The Rock Band "The White Room"

On Thursday April 5th 2007, Geelong band "The White Room" announced on their myspace page that they had decided to part ways after 8 years. They thanked all of their fans and people who have helped them over the years and said they would be playing one last show in their hometown Geelong on Friday 6th July, 2007. But it failed to say anything about a Sydney show, where the band has built up a fanbase over the last 3 years.

I myself have seen the band perform many times in Sydney, and each show i go to, more and more people attend each one. To me it would be a real shame if the guys didn't have one last hurrah in a place that has given them so many memories and for fans who are not able to travel interstate in July.

Not only just for the Sydney fans, but also for people in Newcastle, who have the 2nd largest fanbase for the band outside their hometown.

Due to Red Tape and other complications beyond the bands control, The White Room have only played a handful of All Ages shows in Sydney. Most of them were gigs that were given very little promotion and in a time where the band's name was not a drawcard. This is an audience that has grown since the release of their debut album last year and has been crying out for a show that they can attend.

We, the undersigned, request The White Room to play one last show in Sydney as an all ages gig to give a memorable send off to all people who have supported the band over the years and for the new fans gained since the release of their debut album.

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