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1. Give Hattie McDaniel an Oscar; Support the replacement of her plaque

In 1937, the Best Supporting Actor and Actress were first awarded. The winners received plaques instead of statuettes for the first seven years. After that according to the Academy's history, in 1943, all plaques were later replaced with statuettes.

Hattie McDaniel, the first African American to win the role of Best Supporting Actress in 1939 for Mammy in Gone with the Wind received the award (plaque), but her plaque was never replaced with the statuette (Oscar). She donated her plaque to Howard University, but is was lost during the riots of the 1960's.

Because it is such an important historical artifact the Friends of Hattie believe that it is only right for the lost plaque to be replaced with a statuette as have been all other plaques. Plans have been made to house the award at the international headquarters of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. McDaniel was a member and a part of the first graduate chapter, Sigma Sigma that was formed in Los Angeles who were instrumental in petitioning the Academy to nominate her.

2. Putting a Stop to Cyber Abuse on Fashion Battle - Sorority City Diva Life

The reason for this petition is simple and clear. Since the rise of Donna Walsh and Nerida Fletcher in your aplication game "Fashion Battle" Many players have been experiencing SEVERE abuse at the hands of these two.

Gaming abuse within the app as well as personal racist attacks have been made. What we are asking for is a good FAIR gaming environment. All of us signing this petition today are serious gamers who truly enjoy our apps. The one u have created with "Fasion Battle" we felt was one of the best to come along in long time so we didnt mind spending Real Money for a good gaming experience. But even buying enough glam to outfit all of our posse could not have prpared us for the meanspirited cyber bulling we have been subjected to at the hands of these two bad sports.

We ask that u please review our evidence. We feel that once u see it for yourself, you will agree that something must be done immediately to control the situation at hand. A suggestion may be that u cannot fight anyone who is not within 2 or 3 lvls of yourself ubless u are in the tabloids. Regrettably, If this matter is not tended too immediately we may all have to leave and take our business and friends with elsewhere.

Thank You for taking the time out to address this issue. We have faith in the fact that u have been consistent in Delivering results quickly and effectively. Thank you, The facebook community..