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A list of Tom Crusie's bad behavior:

Cruise's criticism of psychiatry and using drugs for treatment: The potential impact on those in need of treatment, who might heed the advice of a 'celebrity' over a trained professional, is dangerous. If Mr. Cruise believes that vitamins can cure mental illness, then perhaps he should consider increasing his dosage.

Cruise spreading the teachings of Scientology: If he is so concerned about mind control, he should not be part of an organization that seems to use this tactic as its Modus Operandi.

Cruise's romance with actress Katie Holmes: If it isn't the publicity hoax it appears to be, is a pathetic, juvenile, attention-mongering display. Tom's obvious control of his Stepford-Wife-To-Be is frightening.

Cruise's recent criticism of Brooke Shields & Matt Lauer: This man cannot even articulate a coherent sentence. He should stick to reading movie scripts, not advising about psychology.

Based on Tom Cruise's "abhorrent behavior," we the undersigned refuse to spend money to see the sci fi film, "War of the Worlds" or any other of his past or future films.

Tom needs help.

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