U.S. Goverment
United States of America

April 29, 2005

Lets face it the marijuana drug policy is not working in this country. If you click the related site will see the facts. I am almost astonished at how much the goverment lies if you compare it to any goverment site.

Also the Netherlands has a free drug law in which it is sold in "coffee shops" and they have less marijuana use per population than the U.S. yet the U.S. claim that Netherlands drug policy is a failure.

The complete legalization of up to 1 oz with no penalty. Also the cultivation of up to 5 plants for personal use. Illegal however to people under 18. And of course illegal to drive under the influence. Know the truth!

Also if from the Netherlands I would be interested in your insight so please post a comment.

In view of the above, we petition for the legalization of Marijuana.

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