Boston Police
United States of America

Street vendors have been conducting business on the sidewalks surrounding Fenway Park for decades. In April, 2010, a complaint was submitted to the Boston Police requesting that ALL street vendors cease and desist until further notice.

The Boston Police are currently forbidding licensed vendors from selling product, but have not released the details of the complaint to the public.

The city of Boston grants vendors a Hawkers & Peddlers license, that awards them the right to sell merchandise on designated streets and sidewalks throughout the city.

The license must be renewed annually and currently costs $62.00 each year.

Due to an anonymous complaint submitted to the Boston Police in April 2010, all vendors have been forbidden to sell merchandise on the sidewalks surrounding Fenway Park, including Kenmore Square, until further notice.

The details of the complaint have not been released to the public, and vendors with proper licenses are losing valuable income with each passing day.

Vendors that have paid for a valid license have the right to know the details of the compliant and the justification for taking away the right to sell merchandise, granted by said license.

Until it is proven that any licensed vendor broke the rules of conduct detailed on the Hawkers & Peddlers license, or that any laws were broken, all vendors should be allowed to sell product in these areas.

We, the undersigned, call on the Boston Police, to grant properly licensed vendors, the right to sell product within the areas surrounding Fenway Park.

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