, arrest, questioning, detaining, or general interaction with the public for the safety of the police officers and the civilians they interact with alike.

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9. Support Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson

In the face of unfounded growing opposition and a call for the resignation of certain officials in the city of Ferguson, Mo, it is important that long time citizens voice their support for our public servants.

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10. Do not allow our City to outsource its police department

The city of Newport is looking for ways to cut costs ahead of its 2015 budget planning and has begun talking with local law enforcement agencies about the possibility of sharing police services.

The Mayor, City Administrator and certain Council Members are looking at St. Paul Park, Washington County Sheriff Department as well as Cottage Grove police in order to eliminate our police to save money.

This action will affect every citizen, business and future business in Newport.

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11. Demand the Croatian goverment to urgently establish effective Animal Police in each city

The Goverment of Croatia hasn't established real-working Animal Police, so hereby we are DEMANDING from them to establish Animal Police in each City!

Please Sign & ˝Share˝ around!

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12. Justice needed after routine arrest goes tragically wrong

We need change when it comes to Law Enforcement in America. We need to come together to change the way police officers use excessive force.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board, an independent city agency that investigates allegations of police abuse, logged 233 allegations involving chokeholds in 2013, making up to 4.4% of the excessive-force complaints it received.

Although only a tiny fraction of the chokehold complaints that the agency receives are ever substantiated, the number of complaints has generally been rising.

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13. No to forced blood checks

Police in Eugene plan to do a no option blood check setup on the 4th of July this year. I see this as unconstitutional.

No one should be allowed to hold down a human and take there blood without permission from that individual.

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14. Stop Law Enforcement From Shooting Dogs

In the last few years there have been an increase of cops killing family dogs all across America.

There are several videos of police shooting and killing innocent dogs that are not even doing anything, and it is so unnecessary.

All you have to do is do a search online and you will see how many dogs were shot and killed when they did not need to be. We hear about this daily, it is happening everywhere and it's because no one is doing a thing about it. These officers are shooting innocent animals right in front of the families and children.

Majority of the shootings that take place the dogs are not even doing anything, we also hear about the officers slashing the dogs by the throat, something has to be done about this, the police policy states they are allowed to shoot if necessary....they are taking advantage and shooting even though they did not need to do so.....These are family members. These aren't "just dogs".

There is another solution. Animal control officers should be called to assist. Police officers need proper training on how to humanely secure the dog.

This is wrong!

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15. Increase of fines for vehicular offences should by limited, NOT 200%

The government of Jamaica has announced increase of fines for all vehicular offences to over 200% for this financial period.

At no point in time should any government consider to impose an increase so draconian in nature.

This is exorbitant and unreasonable to the people of Jamaica. The increased fines on vehicular offence should be 25% or less.

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16. Law enforcement officers should wear uniform-mounted surveillance cameras

It has recently been proven that officers, who were required to wear personal surveillance cameras while on duty, used less force and received a substantially reduced number of complaints from civilians.

It is widely known that people, who know they are being watched, tend to behave in a more responsible way.

From 2009-2010, an estimated 5,986 police misconduct claims were reported; 382 of these being homicidal violence reports. Meaning that there were 382 murders reported, from 2009-2010, that were the direct result of the unnecessary police misconduct and excessive force. In just this one year alone, the government spent $347,455,000 in related settlements and judgments.

As of 2012, it was reported that The U.S. federal government now spends over $50 billion on law enforcement each year. It is easily calculable to discover, that with the money the government spends on settlements and judgment processes alone, over 1.5 Million of these personal cameras could be purchased and put to good use by law enforcement agencies. Also as of 2012, the US employed an estimated 780,000 officers; meaning that there could easily be surveillance of any and all police disputes and situations.

The money spent by the government, that is now being used to investigate and settle these claims, would then be substantially reduced as a result of the use of these body-worn cameras.

Of these 5,986 police misconduct claims, only 33% of officers ever faced any trial or conviction process at all. With the average length of time spent in prison being only 14 months for officers. In the United States, the average prison sentence for a civilian who commits any violent crime is 66 months; not including those who are sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty.

Police badges should NOT grant officers any extra rights or excuses from these penalties. The police are NOT the law. They enforce the law, but they as officers and US citizens, must also be required to abide by these same laws and punishments. These videos would provide evidence, not only against out-of-control officers, but also against criminals who are wounded or killed while being pursued by these officers; Leading to quicker and less costly investigations, and of course more accurate evidence of the events that really occurred.

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17. Police officers should Protect and Serve

Cops are taking advantage of their power. Their job is to protect and serve. We should not feel threatened by cops or be interrogated for no reason. The real criminals get away with their crimes. Police officers are meant to keep us safe.

Police officers should only carry tasers or guns if they get a call with a suspect with a weapon. Many times when officers are bored they find people to write tickets to.

