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1. Return Supernatural to Netflix

Many people enjoy the show Supernatural. For instance, to me, Supernatural is my favorite TV show, and when it was abruptly snatched from New Zealand Netflix i was heartbroken.

Netflix had no reason to do so and me and so many others would love to see it returned

2. Bring South Africa to Nashville

We here in Africa and in some other parts of the world feel that Nashville could use some more diversity. Here in South Africa we feel like we have the perfect candidate for the job, I am a huge fan of hers and her music.

Chané has not only proved to stun South Africans, but even some of the European countries. We would love to see her on the show.

3. Save Wander Over Yonder

Wander Over Yonder has been cancelled by the higher bosses at Disney because they think two seasons is enough.

4. Please Release a DVD Box Set worldwide containing all of the Super Mario Bros cartoons and Live Episodes (Complete and Uncut)

In recent years DVDs have been released featuring the various Super Mario Cartoons however, they've either been edited or had parts missing.

In 2006, Shout Factory released 2 Super Mario Bros Super Show Box Sets, but 4 live action segments were absent from the DVD. These were:
Baby Mario Love which accompanied Koopenstein,
9001: A Mario Odyssey which accompanied On Her Majesty's Sewer Service,
Texas Tea which accompanied The Trojan Koopa
George Washington Slept Here which accompanied The Unzappables

Also absent were the original cover songs that were performed for the show for example: the song Thriller was performed for Count Koopula.

When the show originally aired the Super Mario Bros Super Show was shown from Monday to Thursday and The Legend Of Zelda was shown on Friday. But although the Legend of Zelda aired on Friday, new live action segments of the Super Mario Bros aired with the Legend of Zelda. These weren't included with Super Mario Bros Super Show Box Sets but some of the segments were included on the Legend Of Zelda Box Set.

However, as with the Super Mario Bros Super Show Box Sets, not all of the Live action segments were included with the Legend Of Zelda Box Set. These were
Slime Busters which accompanied The Ringer,
Magic's Magic which accompanied Cold Spells,
Mommies Curse which accompanied Kiss'n Tell,
Tutti Frutti, Oh Mario which accompanied That Sinking Feeling,
The Magic Love which accompanied Doppelganger,
Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn which accompanied A Hitch in the Works,
Tutti Frutti Mario which accompanied The Missing Link and
The Ghoul of My Dreams which accompanied The Moblins Are Revolting.

In 2007, Shout! Factory released a Box Set of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, but 5 cover songs were removed from certain episodes and replaced with instrumentals, for exampled both Milli Vanilli songs were removed from the episode Kootie Pie Rocks.

Since these DVD Box Sets were released, DHX media has acquired the distribution rights to these series so I am writing this petition to ask DHX media, please release a complete Super Mario Bros Box Set around the world, especially the UK were I live and the USA.

Please include in the Box Set, The Super Mario Bros Super Show with all the Cover songs returned into the cartoons, every single live action Super Mario Bros segment including the ones that accompanied the Legend Of Zelda, the previews for the Legend Of Zelda, the Dominoes Sponsors, Club Mario and the cutting to the break and returning from the break parts were Mario says things liken "The Super Mario Bros Super Show will return". Include the complete Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 with all the removed songs returned into the episodes, The complete Super Mario World TV Series, The complete King Koopa's Kool Kartoons,
The Complete Saturday Supercade segments with Mario and Donkey Kong.

Some of TV shows have never been released and There are people out there in the world who love these TV shows and would love to see them complete in one Box Set available to watch as they were shown when people first watched them a long time ago.

I hope that this petition convinces you to release this Box Set and make a lot of people happy, thank you for reading this petition and I hope you will consider it.

5. Bring W.I.T.C.H. Back

Hi, this is to all who may be reading.

In today's "Television World" the shows are for lack of a better word crap and this was what I feel was the end to an era of "Good Television" and this show it wasn't just good it was great. You could really get into the show it is a same that we, the Viewers, are seeming to have no say in what we watch.

That is why I have chosen to petition, and if you have just wandering upon this I urge you to look at this Series and please come back and Sign the Petition.

