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1. Send Students Back To Skyline With Their Clusters

We, the students, moved to Emmett J Conrad form Skyline Magnet Center are not getting the education we were promised. We don't get the same education we would get at Skyline here at conrad and that WILL effect our chances to get in to a good college because Conrad is an extremely low performing school where only about 1/3 of the students passed the TAKS, a state wide test.

And it is not fair that they would move us to save a school and not consider our future.

2. The Future Of Nissan Imports & Performance Vehicles

Being a loyal automotive enthusiast, it is hard to endure the view of many that there will be a gradual 'phase-out' of import performance vehicles produced by Nissan.

The success of Nissan imports in Australia is highly recognised, from the Nissan Silvia models (S13 , S14, S15) to the Nissan Skyline GTR ( R32, R33, R34). It is also clear that many support the smaller models that were produced a decade ago, such as the Nissan Laurel, and Nissan Cefiro.

To further support this view, Australia's #1 Automotive Lifestyle Website, 'Nissan Silvia' (, has been voted for 3 years in a row - Australia's #1 Automotive Recreation Website. A good portion of members of this site are Nissan enthusiasts who own a Nissan and would 100% agree about Nissan's impact in Australia and worldwide.

It is a great achievement for a manufacturing company to have such a great demand for vehicles being over a decade old. With the ownership and future of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. at times being very questionable, we as motoring enthusiasts, believe it is time to raise our voice and opinions regarding the future of Nissan performance vehicles and turbo imports in Australia, and around the world.

We are strongly encouraging the continued development and production of various imports that have made an impact on motoring history.

3. Bring the Nissan Skyline R33/R34 to the USA

July 9, 2006

Well it's been said the Skyline barely qualifies as a sport compact but come on face the fact this car would make Nissa motor companies rich if they were released and uncovered here in the u.s.a.

Maybe it's the presidents or DOT state laws fault. Overall let's change the outlook on this predicament and have the Skylines shipped here in the U.S.A.

If we all unite we may possibly change this issue of the skylines involvement with U.S.A.

4. Opposition to rate increase by Skyline Water Company

I am writing concerning the rate increase proposed by Dave Travers (i.e. Skyline Water Company). We as a community do not feel this increase is warrented. 16 years ago the water bill was $16.00 monthly, now with the addition of meters we all pay a minimum of $30.00 and some of us pay as much as $80.00 a month. For my bill this equates to almost a 400% increase over 16 years.

For years we have been told that the rate increases were going to be used for improvements to the existing well and or well house, to date none of us have seen any of these improvements. Mr. Travers has been called repeatedly by myself and my neighbors because of water that sometimes has dirt in it and has an oily film. Mr. Travers solution is always to flush the line outside the residence. This flushing of the lines only clears the water up for a brief period, eventually the dirt and oil return.