We pay for this service. Yes it is a service so why are we getting taken advantage of?

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18. Stop instituionalised stigma towards abuse

The issue of domestic abuse and the subsequent forced removal of children from the victim is reinforcing the abuse. Institutions that exist to help the victims such as the Social Services, Police and Judicial System are failing victims because of the sigma attached to being a victim of abuse.

The most common complaint from victims is one of feeling punished for being a victim rather than feeling empowered. The amount of hoops a victim has to jump thru in order to get her children back whilst her every move is scrutinised by social workers who have not received adequate training o recognise the dynamics of abuse is shocking.

No other institution could operate a viable service like this so hen why is the Social services being allowed to continue to abuse and misuse its powers and continue to remove children from mothers when their focus should be directed towards helping the mothers and children break that cycle.

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19. Help Masahiko Kobayashi

I am just an ordinary person from the Netherlands helping a Japanese citizen. He is victim of many crimes but nobody is helping him. I stay now in Kagoshima, and I am trying to get help from the Police in Kagoshima. However they are not helping me. I am now also a victim of theft and the case has a lot to do with Masahiko Kobayashi but now we both don't get any help.

Please read our blogs and English/Japanese stories and check the proof yourself....,,

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20. Child Abuse Videos Reported to Facebook to be Forwarded to Police

I have seen so many videos on Facebook that are most disturbing and upsetting. Videos that are reported are not always taken seriously and should be. Clicking 'I don't want to see this' does not stop the abuse that is happening to the children in the videos.

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21. Eliminate Corruption in Scotland

The justice minister Kenny MacAskill MSP stated “We know there is corruption within Scottish justice system” we find this is totally unacceptable.

The foundation of any democracy is its justice system and if parts of this system are corrupt, then we do not have real democracy.

Corruption undermines every aspect of our society and this campaign calls for compulsory random drug testing for anyone involved within the court system.

As in many other professions regular random drug testing is the norm in order to protect the public and the integrity of that profession, therefore we call for random drug testing to be introduced within specific sectors within the court system. This should include solicitors representing clients.

We believe that this will restore the public’s faith in the Scottish justice system. Therefore I hope you will sign our petition to introduce regular drug testing of those who work or earn their living from the Scottish legal system.

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22. Community Safety Forum for Warragamba and Silverdale

With an increase in crime in our area since November 2013, we the community feel that a community safety forum needs to be held in order to discuss the issues between Council, Police, Local Politicians and the local community and other stakeholders.

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Signature campaign for mandatory whipping and minimum 1 year jail sentence for ragut offences.

Thank you very much for signing! We must collect 500,000 to get signatures for ROTAN & JAIL for mat raguts.

Thank You.

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24. Allow the use of Full Face Helmets

Sri Lanka traffic police have prohibited full face helmets since today (07/11/2013).

We can not accept this as people.

Because safety is the best.

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25. Reinstate the Queensland Legislative Council now

In 1922, the Queensland politicians of the day decided to disband the Legislative Council. The Upper House. The House of Review. It was not a decision of The People of Queensland, nor was it their will.

It was a political expedient to remove barriers to dictatorial control of the State of Queensland for the benefit of political parties and those who controlled them, i.e. companies, now more expressively known as corporations.

The passage of draconian laws recently by the Legislative Assembly, where one coalition of parties holds a huge percentage of the seats in that house, demonstrates that we need the Legislative Council as a House of Review to prevent further introduction of laws that remove the rights of The People.

The current "government" of Queensland is out of the control of The People and needs to be reined in and that can only be properly be done by a Legislative Council.

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26. Better Police Presence in Kurri Kurri

A permanent Police presence is needed in Kurri Kurri NSW. There is a population of around 20000 people and there is not enough Police presence protecting Businesses, Families and our community.

In the past month alone there has been one of the well known & respected takeaway food owners bashed in Barton Street and another business man & his wife were attacked by a gang of youth.

Lets lobby together to the Councillors of our local LGA to lobby to state government to get action.


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27. Save Leighton Buzzard Police Station

In October 2012, Bedfordshire Police introduced new working practices, with officers starting and ending shifts in Luton or Bedford.

Recent crime statistics for Leighton-Linslade have shown a rise of 15.2% in April to June 2013 compared to April to June 2012.

This petition is being promoted by individual Town Councillors in Leighton-Linslade from all political parties.

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Let's walk the Talk.

26 million Malaysians demand that we live our lives peacefully. And we can only have that by having laws to prevent crime.

Why are you foresaking your right to live peacefully and safely be being haunted by these criminals? Let's put them behind bars again!

Support the Preventive Laws. It is not logical that the Preventive Laws been taken away/removed. And as a result Malaysians from all walks of life live in fear and anxiety.