6. Bring CHRISTINA GRIMMIE to Cebu [Ayala Center Cebu]

Christina Victoria Grimmie,, known on YouTube as zeldaxlove64, is an American phenomenal singer/songwriter known for her covers of hit songs by renowned artists is coming to the Philippines and is doing 3 shows at the Ayala Malls in Manila.

7. Bring Back Squiddles! - the infamous opening to the Squibbles.

8. Rob Ford Reality TV Show

Rob Ford is endlessly entertaining. Unfortunately, the authorities and concerned citizens are threatening to shut down the party.

This petition asks that Mr. Ford to immediately begin wearing a GoPro mini cam everywhere he goes. We must capture this final year for posterity!

Ideally the captured footage would be streamed, uncut 24/7 on the city's otherwise boring and useless website.

9. Let's get Fifth Harmony to Miami again!

Hello, thank you for clicking the link I probably left on your dms or ask box. So, I'm a brazilian fan of the girl group Fifth Harmony and I had lost any hope I had of seeing them live until they said there were going to be more tour dates and I got excited again because I knew I would be travelling to the USA in november.

Except they didn't announce any date in Miami which doesn't make sense because not one, but TWO members of the group are from there.

So this petition is to prove to them that we want them back in Miami in the end of November (because that's when I'm going, I'm sorry if this is selfish).

Even if you aren't from Miami, help a fan who lives far (far, far, far) away to meet their idols? I would love you forever..

10. Paul vem falar Oxente

Fãs do bom e velho rock 'n' roll! Paul McCartney realizou passagens antológicas pelo Brasil. Desde 2010, quando passou a vir mais frequentemente ao nosso país, ele está devendo uma visita a Salvador - Bahia. Agora chegou a hora dessa lenda vir ao nosso estado. Contamos com sua ajuda.

11. Renew Malibu Country for another season

Malibu Country is an amazing show, though it is likely to be cancelled.

Reba and Lily Tomlin are hilarious and we want this show to be on tv next season.

12. Let's Play at Pride

Originally a melodic Goth rock band, The Beautiful Nothing is an electronica band from Morgantown, WV, currently consisting of Hayden Divine. The focus of the band is to touch hearts and save lives. We are a very fan oriented band. Love is our message and we love you!!!

In 2002, Hayden Divine created The Beautiful Nothing. In 2012, with Chris Nice on guitar, they released "Hope, Love and Lies", an acoustic full length. After Chris left the band to focus on his family, Hayden decided to change to electronic. The message of the band is hope. Very active against suicide, bullying and discrimination, Hayden seeks to help people who struggle with suicide and depression just like him. The Beautiful Nothing is and always will be a fan driven band. In 2012 Hayden sparked a friendship with Blood On The Dance Floor front man Dahvie Vanity and the 2 seek to make a difference in the world by fighting against hate using their art as their weapon. The ultimate dream of The Beautiful Nothing is to becoming a Dark Fantasy artist.

We are music for the misfits, the brokenhearted, the outcasts, the martyrs, the lonely, and the lost. It's okay to be fucked up; here are people just as fucked up as you. Mission: FUCK FAME!!! We are in this to help others the way our favorite music or songs that touched our lives did. Just keep your faith and believe in all that you make. Creating a place for you to escape to is the most important goal to us. We want to save lives and touch hearts so that if one person comes up and says that our music has helped them then life is complete.

13. Ed Edd n Eddy Big Picture Show Director's Cut Petition

On July 22, 2007 Danny Antonucci and A.K.A Cartoon announced Ed Eddn Eddy's Big Picture Show. A feature film that was to bring Ed Edd n Eddy to a conclusion. Along with this announcement, it was also announced that long asked questions about the series will be answered.

They were the whereabouts of Eddy's Brother along with an appearance of the then unseen character and a reveal of what is underneath Double D's Hat.

On November 9, 2009, Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show premires on Cartoon Network. The matter of Eddy's Brother was answered, Double D's Hat however wasn't. In the movie, there is a scene where Double D's Hat is removed, but unfortunately what was underneath it was blocked out. This annoyed the fans because the movie was supposed to show us what was underneath that hat of Double D's. As it turns out, the full reveal was cut out of the movie because of time, thus meaning the movie may have been intended to be longer.

