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1. Boycott Tom Cruise's "War of the Worlds" & all other Cruise movies

A list of Tom Crusie's bad behavior:

Cruise's criticism of psychiatry and using drugs for treatment: The potential impact on those in need of treatment, who might heed the advice of a 'celebrity' over a trained professional, is dangerous. If Mr. Cruise believes that vitamins can cure mental illness, then perhaps he should consider increasing his dosage.

Cruise spreading the teachings of Scientology: If he is so concerned about mind control, he should not be part of an organization that seems to use this tactic as its Modus Operandi.

Cruise's romance with actress Katie Holmes: If it isn't the publicity hoax it appears to be, is a pathetic, juvenile, attention-mongering display. Tom's obvious control of his Stepford-Wife-To-Be is frightening.

Cruise's recent criticism of Brooke Shields & Matt Lauer: This man cannot even articulate a coherent sentence. He should stick to reading movie scripts, not advising about psychology.