Sign the petition today and Support Preventive Laws. Put the criminals back in jail where they belong!

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29. Citizens Complaint Review Board

Whereas, citizens of Greensboro want, need, and will support a police department that provides for public safety, crime prevention, and acts within the rule of law; and

Whereas, citizens of Greensboro want and expect police department employees to be racially and ethnically diverse and to be well trained to ensure equal protection of the law for all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, economic status, immigration status, sexual orientation, or religious orientation; and

Whereas, allegations of Greensboro police unaccountability, unprofessionalism, discrimination, abuse of power, and excessive use of force have been raised for decades and such allegations are currently reflected in the existence of 45 pending lawsuits, several Title VI federal discrimination complaints, and the termination under questionable circumstances of five upstanding police officers; and

Whereas, our State Constitution reads: “All political power is vested in and derived from the people; all government of right originates from the people, is founded upon their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole;” and

Whereas, citizen police oversight bodies exist in approximately 80% of the large cities in the U.S., including Charlotte, Durham, and Winston-Salem; and

Whereas, it is in the best interest of our city and all people for there to be public confidence in the independence and integrity of investigations and resolution of complaints against employees of the police department;

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30. Eliminate injustice against families and children by the UK Judiciary

Background information, history:

Urgent action on this petition is required.

TODAY IT IS MY CHILDREN AND MY FAMILY TARGETTED AND ABUSED BY UK AUTHORITIES, BUT TOMORROW IT COULD BE YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR FAMILY. Act now please and sign the petition to save your families. It is not the question of status or nationality, but it is the question of families and children.

We, as professionally teachers in the United Kingdom and parents of 3 children, have taken the initiative to bring to light the injustice and disrespect shown towards vulnerable families by certain members of the Judiciary and other organisations. Time has elapsed since people suffered in silence and allowed themselves to be discriminated and humiliated, nowadays, we have the right to speak and to express our opinions with regards to our freedom of living peacefully as a family without the interference of the State. Being unrepresented legally is a factor for the powerful members of society to cause degrading treatment and abuse the process. Being vulnerable can be another factor or simply because one has raised their voice against injustice. We request Justice FOR ALL. A justice which prevails in the United Kingdom but which has been abused by certain individuals to achieve illegitimate aims. It is time to eliminate this injustice and protect our families, as today, we are suffering but tomorrow it can be you. Please share your views against injustice and sign this petition to support our campaign against injustice towards vulnerable families with children

We are writing this letter in order to petition against the high level of corruption and abuse of power which exists in the UK Judiciary and other organisations such as The Secretary of State for Home Department, Local Authorities and other organizations which deal with complaints procedures (Office for judicial complaints, Judicial Appointments commission, …) based on the following grounds:

I am a mother of three children and the wife of a disabled asylum seeker in the United Kingdom. I am a UK qualified teacher who has worked in the UK for years and in this capacity, I am preparing this petition to be considered by the European Parliament. My children and myself are dependants of my husband’s asylum claim which has been refused and rejected to be decided by any court in the UK. We have submitted an application tot the European Court of Human Rights in 2011, but this has also been struck out without reasons. We are confirmed with evidence that there is a high level of corruption inside the UK Judiciary with regards to our lives and this has extended until the ECHR.

We have been deprived fair access to justice and no trial has been provided, this has been a severe violation of our Article 6 Convention Rights, Article 13 – Right to Effective Remedy and we have been provided with inhuman and degrading treatment in a country where we have sought protection.

The UK Judiciary and other associations have attempted to harm us in several ways, by preventing access to medications, assaults, manhandled, and most importantly imposed Extended Civil Restraint orders. Today we have been served with a General Civil Restraint orders which prevent us to have access to courts in order to look for a redress.

There has been use of high level of corruption, payments have been made to government agents and other organizations. Police officers have also been sent to threaten me when I was heavily pregnant last May 2012. I have also been deprived of further treatment and medication after delivery.

In 2011, an article entitled Asylum Seekers Pay for us to have a Hol was published in The Sun Newspaper without our prior knowledge or consent. The Court provided certain information to the newspaper and the Secretary of State for Home Department has also contributed to the article. This has harmed us with regards to our private information being breached and our character defamed. The legal representatives were also threatened by UK Judiciary members and left our cases.

The information about my husband was provided to Sri Lankan authorities. Subsequently, access to court was deprived which at all material times were against the Geneva Convention 1951 and against the International EU Law.

Our children were not heard by any court which was a severe violation of EU Convention on the Exercise of the Rights of the Child. There was no trial in the UK.

Our petition makes references to the following supporting documents:
1. The General Civil Restraint order
2. The Order of LJ Goldring
3. The letter sent to the court after the Civil restraint order
4. The ECHR grounds
5. The judgment of Lord Justice Laws
6. OT Assessment of Mr ismail
7. Pre protocol letter of Judicial review sent to Master Yoxall.