Both with the reveal of what Double D's hiding and the scam that landed The Eds in so much hot water may have been cut for time. That is why we must push for a Director's Cut of this movie.

14. For a Newcastle, NSW show on P!NKS 2013 Tour

In past years P!NK has come to Newcastle and had sell out shows, but with the 2013 tour upcoming, many people have been shocked to find that there are only Sydney shows for us Nova's.

15. Yo Gabba Gabba Forever!

We still love Yo Gabba Gabba! I love a the seasons, especially season 4 however, after the "Olympics" episode in the 19th of August and later on, the makers of the show hasn't came up with any newer episodes so far!

What I really think they're actually doing are slacking off with those outrageous Aquabats for "The Aquabats Super Show" on the Hub channel while their characters are set of for more live tours. Seriously Nickelodeon, SERIOUSLY!!?? Now they're letting the creators of Team Umizoomi, Fresh Beat Band, and Bubble Guppies to take over the popularity (saying that probably they're more educational than this series).

Will someone just make a stink'n Season 4 episode??!? I have long dreamt that the creators of Rugrats and Blue's Clues would came back to revive their tv shows and make more episodes because they make some amazing animations!

We need you people and your young children to give us older fan a wee little favor and keep making this series beloved and hope that we will get our first YGG movie and spin-off. *praying for the movie and spin-off*


I love FULL MOON (TV show) and I think a LOT of other people say so to. So I say there ahold be mor episodes (eps.) so PLEASE agree with me.

P.S. I will love to know who is your favorite person in the show FULL MOON mine is Takroto.


After only 1 Season, Channel 9 have decided to axe Tricky Business. The show boasts an impressive cast including Shane Bourne, Debra Byrne, Lincoln Lewis, Kip Gamblin, Anthony Starr and Gigi Edgley.

As Australians, we need to band together and start supporting MORE Australian Television dramas, along with Australian actors!! Save Tricky Business from getting the axe!

For ALL inquiries, contact
Or Join my Tricky Business Facebook group!

18. Bring back Celia Hodes in the 8th Season of Weeds

Weeds has always been a great TV show, but it hasn`t been the same after Celia Hodes (interpreted by Elizabeth Perkins) ceased to appear after the 5th season.

This character still has so much to offer and can surprize the viewers with a great twist during the next season.

19. Bring Back FLASHFORWARD!

FlashForward is an American television series, adapted for TV by Brannon Braga and David S. Goyer, which aired for one season on ABC between September 24, 2009 and May 27, 2010. It is based on the 1999 novel Flashforward by Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer.

The series revolves around the lives of several people as a mysterious event causes nearly everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds on October 6, 2009.

During this "blackout", people see what appear to be visions of their lives on April 29, 2010, a global "flashforward". It was announced in May 2010 that ABC would not be renewing FlashForward for a second season.

20. Stones Tour 2012

Dear community and all fans of Stones, we need your help! We want to bring the Rolling Stones back on stage and give everyone a chance to see the living rock legends live!

All you have to do is becoming a member of the official online petition group! Become a part of it and help letting the Stones rolling back for an unforgettable rock concert!

Show your love for the greatest band on earth and spread the world!

21. Save radio one's old newsbeat jingle get rid of the new one !

Radio one's new newsbeat jingle is not the same as the old one you knew when the news was on by the old jingle, please sign if you feel we need the old one back.

Please post and repost and get as many people to sign as possible !

22. Bring Back "In This Corner with Russ Anber" to TSN or TSN 2/ Nom de la petition: Ramener en ondes “In This Corner with Russ Anber” à TSN ou TSN2

Unfortunately, the much adored weekly boxing news television show "In This Corner with Russ Anber", hosted by the ever-popular veteran boxing coach and analyst, Russ Anber,  has been removed from the sports programming of TSN for over a year now.

With the popularity and success of boxing in Canada at an all-time high (Canada presently boasts 3 World Champions) we ask you to please help us bring back "In This Corner with Russ Anber" to TSN's television lineup.

