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1. Have Yu-Gi-Oh! The Darkside of Dimensions shown in theaters in Indianapolis, Indiana

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Darkside of Dimensions is a 2016 movie following the ending of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga.

The movie answers many unsolved questions from the original series and brings back the beloved characters from the series such as Yugi Mutou and Seto Kaiba.

Many fans in the Midwest would absolutely be thrilled to have this movie in a nearby theatre.

2. Get Yu-Gi-Oh! The Darkside of Dimensions to show in Terre haute, Indiana theatres

There a lot of yugioh fans in terre haute/Indiana that would love to see this movie, and past yugioh and anime movies haven't been at terre haute theatres so we'd like that to change.

With your support, we can help change that. Please consider signing our petition, so that fellow fans can enjoy this movie as well, without traveling great distances.

Thank you.

3. Funimation Yu-Gi-Oh Franchise Dub

In 2001, 4Kids licensed the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise and continued to butcher it with ass voices, crap dialogue, and worse editing. We must do something.

4. Yugioh card layout change

Konami the company that has the rights and owns Yugioh trading card game has been taking its customers for a ride of late. We had a rubbish ban list (March 2012) a huge lack of prize support when you win a tournament and now they change the card layout without even consulting the market.

I have been playing for 10 years now and i have had enough as the prices keep going up and they keep lowering costs and we still have to pay more.

5. vogliamo yugioh 5d's tag force 4 anche per ps2

yugioh 5d's uscito ormai dalla fine di novembre su psp e non ci sono ancora notizie sull'arrivo per la ps2.Inoltre io pernso che sia inutile fare un gioco per la psp e non per la ps2 perchè con la ps2 uno può stare tranquillo e godersi il gioco su uno schermo grande e non limitarsi a guardare in uno schermo grande quanto una mano

6. Dark Magician of Chaos should live on!!!

Dark Magician of Chaos plays as a main staple in several decks and tonnes of players around the world have spent a lot of money on it. For the first time ever it has been removed from competetive play and I myself am unhappy about.

True lots of people can pull of some really broken combos with it but should it really go? I mean the loss of Dimension Fusion has weakened DAD decks by a milestone and the loss of DMoC AND Disk Commander will just kill them

Dark Armed Dragon decks and Dark Magician of Chaos should live!

7. Ban Yu-Gi-Oh! cards!

Yu-Gi-Oh cards are same as gambling. The prices are unaffordable, and Yu-Gi-Oh is making a huge profit, which is from allowances from children and countless dollars from teenagers and even adults.

The story is not over yet. The cards come in an enclosed pack where the chances to get "good cards" are completely random.

As a result, people invest thousands of dollars on stupid pieces of paper junk.