Konami Headquarters Yugioh division.

Konami the company that has the rights and owns Yugioh trading card game has been taking its customers for a ride of late. We had a rubbish ban list (March 2012) a huge lack of prize support when you win a tournament and now they change the card layout without even consulting the market.

I have been playing for 10 years now and i have had enough as the prices keep going up and they keep lowering costs and we still have to pay more.

As you may have noticed Konami, the makers of YUGIOH trading card game have recently changed the design of the cards starting from the 2012 starter deck.

I am reliably informed that this change was to making printing easier for the foreign markets. I feel the changes make the cards less good to look at and therefore less collectible.

I will try to include images so that all can see. When I have enough signatures I will take it to Konami.

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