Link to Mr. Anber's Blog on TSN:

Malheureusement, depuis plus d’un an maintenant, l’émission hebdomadaire culte de boxe « In this Corner with Russ Anber » animée par le toujours populaire entraîneur de boxe et analyste Russ Anber n’est plus sur les ondes de TSN.

Alors que la popularité et le succès de la boxe au Canada est à son sommet historique (le Canada compte présentement trois champions du monde chez les professionnels), nous vous demandons de nous aider à ramener « In This Corner with Russ Anber » sur les ondes de TSN.

Lien au blogue de boxe de M. Anber sur TSN :

23. Helloween no Recife 2011

Já que nenhuma Produtora atendeu meus Apelos pelo Twitter / Orkut / Facebook / MySpace / e nem pelos milhares de Email's, resolvi pedir a Ajuda do Brasil para Realizar esse Evento.

24. Save Gold Coast Parklands Show Grounds

As these grounds have been the host for countless events, such as The Big Day Out, Good Vibrations The Iconic Gold Coast Show and many more.

The local council is planning on shutting down these grounds to make room for a housing development

25. True blood ~ make Alexander Skarsgård (Eric) a main characters in the tv show

Alexander Skarsgård (Eric) in true blood SHOULD be one of the main characters in the show if that what you also think please sign...

p.s to also have more scene time XD

26. Save Better Off Ted

This petition is here to save the show Better Off Ted on ABC (Usually on Tuesdays at some time). They have started to run two new episodes a week and this seems to be a sign that they are just running the last episodes until it is gone.

We are attempting to get them to put new episodes on Wednesdays or at least attempt to promote the show.

27. Bring back Dr. Goodman - Bones

Dr. Daniel Goodman was the head of the Jeffersonian in Bones for the first season. He went on sabbatical at the beginning of season 2 and didn't come back.

The sabbatical was supposed to last for 2 months, and has been going on for about 3 years now.

28. Muse at Montréal

Since Muse didn't come to Montreal for 3 years, it's time to come back.

Muse being #1 for The Resistance in the Canadian charts, they have many fans here and should come.

29. Production of Final Four Episodes of Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

In 1999, Sony Pictures produced the computer-animated series “Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles”, which drew elements both from Robert Heinlein’s 1959 novel, and Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 film adaptation, appealing to the fans of book and film alike.

The series quickly gained a strong following, receiving praise from numerous science-fiction and television magazines, winning an Emmy, and being nominated for several other awards.

However, due to time and money constraints, four key episodes representing the dramatic final bend of the final story-arc were halted in mid-production, and replaced with four stand-alone clip-shows, which consisted mostly of recycled animation. But according to producer Audu Paden, the producers felt their originally planned stories were so strong, a case could be made for restoring them at a later time.

That time is now. The four missing episodes are very close to completion. The writing and scripting are done; the story’s ending is decided. The voice actors have already recorded the necessary dialogue. Storyboards and animatics lay ready to be referenced by animators and composers for a final product that can only provide a profitable boost to the Starship Troopers franchise.

Roughnecks endures as one of the best-written and most outstanding animated series television has ever seen. Its compelling story and powerful themes have touched the hearts of viewers in over thirty countries. Sony Pictures can no longer leave their impressive work unfinished, but must see it through to completion, thus stimulating their own revenue, and providing their fans with the long-awaited closure of this beloved series.

(media details:
(awards details:
(series planning details: ***Warning: There are SPOILERS at the bottom of this article; they are clearly marked.***)
(demographic details:

30. Removal of Age Segregation Restriction at Corporation Shows

Sheffield City Council has placed a restriction on the Public Entertainment License of Corporation live music venue. The restriction means that people under 18 years of age must be segregated from 18+ year old customers with alcohol within the venue.

No similar live music venue in the city has such a restriction. We believe this restriction unfairly discriminates against younger gig goers.

Corporation has been successfully and safely running live events for over ten years. Corporation is one of the top 3 live band venue and alternative music nightclubs in the UK. Having been voted into the top 3 Rock Clubs in the UK by Kerrang and the venue won Best Club Night in the UK, for DROP on Friday nights in Metal Hammer.