Petition Tag - vendor

1. Petition to Allow Daily Street Vending in Coos Bay on Public Property

Street vendors are an important part of the business community adding atmosphere, charm and culture to our community.

They are business owners who should be welcomed and encouraged rather than shunned and discriminated against.

2. Michelle Obama Please Visit Black Jack, MO! Support Build A Body Kid's Fitness

Each fall, Christian Embassy Church (CEC) in Black Jack, Missouri hosts an annual community fundraiser for a nationally recognized charity organization suitably named Harvest Fest. In years past, CEC has raised funds for United Service Organizations (USO), American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association just to name a few.

The monies raised total into the thousands. This year's charity recipient is a local non-profit organization, Buid A Body Kid's Fitness, Inc.. As many people know, the child obesity epidemic in America is at an increasingly staggering level and its correction is a major focus of our First Lady, Michelle Obama.

In an effort to attract Mrs. Obama's recognition of our support towards the elimination of this nationwide problem and to invite her to Harvest Fest, we are asking for your signature which will be sent to The White House for review.

3. REDUCE Food Truck Regulations in West Palm Beach

The City of West Palm Beach, Florida currently restricts all Mobile Food Vendors from operating in a zone they have designated as Downtown (from Palm Beach Lakes Blvd to Okeechobee Blvd and Flagler Dr to Australian Ave).

The City of West Palm Beach also restricts Mobile Food Vendors from operating closer than one block in proximity to each other, without a special event permit. The current cost for a special event permit is, $50 non-refundable application fee and a minimum of $500 per occasion.

The City of West Palm Beach is currently searching for ADDITIONAL regulations to be placed on mobile food vendors. Ideas such as, having all vendors park in a central location for a tourist attraction and restricting proximity to existing businesses are being proposed.

4. Extend Second Saturday Art Walk Hours

Regarding street artists and vendors at the Second Saturday art walk. These hard working artists make most of their money on this night - and used to make most of it between the hours of 8 and 10 pm.

With the art walk closing at 8 pm - it has greatly impacted many people. The customers coming in through the art walk are also disappointed that they don't get done with dinner in time to come out and buy.

During the Summer, many people will not come out until the later hours due to heat, thus impacting artists even more.

5. Allow Street Vendors Outside Fenway Park

Street vendors have been conducting business on the sidewalks surrounding Fenway Park for decades. In April, 2010, a complaint was submitted to the Boston Police requesting that ALL street vendors cease and desist until further notice.

The Boston Police are currently forbidding licensed vendors from selling product, but have not released the details of the complaint to the public.

6. PBCA Voting Member Petition to add Agenda Items

The Voting Members of the PBCA, pursuant to FS 720-3.03 have chosen to use the Petition Process to have items placed on the agenda for the June 29, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting.

The petition is necessitated by the lack of acceptance by the President, of several items requested to be added by The Secretary and Board Member of the PBCA.