Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

Being a loyal automotive enthusiast, it is hard to endure the view of many that there will be a gradual 'phase-out' of import performance vehicles produced by Nissan.

The success of Nissan imports in Australia is highly recognised, from the Nissan Silvia models (S13 , S14, S15) to the Nissan Skyline GTR ( R32, R33, R34). It is also clear that many support the smaller models that were produced a decade ago, such as the Nissan Laurel, and Nissan Cefiro.

To further support this view, Australia's #1 Automotive Lifestyle Website, 'Nissan Silvia' (www.nissansilvia.com), has been voted for 3 years in a row - Australia's #1 Automotive Recreation Website. A good portion of members of this site are Nissan enthusiasts who own a Nissan and would 100% agree about Nissan's impact in Australia and worldwide.

It is a great achievement for a manufacturing company to have such a great demand for vehicles being over a decade old. With the ownership and future of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. at times being very questionable, we as motoring enthusiasts, believe it is time to raise our voice and opinions regarding the future of Nissan performance vehicles and turbo imports in Australia, and around the world.

We are strongly encouraging the continued development and production of various imports that have made an impact on motoring history.

We, the undersigned, call to the Nissan Motor Co. Ltd to continue to develop, produce import and performance vehicles, catering for Nissan and import enthusiasts all around the world.

We strongly believe that new models of Nissan performance & turbo imports will be welcomed and purchased with open arms by many countries, specifically a new Nissan Silvia and the continuation of the Nissan Skyline GTR (post 2007).

This petition shows the determination and faith placed by many Nissan and automotive enthusiasts all around the world who have been captured by the car import culture (specifically performance vehicles) that Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. has positively influenced and been apart of for so many decades.

We hope the future will be bright for Nissan and in particular, performance and turbo vehicles that have shaped the way many see vehicles all over the world.

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