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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

For all who are disgusted with the CBC progam Hockey Night in Canada, and the endless playing of only the Toronto Maple Leaf games.

We, the undersigned, petition the CBC, the producers of the program Hockey Night in Canada, to acknowledge that other teams than the Toronto Maple Leafs play in the National Hockey League.And that the rest of the league is just as important as the Maple Leafs,and deserve to have equal air time. To continue to show only Maple Leaf games on the popular Hockey Night In Canada, shows a lack of respect for fans of other teams, be they Canadian or US teams. What we want is a balance that highlights the best teams that play in the NHL. To be forced to watch only Toronto each weekend, is an insult to the other great teams playing. Toronto is NOT the centre of the National Hockey LEague, no matter what Don Cherry or the producers of Hockey Night in Canada believe.

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