The circumstances surrounding our petition are:
Mr Ismail sought asylum in 2010 in the UK. His asylum application was refused, he was pressurized to withdraw the appeal and when he refused, he proceeded with the appeals to the tribunal. On January 2011, his appeal was refused and the comments of the judge were: “Mr Ismail has only cut his palm rather than his wrists”… The judge commented as such despite knowing that Mr Ismail was a mentally ill patient and therefore provided suicidal techniques to him. Complaints were made but there were no investigations. As a consequence, Mr Ismail cut his wrists in January 2011.

In July 2011, a defamatory article entitled Asylum seekers: Pay for us to have a Holiday appeared in the Sun Newspaper, online and republished by several websites and newspapers.

The Court, Queen’s Bench Division shared the information on a particular of claim to the media and divulging our private and confidential information, thus breaching our Article 8 ECHR – Right to private and family life. We were shunned and our characters were spoilt. We were ridiculed by the society.

A defamation claim was launched in the Queen’s Bench Division, High Court, and subsequently, in October 2011, the case file for the UKBA’s human rights claim was stolen from the court. Until today, our confidential documents are missing as the file has not been recovered.

IN January 2012, we were represented by Thomas Goodhead, a counsel. He discussed privilege matters with Adam Wolanski, the Sun newspaper’s counsel. They agreed between themselves to withdraw pleas of malice and breach of private information, which thus rendered the case to be struck out by Justice Eady and subsequently by Lord Justice Laws. There was subsequent abuse of powers and corruption involved in public offices by the Sun Newspaper (Newsgroup Newspapers Limited) usual methods of covering up issues.

The UKBA – Home Office also commented on the article. They were engage din corruption by sending several letters or threats for us to be moved outside London, in an area where we do not have any relatives or connections, despite knowing that our children are schooling and therefore disregarding their best interests.

Extended Civil restraint orders were imposed on us in April 2012 when Mrs Ismail was heavily pregnant. In August 2012, we were forcefully and violently evicted from our family home. Mr Ismail’s neck was squeezed by bailiff officers from Bow County Court, children were beaten and thrown out as soon as they woke up from the bed by police officers, and Mrs Ismail with the baby of 2 weeks were put out. She was not recovered from a third degree tear and recent delivery. We asked for some time to take our things/belongings, but were refused and we were out on the streets, without our belongings. The Civil restraint was issued by Rabinder Singh QC, the Home Office’s usual counsel. In May 2012, police officers attended the home to threat Mrs Ismail, who was heavily pregnant. They advised her that the UK Government know people in ECHR and despite launching cases in this court, nothing will happen. Our case sin ECHR will always be struck out without consideration.

With the Civil restraint order, the Court refused to provide us with injunctions or any support, despite cases was pending. We were thrown out form the court with 3 minor children. The Children’s services, despite knowing that the children will be homeless, did not do anything. We wandered on the streets until 6 pm on 7 August 2012 and then went to the Children services in person in Beckton London. We were then provided with a temporary accommodation in which we are currently living in as the home Office did not provide us with appropriate dwelling (OT Assessment).

Subsequently, every single application we make to the court is refused despite evidences were provided. The administrative staffs hold the application and preventing it to be decided by judges. We were sent threatening letter by the Newsgroup Newspapers Limited, their solicitors, the Home office and the court. Until yesterday 6 June 2013, we were served with a General Civil Restraint order. This order prevents us from seeking redress or remedy for any injustices caused to us. We have approached several complaints organisations but was discriminated and rejected.

Currently, the above circumstances have prevented us to have access to justice. Our lives are being interrupted and interfered by the UK authorities, they are controlling our lives. Our freedom of movement is controlled. The freedom to exercise and acquiring redress and justice has been deprived. Currently, we are unable to access to basic healthcare. We cannot acquire fee remission to seek justice. Children as innocent members of society have been given degrading treatment. We have been intimidated and humiliated. We are unable to fulfill our basis needs.

We have been forbidden to work and earn. We have been deprived of catering for our family and lead a normal family life. Day by day, we fear that someone will put us out on the streets or throw us out. If we go to court, we have been warned that we will end up in imprisonment (Article5), we are unable to approach the court for any violation or urgent circumstances.

The UK has abused the CPR 3C – Civil restraint, this CPR is incompatible with the convention obligations. They have abused and used this as a trump card to harm and cause maximum damages to Asylum seekers’ families or others in the UK who have brought legitimate and lawful clams with merits.

The Children despite being British born (since 6 years) have no identity. They have been kept as stateless for 6 years (elder), 4 years (second), and 10 months.
As a result of this situation of being victim of corruption and degrading and inhuman treatment on us as asylum seekers with 3 children, we would appreciate your approval of our petition.

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