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1. Vindictus to South America

Vindictus, was released to North America October 13, 2010.

Still nothing has been said about it being released to South America.

We want it here too.

2. Friday should be dress like Jack Sparrow day

Most people who have seen the delightful Captain Jack Sparrow can appreciate the hotness of him.

To start the weekend off in a pleasing way to the eye I propose that Friday should be a day of Jack Sparrows!

All men, and women if they choose to, should be required to dress up like Mr Sparrow.

Those men who don't should be put in stocks and have rotten fruit and veg thrown at them.

3. W.I.T.C.H. Season 3 Petition

Would you like W.I.T.C.H. to return to television?. W.I.T.C.H. Is an animated television series about five kids with extraordinary powers, stopping evil and having many magical and funny adventures along the way.

Many many fans throughout the globe have experienced many emotions over W.I.T.C.H., And would like to see it return so much. Please sign the petition to help make a difference and possibly get W.I.T.C.H. back on air.

4. Hire a Licensed Guidance Counselor at Barnum High School

In the past Barnum High School has employed a State Licensed Guidance Counselor. During the past two years Barnum High School has used a Dean of Students (who is a certified teacher/not educated or licensed as a Guidance Counselor) to fulfill the duties of a Guidance Counselor. The Barnum High School Students deserve a Licensed Guidance Counselor.

The hiring of a Guidance Counsellor is already in the Operating Budget of the school. This change will not eliminate any jobs as the teacher acting as a "Dean of Students" is tenured and will revert back to her teaching duties (without loss of pay or grade). Barnum High School Staff and Students deserve the immediate hiring of a Licensed Guidance Counselor.

5. Will & Grace DVD's Staffeln 4 - 8

Irrwitzige Verstrickungen, erstklassige Darsteller und ein Feuer-werk an Wortwitz und Situationskomik machen "Will & Grace" zu einer der erfolgreichsten Sitcoms aller Zeiten!

Alle Fans wissen wovon ich rede..

6. Abolish All Hire at Will / Fire at Will States

We are enduring some pretty trying and challenging times here in the United States. I must ask you two questions, "Are you willing to take a chance and lose your job without cause"? And are you willing to sign a petition to initiate changing the laws which currently allow states (including yours) to employ individuals at will and fire at will??

Be clear, if you are employed at will, your employer really does not need good reason or cause to fire you. In almost EVERY every state, (Montana is the only state which provides employees who meet the mandatory or subscribed "probationary period" from being targeted by employers and fired without cause), employers are at liberty to accept at-will employment policies.

The unfortunate fact is having no policy from your employer that they will only fire workers where there is a good cause leaves you wide opened to being terminated without cause because you are employed at will.

My unfortunate experience serves as a prime example of one who was actually terminated by my employer behind unfavorable actions and a lie of the wrongdoer.

During a meeting to resolve this issue, the salient fact reveals that my corporation's Human Resources Officer verbally stated to me "if I had to choose your word over her word, I would choose her word ", (the wrongdoer). "She (referring to the wrongdoer who got me fired) has worked here 9 years and you have only been here for 5 years". Subsequently, my termination followed.

However, the reason for termination had absolutely nothing to do with the facts presented, the malice intent of my co-worker, and any known facts at hand. To be sure, I was fired for "violating company policies", something that I would later learned could apply to so many common things we as humans do while in scope of employment. I was further denied access to other corporate officials in an authoritative position, and did not have a clear chance to prevail.

Within four days following the HR officer's decision to terminate me, I received an offer consisting of severance pay, which also included an offer to receive un-insurance benefits, and a letter of recommendation~ all in exchange for my signature to a Letter of Resignation the company had drafted. I choose not to sign it and rejected the same. Thereafter, I was issued a Letter of Right to sue by EEOC and found myself initiating a lengthy litigation process.


7. Will Young in America

Fans of the British Pop Idol Will Young want his albums and singles released in the United States.